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CROWD-FUNDING SPOTLIGHT Vol. 3 - Role-Playing Games & Related Projects


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Adventures in Austerion (AiA) by De Architecturart (illustrations by Guillaume Tavernier and game design by Géraud G.)
June 3rd, on Kickstarter

Adventures in Austerion (AiA) is a fantasy role-playing game. Mainly designed to explore unfriendly locations in the continent of Austerion, it may be played in fast-paced sessions of 2 or 3 hours. To do so, it relies on a mix of classical RPG rules and board game mechanisms (such as tiles, cards and tokens…). If this approach will help new players to discover RPGs in a comforting and amusing way, it will fulfill the grognards as well, with additional possibilities offered by a set of optional rules that convey an old-school dungeon-crawling feeling.

June 3rd - June 28th.
Released in English and in French.

Guillaume Tavernier is a French illustrator. Several his RPG supplements have been successfully funded on Kickstarter and Game on tabletop, with the last one Art of De Architecturart, on Kickstarter
Géraud G. is a French game designer who contributed to several projects since 10 years, including Héros & Dragons, based on OGL5.
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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #108, including every tabletop project started between 05/27 and 06/02.

This collection contains a bunch of role-playing crowdfundings I am interested in. Like Rust Hulks which offers space exploration trucking style – a mixture of Alien, Firefly with parts of Star Wars – while being Powered by the Apocalypse. Which is an enticing combination. I am as well tempted by Quietus, a role-playing game that aims to provide „melancholic horror“ in the style of movies like Oculus or The Strangers. It’s fitted for smaller group of one to two players plus a GM and is designed to be experienced in One -Shots, system-wise it’s one of the first „Powered by the Dark“ systems – named after Blades in the Dark – I’ve noticed. Speaking of Blades, there is the BLADE RPG, while being a fantasy game I am still drawn in by the beautiful artwork, an interesting system and the sympathetic video presention.
The StoryMaster’s Tales „Weirding Woods“ is the first of three… I’ll call ‚em „hybrid rpgs“. With Weirding Woods being more traditional and basically combinig tabletop rpg with board game elements in a fantasy setting. Escape in the Dark on the other hand provides a Science Fiction setting and offers an interesting mix of tabletop rpg, game book and Hands of Fate (the videogame, imho). Last but not least of the three is CircleTales Adventures, an interesting storytelling game in the more literal sense.
If you like Larp and Poker, take a look at The Deal – which aims to bring both together. I personally do recommend the Patreon of Blood on the Thames. They do offer really cool V5 actual plays and I think their efforts deserve support. If you like The Dark Eye, the translation of the famous German rpg, you should considering checking the Magic of Aventuria sourcebook by Ulisses – from my understanding an integral part to the enjoyment of the setting and game.
There are, of course, many more cool projects, just take a look:

English Crowdfundings

3 Role-Playing Games
3 Hybrid Role-Playing Games
1 Larp
1 Patreon
2 Sourcebooks
3 Adventures
3 Dice Projects
1 Accessoires
1 Enamel Pin
2 Map Projects
1 Youtube Series
3 Various RPG Projects

French Crowdfundings

1 Online Platform

Article: https://teylen.blog/2019/06/02/crowdfunding-collection-108/

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New from Why Not Games...Rocket Age (5e)! We have adapted the Rocket Age setting to the 5e rules engine. After nearly a year of work, playtesting, finagling, and getting the fiddly bits to fit in the fiddly bit holders, we are ready to make the final run to publication.

Rocket Age (5e) is a radium punk sci-fi RPG set in a 1938 that never was and a Solar System that should have been. The corebook offers 17 playable species, 5 classes, backgrounds, equipment, feats, psychic powers, vehicles (and vehicle combat rules), aliens foes, and more. Explore the jungles of Venus! Fight Nazis on Mars! Challenge the Europans for dominate of Jupiter!


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Good Society: An Expanded Acquaintance is entering its last 24 hours. It's for printing and adding to expansions for Good Society: A Jane Austen RPG, which you can also get as part of this KS.

The current expansions include magic and masked vigilantes, which will be printed for the first time with this campaign, and the new ones are about servants and family fortunes.

It's already reached a number of SGs, including a Fae Court mini-expansion for the magic variant and one featuring people of colour. It needs a bit more of a push to achieve Lady Susan, P.I., a murder-mystery variant, but that would be absolutely fantastic.

