CROWD-FUNDING SPOTLIGHT Vol. 2 - Role-Playing Games & Related Projects

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Original thread here: CROWD-FUNDING SPOTLIGHT - Role-Playing Games and Accessories


(NOTE: Effective 8/28/12, wargames--as in, miniatures rules, hex-and-counter games--go in the Card/Board/War Games thread in Other Games Open. If your project offers minis only, it's allowed in this thread, because minis options exists in many RPG games.)

(NOTE: As of 9/8/2012, we are loosening the eligibility requirement a little. Please read the below carefully for details.

In the first six weeks of 2012, RPGs represented more than 1/3 of all successful game projects on the Kickstarter web site. RPGs successfully raised more than $100,000 in funding via Kickstarter. There's a renewed sense of energy in the RPG market, and we find that a lot of people are coming to these boards to promote their crowd-funded projects.

We want to help you promote! But that said, we do have rules about those promotions:

1) This thread exists to promote RPG projects seeking crowd-sourced funding via Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and similar crowd-funding web sites. If you're offering RPGs or RPG accessories (such as dice, maps, terrain, miniatures, etc.) through these sites, we'd love to learn about it, so please feel free to post it.

1a) After receiving feedback from the membership, we are allowing crowd-sourced projects to be posted that are NOT RPGs, but are closely related to RPGs. Examples would be:

I reiterate: CLOSELY RELATED. Which, for the purposes of this thread, is defined as "There had better be an actually published tabletop RPG book and/or e-publication like a PDF involved in the final product in a significant way". If you have questions about your project's eligibility, please PM Sethra007.

2) There is a concurrent thread promoting Card/Board/War Games in the Other Games Open forum here. Again, if you're putting together a card, board, or war game via a crowd-sourced funding site like Kickstarter, we'd love to learn about it in that thread.

3) Projects not meeting the above criteria should be promoted in the Ads/Open Promo forum.

4) Please do not start separate threads in TRO to promote your crowdfunding project.

  • You are welcome to post in this thread if your project meets the guidelines stated.
  • Members of the board are welcome to comment on your project in this thread. If your project generates a lot of discussion, let a mod know and we'll move the posts to a separate thread so people can talk about it.
  • Members of the board who wish to discuss the particulars of your project are welcome to start separate threads, and we encourage you to join those discussions!

5) We encourage you to alter your .sig line to promote your games. You want to stay within .sig RPG.Net's guidelines, of course, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with saying "I'm raising money for my new games, Epic: the RPG! Click here to learn more!" in your .sig.

And as a reminder from our Rules and Guidelines: "Signatures are to be no longer than six lines of regular text or eight lines of Size 1 text. The use of quote tags, spoiler tags, blink tags, and images in signatures are prohibited. You may place promotional information or links into your signature if you so wish."

6) Asking "Can I add my project to this thread?" and then adding all of your project info before you receive an answer is not going to be looked on favorably by the mod staff. We've already had a couple of people try to sneak in non-eligible projects this way, and it's not appreciated.

If you have other questions, please PM Sethra007 or one of the mods.


NPR recently did a good piece on some of the problems with crowd-sourced funding sites, focusing on Kickstarter. Please make yourself aware of the downsides, and make educated, informed choices:

When A Kickstarter Campaign Fails, Does Anyone Get The Money Back?


From posters beasterbrook and Sleeper, we have a breakdown of what RPG.Netters like to see in a crowd-sourced RPG project:

