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CROWD-FUNDING SPOTLIGHT Vol. 3 - Role-Playing Games & Related Projects


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Original threads here: CROWD-FUNDING SPOTLIGHT - Role-Playing Games and Accessories , CROWD-FUNDING SPOTLIGHT Vol 2 - Role-Playing Games and Accessories


(NOTE: Effective 8/28/12, wargames--as in, miniatures rules, hex-and-counter games--go in the Card/Board/War Games thread in Other Games Open. If your project offers minis only, it's allowed in this thread, because minis options exists in many RPG games.)

(NOTE: As of 9/8/2012, we are loosening the eligibility requirement a little. Please read the below carefully for details.

In the first six weeks of 2012, RPGs represented more than 1/3 of all successful game projects on the Kickstarter web site. RPGs successfully raised more than $100,000 in funding via Kickstarter. There's a renewed sense of energy in the RPG market, and we find that a lot of people are coming to these boards to promote their crowd-funded projects.

We want to help you promote! But that said, we do have rules about those promotions:

1) This thread exists to promote RPG projects seeking crowd-sourced funding via Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and similar crowd-funding web sites. If you're offering RPGs or RPG accessories (such as dice, maps, terrain, miniatures, etc.) through these sites, we'd love to learn about it, so please feel free to post it.

1a) After receiving feedback from the membership, we are allowing crowd-sourced projects to be posted that are NOT RPGs, but are closely related to RPGs. Examples would be:

I reiterate: CLOSELY RELATED. Which, for the purposes of this thread, is defined as "There had better be an actually published tabletop RPG book and/or e-publication like a PDF involved in the final product in a significant way". If you have questions about your project's eligibility, please PM Sethra007.

2) There is a concurrent thread promoting Card/Board/War Games in the Other Games Open forum here. Again, if you're putting together a card, board, or war game via a crowd-sourced funding site like Kickstarter, we'd love to learn about it in that thread.

3) Projects not meeting the above criteria should be promoted in the Ads/Open Promo forum.

4) Please do not start separate threads in TRO to promote your crowdfunding project.

  • You are welcome to post in this thread if your project meets the guidelines stated.
  • Members of the board are welcome to comment on your project in this thread. If your project generates a lot of discussion, let a mod know and we'll move the posts to a separate thread so people can talk about it.
  • Members of the board who wish to discuss the particulars of your project are welcome to start separate threads, and we encourage you to join those discussions!

5) We encourage you to alter your .sig line to promote your games. You want to stay within .sig RPG.Net's guidelines, of course, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with saying "I'm raising money for my new games, Epic: the RPG! Click here to learn more!" in your .sig.

And as a reminder from our Rules and Guidelines: "Signatures are to be no longer than six lines of regular text or eight lines of Size 1 text. The use of quote tags, spoiler tags, blink tags, and images in signatures are prohibited. You may place promotional information or links into your signature if you so wish."

6) Asking "Can I add my project to this thread?" and then adding all of your project info before you receive an answer is not going to be looked on favorably by the mod staff. We've already had a couple of people try to sneak in non-eligible projects this way, and it's not appreciated.

If you have other questions, please PM Sethra007 or one of the mods.


NPR recently did a good piece on some of the problems with crowd-sourced funding sites, focusing on Kickstarter. Please make yourself aware of the downsides, and make educated, informed choices:

When A Kickstarter Campaign Fails, Does Anyone Get The Money Back?


From posters beasterbrook and Sleeper, we have a breakdown of what RPG.Netters like to see in a crowd-sourced RPG project:

  1. Put "RPG" or "Roleplaying" in your title or blurb of your product. It makes it easier to find when searching.
  2. Open up your funding to people overseas.
  3. Split up your rewards into domestic and overseas and include shipping in the funding option.
  4. Tell me what your Kickstarter drive is about in the very first sentence. If it's a tabletop RPG, let me know. If it's a set of physical dice made of unobtanium and unicorn horns, say that. If it's a supplement for Pathfinder or Synnibarr or some other established game, that needs to be mentioned. I need to know whether it's a tabletop RPG, whether it's standalone or a supplement (and to what), and a few words about the system and genre.
  5. Be very clear on the different reward levels. Sometimes it's hard to know what we're getting.
  6. "Never leave any money on the table". Some people may want you to fly out and run a game, and would be willing to spend $2000. But if you don't list it, they'll never pledge it.
  7. I like to perks that you can only get through project funding. Maybe only offer the hardcover to funders, release only in softcover versions after funding finished to the public (for example). Some people like extras as well, esp. dice and shirts.
  8. Do your sums, don't overreach, and be prepared. There's no point in doing stuff after you have listed a project; as soon as you go live the clock starts ticking. You need to be prepared, have a nice intelligent blurb set up, description of what it's all about etc. If it looks professional and well run you have a much better chance of gaining funders. You need to work out cost of producing your product, shipping and extras before you start your listing. You also need to work out how you are going to get there. If you're trying to raise a large amount of $, you need to be able to get enough funders at whatever level of funding to reach that goal.
  9. Have regular updates, progress reports, new art etc. Keep your funders engaged!
  10. Have some kind of download that explains your game further. A portion of the Setting section, say, or a few pages of the char-gen rules, or a print-and-play version of your board game. Anything that helps gamers understand what you're doing
  11. When some one comments or funds, thank them! It costs nothing and gives the funder a warm fuzzy glow.
  12. Have a realistic delivery time and keep it. This usually involves having the product complete before you start funding. If it's not, then it creates the impression that the project may never happen.
  13. Pack and ship the finished product carefully. There's no point in producing a product that looks great only to have it damaged in the post.
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Call of Catthulhu is in its final hours. It has quite exceeded expectations a while back, but it looks to be something quite fun, and there is a stretch goal left that you can get in on if you haven't already and find the project interesting. Check the page out for yourself and you can get just about all the information you might want; it has been updated quite a bit as the funding campaign went on. I have been posting about CoCAT in a thread of its own but figured I would make a final stab at informing people here since it will close in about 12 hours.

Corporia was mentioned a few times at the end of the last thread, but it has much brighter prospects than I was thinking it did a few days ago. We are about $2200 from funding this project with a little less than 2 days to go, and it is a pretty cool concept. I started a thread about this one too! Get your cyberpunk, corporate, magic, and Camelot fix all in one, now with a dose of darker, weirder things hanging out in the distance.


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Hello my dear forumites and RPG lovers!

I would like to tell you about DiceMaster, a project of which I am a co-founder; I think it might be something that a lot of you will find very interesting.

DiceMaster is a free, system neutral, customizable, no hassle, no installation, browser based P&P RPG platform, that me and my team are currently developing. We have created a Kickstarter campaign to help us gather funds for further development.

I will allow myself to cite our website to give you more info on DiceMaster:

DiceMaster will be a massive social hub for gamers, RPG enthusiasts, players, game masters, writers and content creators. [...] The main feature of DiceMaster will be a wide selection of tools and assets that will allow you to play 'live' RPG sessions with your friends over the internet, no matter where you are or what browser/operating system you are using. Oh yes, there will be no software to download, no installations to make. DiceMaster is entirely browser based, built using the best new web technologies.

DiceMaster itself will be free

Sometimes pictures are worth more than a thousand words, so please check out our Kickstarter campaign and our website for screens and more info!

Kickstarter campaign page:
DiceMaster website:
And latest screens of DM:

Our promotional video:

I am happy to answer any questions too, feel free to PM me here, reply to this thread or use the form on the website!



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Corporia was mentioned a few times at the end of the last thread, but it has much brighter prospects than I was thinking it did a few days ago. We are about $2200 from funding this project with a little less than 2 days to go, and it is a pretty cool concept. I started a thread about this one too! Get your cyberpunk, corporate, magic, and Camelot fix all in one, now with a dose of darker, weirder things hanging out in the distance.
And it's now at less than $1,500 to go, so every backer counts!

As well as Catthuhlu, another KS entering its final days is Pirate World. It's well past funded already, and they haven't updated their stretch goal graphic in a while. But it looks neat.

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Map Flats​
Vinyl Modular Maps​

Currently a $60 investment gets you:

(Qty: 1) Healers Hut (8X5)
(Qty: 4) Merchant tents (5X5)
(Qty: 1) Blacksmith shop (8X5)
(Qty: 1) Armorer (8X5)
(Qty: 1) Alchemist Shop (8X5)
(Qty: 1) Inn (12X16) with Upstairs (12X16)
(Qty: 1) Barracks (8X10)
(Qty: 1) Tavern (10X14) with cellar (8X10)
(Qty: 1) Town Hall (8X10)
(Qty: 1) Stable (8X5)
(Qty: 5) Adventurer Tents (2X2)
(Qty: 1) Commanders Tent (8X5)
(Qty: 4) peasant shacks (4X5)
(Qty: 1) Townhouse two levels (5X6)
(Qty: 1) Church (14X24) with basement (10X14)
(Qty: 1) Hathonian farm house(8X10) with upstairs (8X5)
(Qty: 1) Barn (8X5) with Hayloft (8X5)
(Qty: 1) Windmill 3 floors (6X6)
(Qty: 1) Watch Tower 4 floors (6X6)

Push Goals Added (each printed on transparent vinyl):
treasure packs (Chests and Hoards)
traps (Magic, Spikes, Acid, Blades, etc)
magic circles
blood effects
and map augmentations (room additions to alter the rooms) including a tavern stage, a private room, game cleaning room (with lots of guts, easily doubling as bloody scene), a tack room for a stable, spare bedroom, and more on their way.