Also, watch the KS video. It's ridiculously charming. I'd embed it here if I knew how.

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Legendary Games has launched and funded The Ultimate Kingdoms and are now unlocking stretch goals! These kingdom building rules for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and DnD 5E compile over 400 pages of our best-selling Ultimate line to bring you an awesome array of options for your characters outside of dungeon delving, including: Kingdoms, Ultimate Rulership, Ultimate Battle, Ultimate War, Ultimate Factions, Ultimate Relationships, Ultimate Strongholds, Ultimate Ships, Ultimate Commander, Ultimate Armies, and more!

Players can rise up and claim their crowns, build castles and conquer kingdoms of their own, with palace intrigue, factions, relationships, armies, conquest, and more!

Stretch Goals include new art, more content, and celebrity authors including Alyssa Faden, Jaym Gates, Ed Geenwood, Allen Hammack, Chris A. Jackson, Karyn Willow Logan, Nicolas Logue, Ari Marmell, Richard Pett, Stephen Radney-MacFaraland, Sean K Reynolds, Robert Schwalb, Owen Stephens, Elisa Teague, and more!

Pledge today as this Kickstarter ends July 3rd! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/legendarygames/ultimate-kingdoms-for-dnd-5e-or-pfrpg?ref=edpe4c


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It's the last few days to back:
A Doom To Speak: The Crypt Collection
by SoulMuppet Publishing.

Short fantasy horror dungeon modules for Best Left Buried and other tabletop roleplaying games.

Lots of stretch goals still to hit.

To encourage you to join me as a backer (so we hit more of those stretches) here's a bit more from the Kickstarter page:

A Doom To Speak hopes to revolutionise dungeon design, borrowing from traditions like the One Page Dungeon Contest, the Pamphlet Jam and the “Zini” (or mini-zine).

Every zini contains maps, dungeon rooms (complete with descriptions!) as well as monsters, random encounters and treasure, all in a dense, informative medium. There's a good smattering of art & illustration throughout all the zinis, and absolutely zero page-flipping required. It's everything you need to run a session on a single piece of paper that you can print quickly and cheaply in the comfort of your own home - no expensive shipping costs necessary!


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Explore a living world where mountains walk the earth and the moon crawls across the sky

Kickstarter Link!

In Children of the Beast you play as occult beast hunters who must work together to stop a spreading corruption from mutating the populace. The game focuses on exploration of a world born from a twisted, biological take on fantasy, with mechanics that are meant to be discovered over the course of play, such as fleshsmithing and favors from Elder Deities. Your characters can also control the corruption, mutating their bodies as they stretch the limits of their humanity.

It also features:
  • An optional companion app to streamline the experience
  • A new "Xd20" dice system
  • An included "Pick-up-and-Play" adventure that requires no prep from the GM
Check us out, and don't let the Warrens become a part of you.


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Hello, all! We have launched the Kickstarter campaign for the MICRONOMICON: A Compendium of Magic for Tiny Dungeon 2e and other games. It's a fun book full of gorgeous art, and lots of great ideas and options for magic-users. It's built for TD2e, the minimalist fantasy RPG, but as we all know, "rules-lite" rhymes with "system-neutral." 😁

We fully funded in less than 3 hours, so now we're just working on stretch goals-- a big list of microsettings from a variety of bestselling authors and game writers. Each microsetting is about 5 or 6 pages with just enough detail to get you immersed in a fantastic new world. (Or if you just want to steal a few bits, every one has at least a few ideas that are eminently stealable.)

Last thing! Everybody who signs up as a backer on day 1 gets a free PDF adventure called Deep Dive: Traps and Treasures Beneath the City of the Wise. It's a guide to building your own dungeon crawl, complete with new traps, monsters, magic armor and weapons, adventure hooks and everything else you need to quickly and easily generate your own exciting adventure, room by room. Perfect for pickup games! So pick it up! For free! By backing the Micronomicon today. :)



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Hey folks, I launched a Kickstarter for Bleak Spirit yesterday, my game designed to replicate the gloomy storytelling of Dark Souls and similar games in that genre. It uses a rotating GM system to manifest the uncertainty and obfuscation that cloaks the lore of those games, and you end up with a story genuinely created by the whole group.

60% funded already, so you know you're onto a good thing when you throw me your money.

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