  1. Put "RPG" or "Roleplaying" in your title or blurb of your product. It makes it easier to find when searching.
  2. Open up your funding to people overseas.
  3. Split up your rewards into domestic and overseas and include shipping in the funding option.
  4. Tell me what your Kickstarter drive is about in the very first sentence. If it's a tabletop RPG, let me know. If it's a set of physical dice made of unobtanium and unicorn horns, say that. If it's a supplement for Pathfinder or Synnibarr or some other established game, that needs to be mentioned. I need to know whether it's a tabletop RPG, whether it's standalone or a supplement (and to what), and a few words about the system and genre.
  5. Be very clear on the different reward levels. Sometimes it's hard to know what we're getting.
  6. "Never leave any money on the table". Some people may want you to fly out and run a game, and would be willing to spend $2000. But if you don't list it, they'll never pledge it.
  7. I like to perks that you can only get through project funding. Maybe only offer the hardcover to funders, release only in softcover versions after funding finished to the public (for example). Some people like extras as well, esp. dice and shirts.
  8. Do your sums, don't overreach, and be prepared. There's no point in doing stuff after you have listed a project; as soon as you go live the clock starts ticking. You need to be prepared, have a nice intelligent blurb set up, description of what it's all about etc. If it looks professional and well run you have a much better chance of gaining funders. You need to work out cost of producing your product, shipping and extras before you start your listing. You also need to work out how you are going to get there. If you're trying to raise a large amount of $, you need to be able to get enough funders at whatever level of funding to reach that goal.
  9. Have regular updates, progress reports, new art etc. Keep your funders engaged!
  10. Have some kind of download that explains your game further. A portion of the Setting section, say, or a few pages of the char-gen rules, or a print-and-play version of your board game. Anything that helps gamers understand what you're doing
  11. When some one comments or funds, thank them! It costs nothing and gives the funder a warm fuzzy glow.
  12. Have a realistic delivery time and keep it. This usually involves having the product complete before you start funding. If it's not, then it creates the impression that the project may never happen.
  13. Pack and ship the finished product carefully. There's no point in producing a product that looks great only to have it damaged in the post.
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Re: CROWD-FUNDING SPOTLIGHT Vol. 2 - Role-Playing Games and Accessories

To keep people up-to-date, I am copying Sleeper's monthly round-up post into this thread:

The first of the month roundup of RPG-related projects mentioned earlier in this thread.

The Expedition Journals of Amestus Armen
by Timothe Loya
$751 pledged of $250
Ends August 3
"The Expiditional Journals project is a "roleplaying supplement a month" project which, if funded, will begin in August 2012."

Project: Paradigm The World Shift Experiment.
by Michael J Pucci
$3,926 pledged of $2,000
Ends August 3
"Project: Paradigm is the dream child of Michael Pucci, creator of games such as Dystopia Rising. Please help us launch this project!"

Starships & Spacemen Second Edition
by Goblinoid Games
$6,085 raised of $5,200
Ends August 4
"Crowd-funding project for the second edition of Starships & Spacemen".

Necronomicon: Cthulhu Mythos - A New Miniatures Line & Dice
by Impact! Miniatures
$7,626 pledged of $750
Ends August 4
"We need help turning these lovely sculpts into a pewter miniatures. This line features many classic creatures from the Cthulhu Mythos."

Age of Lords: Lost Continent NEW BOOK!
by Jeff Gupton
$1,375 pledged of $1,200
Ends August 4
"This book will be the first follow up to the Age of Lords: Campaign Setting and Expedition Guide from last years Kisckstarter project."

Toypocalypse Falls - Campaign Setting
by Trevor Christensen
$810 pledged of $500
Ends August 5
"Campaign setting for Toypocalypse RPG. Toys in 'The Falls' have found power in an abandoned Dam, but the power struggle has just begun."

Goalsystem Delves: Dungeon Skirmish Role-Play
by Scott Pyle
$9,735 pledged of $11,500
Ends August 5
"Goalsystem Delves provides rules and adventures for playing character-driven skirmish miniature games in the dungeon fantasy genre."

Wooden Promises - An Adventure Module for Pathfinder and CoZ
by Michael Russell
$2,861 pledged of $1,500
Ends August 5
"Wooden Promises is an adventure module that is designed for mid-level characters involving a keep, a dungeon crawl, and a lot of undead".

Gaming Paper Pirate Encyclopedia
by Erik Bauer
$1,900 pledged of $3,500
Ends August 5
"Pathfinder compatible sourcebook for players and GMs that reflects adventuring in a setting similar to the golden age of piracy".