Stretch Goals Reached and Added:
$7000 - Plains Map. All core sets will include a 2X3 foot plains vinyl map with 1 inch square grids.
$7500 - The Keep. All core sets will include a two floor keep. Both floors of this structure is 24"X30"
$8000 - Merchant Ship. All core sets will include a 4 floor merchant ship. These ships will be put out on four 10"X30" maps.

We are working toward the $9000 goal, and I do believe with the upswing of the final day, we can easily make it to $10,000 for the rest of these truly incredible looking maps (with the $10k goal of being reversible!)

$9000 - Dungeon Map. All core sets will include a 2X4 foot dungeon vinyl map with 1 inch square grids.
$10,000 - Double Sided Maps! All maps will be double sided with square 1 inch grids on one side and 1 inch hex patterns on the reverse side.

New Epic Stretch Goals:
$12000 - 2X4 upgraded to 3X5* Dungeon and Plains map sizes are upgraded to 3'X5'.
$15,000 - Surm Kara Crater Teaser* - This is a teaser set for another part of D'Nal. Once home to an ancient metropolis tens of thousands of years ago, the Surm Kara (land of the dead) crater is all that remains. It is said that a great fire destroyed the city and all of it’s surroundings. It was a fire so terrible that to this day even vegetation will not grow on the lands. This does not mean that the area is void of life. Many adventurers seek ancient treasures and glory in the crater, but few return. Those unfortunate few, however, return with grim stories of strange and distorted creatures prowling the barren lands, taking refuge in the crumbled remains of a long forgotten city. At this level we will include the following maps:

(Qty: 1) Surm Kara Crater Terrain Map (3'X5')
(Qty: 4) Scavenger tent (4X5)
(Qty: 1) Chieftains domicile (6X6)
(Qty: 1) Crumbled Building remains 1 (12X10)
(Qty: 1) Crumbled Building remains 2 (10X8)
(Qty: 1) Crumbled Building remains 3 (8X6)
(Qty: 1) Crumbled Building remains 4 (6X4)

This is an additional 10 maps for your collection and they will be the first of one of the expansions we are planning.

There are options for virtual maps for those working on virtual tabletops.
They are kicking this one forward, giving back 5% of the proceeds to other Kickstarter projects.

Get in on this soon, only 69 hours left in the campaign (Finishing December 4th, 3:51 pm EST)

check it out.


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REDEMPTION: A game of Tactics and Consequences
Set in the far future, humanity is under attack by an alien race known as the Shohan, for reasons unknown. For five years, humanity has fallen back in the face of their onslaught, but for the first time, Terran Sphere Navy has one a battle against the Shohan, stopping them in their tracks. Now it's up to you to help turn the tide of the war. The game is intended to support group play through multiple levels of combat - from firefights to fleet actions - and to give groups a wide range of toolkits from designing their own gear to bringing about social change as they make their way through a galaxy overturned by war. We want to give you the opportunity and ability make your mark on the Galaxy… and give GMs the right tools to make you work for it!

For a sneak peek into the Redemption universe, please check out the New from the Front section of our website where we're revealing the first years of the war between humanity and the Shohan. If you're interested, Redemption is in open beta, you can download the complete ruleset from our website to try. All we ask is that you give us some feedback so we can continue to refine the game. You can also stay up to date with the latest on Redemption by following us on Facebook.

We've been developing the Redemption setting and system for several years. We're currently on kickstarter in order to fund art, editing and layout; to bridge the gulf between text and book. At a week in, we're currently at about 40% of our primary funding goal, and there are a few stretch goals we'd love to hit as well so we can continue to develop the Redemption line.

Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...redemption-rpg
Silent Spirits on the Web: http://silentspiritsgames.com
And on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SilentSpiritsGames



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Infusion Fantasypunk RPG (IndieGoGo)

Let's celebrate first steps in the Worldmachine with Infusion RPG Playtest campaign on IndieGoGo: the Seven Gates of Riincal.

Spread the word about this crowdfunding project, and help me get this Worldmachine up and running!

The project page

Who: Me, Rafał "Ninetongues" Sadowski
Where: IndieGoGo
When: December 03, 2013 - January 05, 2014 (11:59pm PT).

To discuss this project and chat with the author come to the project thread on RPG.net.

Askai by Marek Madej

Infused Champion by Marek Madej


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Re: Infusion Fantasypunk RPG (IndieGoGo)

Not sure if this one has been mentioned on this forum but I think it deserves a plug here because it looks like so much fun! I give you

Costumed Fairy Adventures

So please check it out and give them your support. Once again, if you don't back it, I can't get it and I wants it!
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