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Cross-Overs That Would Be Awesome...

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It has just occurred to me that with Ollie having experienced all manner of forces on Lian Yu (supersoldiers, magic, etc), you can probably cross Arrow with just about anything.

Diggle: So Ollie, why haven't you told us about those talking ponies flying over Star City?
Oliver: Well, this one time, on Lian Yu...
The running joke overhere had been that if Arrow and Supergirl crossover, the meeting Ollie and Martian Manhunter will go somewhat like this:
Ollie" J'on
J'on: Olliver
Kara:How do you...?
Both in unison: Lian Yu


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Burn Notice and Monk. Because Monk would drive Micheal insane, and it would be hilarious.


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"The akuma flew around that corner," Chat Noir said as he increased his stride. As he reached the noted intersection, his hand reached out and grabbed a hold of a street lamp, allowing him to quickly make the turn without losing momentum. However, what caught his attention had him screeching to a halt.

Ladybug barely managed to stop herself and avoid piling into him from behind. "Hey-" she began, but was rendered speechless at the sight before them.

An unusually large man with fiery red hair and dressed in dark gi stood with his back against them. His right hand was held out, fist clenched tightly as if squeezing the life out of whatever he held in his grasp. "If you have nothing to offer me, stop wasting my time, Hawkmoth."

"Did he just saw Hawk-"

"Shhh," Chat Noir interrupted. "While he's distracted, let's take care of this akuma before he realises what hit him."

Ladybug nodded, dropping her yo-yo and letting it hang loose by her side.

Chat Noir took the lead, slowly tiptoeing towards the humongous brute, but stopped cold on his tracks when the brute spoke. "Your greatest mistake is to face Akuma in battle, and I will teach you the meaning of pain."


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House of Cards and The Blacklist, if only to see James Spader and Kevin Spacey in a sneer-off.


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Officers Wilde and Hops travel to Cape Suzette on the trail of a criminal known as The Gold Monkey.
Later the two officers face the Kingpin of St. Canard, Taurus Bulba, only to deal with the so-called "Terror that Flaps in the Night".

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Lupin The Third and Leverage - if only for the moment where the Leverage crew is scoping their mark... and discovers the Lupin gang doing the same thing, going from member, to member, to member, capping off with seeing James Sterling and Inspector Zenigata getting in a walk-and-talk arguement about security arrangements. The plot would involve Leverage & Lupin going after the same target, and ultimately Nate bringing Lupin in on the larger con (with Lupin's decision to go along building off his softer side that we've seen in films like Castle of Cagliostro). This results in the Lupin Crew becoming the first "franchise" (for lack of a better term) of Leverage & Associates - ending with the Lupin Crew taking on their first client in a manner similar to the closing of the pilot of Leverage.

Leverage & Detective Conan - The idea being that Nate Ford had encountered Shinichi Kudo on a case prior to Kudo's unfortunate accident, but none of the Leverage crew have encountered Conan Edogawa. Would have a flashback to their first meeting, and at the conclusion, when Ford asks the "Who are you" question - rather than just saying his name (either his assumed name or his real name), Conan brings up their earlier meeting.

Detective Conan & Batman: Unfortunately, I can't decide on whether Batman should come to Tokyo and interact with Conan on his turf, or vice-versa. Probably, if I were to do this as a couple of "movies" (like with the Conan/Lupin the Third crossovers), I'd have the second crossover be on Batman's turf, so we can have a moment in Wayne Manor, after Conan has figured out Bruce Wayne and Batman are the same people, where Bruce bluntly turns down Conan, and Alfred explains why by showing the Jason Todd Case in the Batcave. The first case would be in Tokyo, with Batman and Conan trying to deal with dueling thefts against the same mark by Kaito Kid and... a member of Batman's Rogue's Gallery. The second film would be set in Gotham, and the case would ultimately end up involving The Black Organization (the group responsible for Shinichi Kudo's de-aging, who's also a group of recurring villains through the series) - and would set up that now the Black Organization is on Batman's radar, setting up a situation where, at some point in the future, Conan could be returned to his proper age, without endangering his friends.
I can just imagine Batman and Alfred drawn in the Conan art style, that would certainly be awesome.


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Spoilers for everyone who hasn't seen season two of Gravity Falls yet:

Spoiler: Show
Ford was dimension-hopping since 1982. Disney could easily have him cross over with any of their shows set between that and Gravity Falls, from DuckTales to Phineas and Ferb. Imagine the possibilities...
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