The Bestiary of the Curiously Odd
by RKDN Studios
$5,491 pledged of $999
Ends August 6
"Come get your monster in the book! Sick of always replacing your favorite bestiary?..Me too! Creativity or Frugality: this is it!"

A Thousand and One Nights: a game of enticing stories
by Night Sky Games (Meguey Baker)
$3,666 raised of $1,001
Ends August 8
"Help me publish the beautiful second edition of my game, full of great rules expansions and fantastic new art!"

To Slay A Dragon: a traditional adventure for PATHFINDER RPG
by Morrus (EN World)
$3,824 pledged of $1,000
Ends August 9
"To Slay A Dragon is an old-style dragonslaying adventure for the Pathfinder RPG, inspired by the NIGHT BELOW box set."

Arkham Source Book
by BJ Baker
$45 pledged of $800
Ends August 11
"Arkham: City of Secrets is the first setting book for the Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles Role-Playing Game."

RPG and Miniature Gaming Battle Maps
by LLC (Stuart Greenwell and Trent Colwell)
$5,511 pledged of $14,000
Ends August 11
"Poster-sized, art quality maps for tabletop miniature and role-playing games. Laminated to survive brutal usage."

by Andy Kybett, matthay, lindsey proctor
$510 raised of $2,700
Ends August 11
"Multi Genre RPG Resource Tool ; for Players and Gms alike."

Axes and Anvils
by Mike Nystul
$8,461 pledged of $1,000
Ends August 11
"An all Dwarven RPG in which you create, defend and fight for the honor of your own unique Clan".

RPG of the Month Club
by James Kato
$1,721 pledged of $500
Ends August 12
"Receive a new RPG every month for a year with your generous pledge."

Revenant: A One-on-One Game of Passion Beyond Death
by Paul Stefko
$350 pledged of $200
Ends August 12
"Revenant is a story game for one Player and one Narrator to tell a tale of passion beyond death."

Pitfalls and Penguins: First Printing
by Joe Hills
$3,278 pledged of $4,000
Ends August 13
"Pitfalls and Penguins is a goofy tabletop fantasy RPG that favors improvisational comedy and imagination over simulation."

Legend's End Universe - Tabletop War Game Project
by Raymond
$190 pledged of $500
Ends August 14
"It's the apocalypse and you are one of the few survivors of your race! How will you choose to rebuild your devastated world?"

Red Box Games' Fantasy Miniatures!!!
by tre manor
$21,382 pledged of $5,000
Ends August 15
"Fund the retool from metal to plastic of several items and sets!"

Angels, Daemons, and Beings Between: A Patron Sourcebook for DCC RPG
by Sean Connors, Paul Wolfe, Daniel Bishop
$1,885 raised of $2,000
Ends August 15
"A supplement book about patrons for the new DCC RPG."

Hallowmas, an epic fantasy version of Halloween
by Shane LeRose
$740 pledged of $6,000
Ends August 15
"Supporting us will add full page color artwork to this narrative for table top role-playing games. Art which could be starring you! "

Little Urban Achievers - 28mm Miniatures
by Impact! Miniatures
$5,000 pledged of $500
Ends August 16
"Four miniatures to tie your collection together. Featuring The Vet, El Duderino, Valkyrie, and Chino."

Drakskull's Menace
by Titan-forge
$2,399 raised of $5,000
Ends August 17
"Help our team release our second themed miniature army - Undead Orcs & Goblins!"

SteamCraft -- A Steampunk Tabletop Role-Playing Game
by Angela and Jamie Hardy
$3,465 pledged of $5,500
Ends August 19
"SteamCraft is a skill-based steampunk RPG set in an alternate world, where gears, goggles, and coal-powered airships dominate life."

Hulks and Horrors Core Set
by John Berry
$1,530 raised of $5,000
Ends August 20
"An old school science-fiction/space-opera roleplaying game of exploration and dungeon crawling."

Blood Red Sands - Competitive Swords-and-Sorcery RPG
by Brennan Taylor
$2,934 pledged of $5,000
Ends August 21
"A game of competitive role-playing, where powerful heroes confront the terrible might of the Witch Kings of Abalahn."

Silver Gryphon Dice
by Silver Gryphon Games
$3,159 pledged of $850
Ends August 22
"Silver Gryphon Games will be creating special dice for our fans, with custom sets of D10s emblazoned with the Silver Gryphon logo!"

Conspiracy of Shadows: Apprentice
by Keith Senkowski
$1,025 pledged of $500 goal
Ends August 23
"Will the Apprentice become the Master and betray his allies? Will he give in to Hatred and begin the cycle anew?"

Mayan Number Dice
by Paymaster Games
$391 pledged of $500
Ends August 24
"Celebrate the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar with Mayan Number Dice, from Paymaster Games."

Reaper Miniatures Bones: An Evolution Of Gaming Miniatures
by Reaper Miniatures
$176,907 pledged of $30,000
Ends August 25
"Reaper's Bones KickStarter is a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now!"

Better Angels -- A Hell of a Roleplaying Game by Greg Stolze
by Arc Dream Publishing
$11,047 pledged of $5,000
Ends August 26
"A demon gave you superpowers and it demands EVIL. Maybe a little over-the-top, thwartable villainy will keep it under control. Maybe."

Psi-punk: A Fudge Cyberpunk RPG
by Jacob Wood
$1,552 pledged of $4,500
Ends August 27
"Psi-punk is a Fudge RPG that blends cyberpunk with psionics for a fast, simple, fun, and diverse gameplay experience."

Man-Made Mythology: A Comic Book RPG
by Crtical Strike Publishing
$3,447 pledged of $3,000
Ends August 27
"Man-Made Mythology is a Comic Book RPG that allows players to create almost any kind of comic book themed character imaginable."

Spherical D14 and D18 - the missing even-sided Game Dice
by Impact! Miniatures
$3,099 pledged of $7,000
Ends August 27
"We'll mass produce affordable D14s and D18s in 8 colors with high quality materials."

All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG: Band of Zombies Sourcebook
by George Vasilakos (Eden Studios)
$3,082 pledged of $5,000
Ends August 29
"They depended on each other, even in death. And the world feared them. A World War II Sourcebook for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG."

Headlocked: What's Your Story? Roleplaying Game
by Andy Fix
$120 pledged of $3,000
Ends August 29
"Headlocked: What's Your Story? is a game about the ART of professional wrestling. Create your own wrestlers and tell YOUR stories!"

Braille Dice
by Dana Jorgensen
$883 pledged of $11,000
Ends August 31
"Tactile dice allowing the visually impaired to roll and read their own dice."

Narosia: The Sea Of Tears fantasy RPG
by Silverback Press & Legendsmiths
$1,575 pledged of $14,500
Ends August 31
"Narosia is a gritty fantasy RPG of dramatic action, divine favor, high magic, and epic narrative - powered by the HERO System."

What You Wish For
by Ashley Griffiths
$580 raised of $2,000
Ends September 1
"What You Wish For is a story game about everyday people remembering their past, dreaming about their future and taking the chance to make their lives better."

Pirate Goblins Box Set
by Bruno Galice
$2,583 raised of $2,500
Ends September 1
"A new range of original Old School fantasy miniatures for skirmish wargaming."

Obsidian Apocalypse Campaign Templates for Pathfinder RPG
by Louis Porter Jr.
$3,937 pledged of $5,000
Ends September 3
"The Obsidian Apocalypse is a post-apocalyptic survival horror table top RPG template campaign setting for the Pathfinder RPG."

AFF Blacksand Book
by Graham Bottley
$1,985 raised of $3,000
Ends September 4
"Raising funds to get the AFF RPG Blacksand book published."

Grinning Skull 15mm Oggam War Pigs Miniatures
by Will "Grim" Grundy
$8 raised of $2,000
Ends September 4
"A range of 15mm scale sci-fi miniature "Pig men", or "Oggam" for tabletop wargaming."

Swords & Wizardry: The Actual 1st Edition Roleplaying Rules
by Frog God Games
$21,983 pledged of $10,000
Ends September 4
"Be a part of the old school renaissance! Back the award-winning roleplaying game. Original edition rules. Original edition feel."

Swords of Almuric!
by rui (Roy Vieira)
$75 pledged of $370
Ends September 5
"Bring Robert E Howard's sole Sword and Planet adventure to the gaming table."

28mm Plastic Multi-part Zombie Miniatures by Studio Miniatures
by Stuart Studio Miniatures
$4,666 raised of $5,000
Ends September 8
"Help us produce the best set of 28mm multi-part hard plastic zombies available."

Rotted Capes: The Super Hero Zombie RPG
by Henry Lopez
$6,201 pledged of $8,000
Ends September 8
"A new RPG where the 4 color world of Super Heroes clashes with the horror of a Zombie Apocalypse with a great twist - Super Zombies!"

Lastenroolipeli Myrskyn sankarit
by Mike Pohjola
$1,612 raised of $12,500
Ends September 9
"Suomenkielinen helposti lähestyttävä pöytäroolipeli 9-13-vuotiaille."

Clockwork Drama
by Stephen Wollett
$61 pledged of $1,000
Ends September 14
"A tool to help Game Masters create a more dynamic sandbox."

The Battle for Turtle Island: Buffalo Wars
by J Erwine
$60 pledged of $3,000
Ends September 15
"A table-top RPG that takes place during the Indian Wars in America, only this time, magic is real."

Kaidan Campaign Setting (PFRPG)
by Steve Russell
$3,431 pledged of $4,000
Ends September 16
"A Japanese horror dark fantasy campaign setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game."

Lost City of the Dwarves
by Chris Young
$210 raised of $20,000
Ends September 22
"An original, OSRIC-compatible choose your own adventure style book that includes a custom dice game which you can play after the adventure is over."

Dungeons Unleashed
by James Kato
$520 pledged of $2,500
Ends September 24
"Dungeons Unleashed is a fast and furious Chibi (cute anime) fantasy RPG that lets you quickly dungeon crawl with your friends."

Eternity Dice: forged from lava
by Escape Studios
$2,246 pledged of $950
Ends September 29
"'Alea iacta est'. Handmade solid stone dice for Demanding Gamers."

OpenQuest 2nd Edition Pre-order
by Newt Newport
$1,120 raised of $1,000
Ends October 5
"How big do you want OpenQuest 2 to be? The more you fund the more new content I will put into this OGL D100 Roleplaying game."

Eon Legacy: RPG and Systems
by Robert Rankin
$0 raised of $40,000
Ends November 6
"Eon Legacy is a Freeform Role Playing game and Action System with a focus on cognitive thought and the Storytellers imagination."

Now that the 19 Lamentations of the Flame Princess projects are over, the number of projects should have dropped by almost 20. But it dropped by only 6 instead, to 58. The total dollar amount jumped 31% (to $365,016), but the total is skewed by minis. If we remove the minis, that jump becomes a 48% drop ($144,445). The average and median jumped 44% and 76% (to $5,293 and $2,116), including the minis. Minus the minis, the average dropped (34%/$2,889) while the median still saw a big increase (67%/$1,803) -- which means the money's more spread out than last time. Breakdown: $100K+ (1 or 0), $50-100K (0), $20-50K (2 or 1), $10-20K (1), $5-10K (8 or 6), $2-5K (17 or 14), $1-2K (11), $500-$1,000 (7), under $500 (11 or 10).

  • The Night on Bald Mountain Award: Hallowmas, for lots of art suitable for a Witch's Sabbath
  • The Animals Wearing Tuxedos Award: Pitfalls and Penguins, for combining humor and funny-looking birds
  • The Beards and Beer Award: Axes and Anvils, for being All Dwarves All the Time
  • The Number of the Beast Award (3-way tie): I'm sure there's a non-apocalyptic reason why Zombie Miniatures has raised $4,666, a Thousand and One Nights has raised $3,666, and Steamcraft's page number is 666449184....
  • A Little Too Secret Award: Arkham needs to come out of the shadows because it has only raised $75, including the total from the first (failed) Kickstarter
  • The Arrr! I'm Alphabetical! Award: The Pirate Encyclopedia
  • The Kicking for the Goal Award: It'll be down to the wire because with 3 days to go, Goalsystem Delves is 85% funded
  • The Bumpy Forehead Award: Starships & Spacemen
  • The Legendary Editing Standards Award (tie): Age of Lords, for misspelling "Kisckstarter", and the Expedition Journals of Amestus Armen, for misspelling "Expiditional", in their respective product blurbs


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Re: CROWD-FUNDING SPOTLIGHT Vol. 2 - Role-Playing Games and Accessories

Machine Age Micro Games Mega Project
by David Hill/Machine Age Productions (the folks who brought you Maschine Zeit and Amaranthine)
  • Description: "We're starting off with seven games. We might end up with more. But we're going on a binge of awesome micro games." The micro games include Kicking Historical Asses, a fast and simple RPG specifically designed for one-shots about characters who get shipped back to some undetermined time in a vaguely medieval Europe, and to get home, they have to fight all the evil stuff that's slated to take over the universe; and Die Doing Something Great, an RPG about people who've sold their souls to devils, and try to escape the deal by dying while destroying evil.
  • Deadline: August 8th, 8pm ET

Monster Tokens
by Devin Night
  • Description: "Monster Tokens are top-down illustrations of the various monsters found in the OGL/SRD list of monsters. Created with a transparent background and available in .PNG format, they are easily placed on top of any map..."
  • Deadline: August 31st

Even if it's been posted before, I'm posting it again, because these guys are local to me!

Man-Made Mythology: A Comic Book RPG
by Critical Strike Publishing (located in Louisville, KY!)
  • Description: "Man-Made Mythology is a comic book-themed tabletop roleplaying game that utilizes the Open Gaming License rules system. We wanted a game that allowed players not only to be able to create any kind of comic book character they could imagine, but also to take that character from the very beginnings of their heroic saga and allow them to progress through a narrative that would one day lead them to the iconic status that makes them a world wide sensation within the setting."
  • Deadline: August 27th

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Re: CROWD-FUNDING SPOTLIGHT Vol. 2 - Role-Playing Games and Accessories

Stark City: Setting and City Building Toolkit for ICONS RPG
by Mike Lafferty
  • Description: "Stark City will be a setting for the ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying Game that puts the PCs in the center of the action and evokes the fun, free-wheeling spirit of the ICONS system.

    As a very special bonus: Steve Kenson, ICONS creator, is writing an accompanying city/setting building toolkit for ICONS -called ICONIC Cities. Partly inspired by the city building rules in the Dresden Files RPG, the ICONIC Cities rules will tie setting creation into character generation and will help the players devise aspects that are tightly incorporated into their setting.
  • Deadline: September 16th; $2600


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Re: CROWD-FUNDING SPOTLIGHT Vol. 2 - Role-Playing Games and Accessories

Thanks for the shout-out.
Just to clarify one thing - Dan Houser (ICONS line artist) is the chief creative partner and the driving force on this one.

Stark City: Setting and City Building Toolkit for ICONS RPG
by Mike Lafferty
  • Description: "Stark City will be a setting for the ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying Game that puts the PCs in the center of the action and evokes the fun, free-wheeling spirit of the ICONS system.

    As a very special bonus: Steve Kenson, ICONS creator, is writing an accompanying city/setting building toolkit for ICONS -called ICONIC Cities. Partly inspired by the city building rules in the Dresden Files RPG, the ICONIC Cities rules will tie setting creation into character generation and will help the players devise aspects that are tightly incorporated into their setting.
  • Deadline: September 16th; $2600

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Re: CROWD-FUNDING SPOTLIGHT Vol. 2 - Role-Playing Games and Accessories

Axes and Anvils!
By Mike Nystul. Art by Jeff Laubenstein.

  • Description: Do you like Dwarves? Those short, hairy, stout mainstays of fantasy and adventure? The brave dwellers within the earth, with their warhammers and their battleaxes and their ale so strong it'd give an elf a beard?

    How about simple, fun RPG rules that put get into an adventure where those mighty folk start swinging axes and taking names? Where the Clan is all, and a character itself?

    What about a game with incredible art by the legendary Jeff Laubenstein? And rules by Mike "Magic Aura" Nystul?

    Then you're needing Axes and Anvils!

    A game about Dwarves written by designer Mike Nystul (D&D, BattleTech, Whispering Vault) and illustrated by legendary artist Jeff Laubenstein (Earthdawn, BattleTech, Shadowrun).

    What can you expect?

    Dwarfiness: Everything about the game is intended to put players into the right frame of mind to play dwarves. It is a celebration of all things Dwarf from what a Dwarf's beard says about him to what the deal is with Dwarven women.

    Simplicity: Because this is a niche game many people will turn to for a "pick up and play" experience the system has to be simple and character creation has to be fast and fun. It is possible to create a Dwarven clan and a full party of 4 to 6 player characters in under an hour.

    Cooperation: Whenever possible the game places more value on "we" than "me". Your party works together to solve whatever problems face their clan. The combat system is also structured around team play. Work together and victory shall be yours - fight alone and face an ignominious defeat.

    The design is axiomatic, meaning a few simple rules drive everything instead of having a special case rule for every situation that could arise. Character development is based on the idea that you start simply and add depth as the campaign unfolds, which allows players to get started quickly and learn any complexities they may add as they go along.

    A key concept is that the Dwarven Clan is treated as a character unto itself. As you develop as individuals the Clan for which you fight will gain respect and wealth. Your Clanhome will also expand to suit your needs. This gives an Axes and Anvils campaign a focus that many games lack right out of the gate.

  • Funding Deadline: August 10th, 2012
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Re: CROWD-FUNDING SPOTLIGHT Vol. 2 - Role-Playing Games and Accessories

Doesn't look like I'll be around for the August 15th roundup, so if anyone wants to step in feel free.


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Re: CROWD-FUNDING SPOTLIGHT Vol. 2 - Role-Playing Games and Accessories

An iOS app (Android if they hit $100K) that is intended to support multiple tabletop RPGs, though it only comes with specific support for Pathfinder. Ambitious goal, and not really clear on the features.

HazzaH The Mobile Tabletop RPG Tool for iPhones and iPads
by Fable Streams LLC
$100 pledged of $50,000
Ends September 4
"HazzaH brings pen-and-paper RPGs into the mobile age. Play your favorite RPGs anytime, anywhere with anyone--backpack free!"


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Re: CROWD-FUNDING SPOTLIGHT Vol. 2 - Role-Playing Games and Accessories

Doesn't look like I'll be around for the August 15th roundup, so if anyone wants to step in feel free.
Thanks for the head's up! I'll try to step in.

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Re: CROWD-FUNDING SPOTLIGHT Vol. 2 - Role-Playing Games and Accessories

Sleeper's "What are you backing and why" post said:
Swords & Wizardry Complete. The other two versions of the overly-fragmented Swords & Wizardry brand are my favorite retro-clones, so I'm sure I'll like the Complete version (I was always planning on picking up a copy, but never got around to it). All three varieties of S&W start with OD&D as a base, but clarify the rules, organize them better, and toss in a few smart modernisms (like support for 1 save and ascending AC) that expand the appeal a bit. The Complete version apparently adds most of the bits and pieces (like classes and races) that make AD&D so rich and flavorful, without including all the brain-twisting fiddly details (like initiative or unarmed combat). Plus, Matt Finch definitely knows how to write, and a sewn hardcover like the old AD&D hardcovers is
the perfect format.
Other news is that I'm going to be working on it. As in FFG is actually paying me to do so. I'll be an Assistant Editor or some such (not sure of my exact title yet). And yeah I'm so excited about that I could scream. S&W Complete has been one of my favorite games since it came out (I've frequently joked that it's "objectively the best" retroclone) and to be given the opportunity to work on it is a dream come true.

Also it's broken $30K, so yay for the complete minimalist dungeon creating kit (graph paper W/compass rose & pencil)
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