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Battlestations: DIRTSIDE
SciFi fully co-op tabletop RPG! Experience the worlds of Battlestations. Dozens of missions; scores of planets; no game master needed!

Battlestations: DIRTSIDE is both a board game and a RPG. It can be played - without a game master - up to 8 players, or played solo. It can also be played as a tactical skirmish game (player vs. player).
  • Features dozens of aliens species, multiple factions vying for power, and cloning technology. You don't need Battlestations to play.
  • Your character starts with a special ability, weapons, and an ability for your species. You can gain experience, rank up, purchase equipment between missions, and gain new abilities. The action is fully contained in each mission, but your character growth is unlimited.
  • Simple rules, and a tutorial campaign to learn advanced rules one-at-a-time.
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"Impossible worlds made real." -Dennis L "This is the game you're seeking." -Eric B

Introduction Video
How Do You Play?

  • You each play a character who gains experience and abilities between missions.
  • Each mission has a defined goal, and the campaign has an ongoing narrative of mystery, action, and adventure.
  • Each turn you each get to move + take an action - like piloting a ship or vehicle, or operating a weapon or medkit.
  • Each type of terrain has thematic and intuitive rules; hide in buildings or gain cover in trees!
  • The enemies and other threats are all controlled by the game itself, but you can play with a moderator if you want to.
For more videos, scroll down to How to Play Videos.
  • You can HALO out of a suborbital ship, hijack a jetbike, and overtake a heavy weapon firing from the roof of a tower. Or...
  • Hitch a ride on the outside of a vehicle, and each time the driver makes a maneuver, you'll roll an athletics check to make sure you don’t fall off.
  • Fire from your ship cannon, turning a building into a crater, or just crash the ship onto your target and hope your hull doesn't crack!
  • Launch a satchel charge as a rocket launcher, or lob it as a mortar and re-target the drift based on your combat skill.
  • Use a plasma projector to combo with your Shock Trooper ability to take out 4 grunts hiding behind trees, then see if the trees catch fire!
A plasma projector can turn the terrain into a fire or crater!
  • Exists in the established Battlestations universe and is fully compatible with Battlestations: Second Edition and Battlestations: The Starships
  • Hundreds of ability and equipment upgrades, with ongoing character advancement
  • Multiple map boards - your crew can move around inside your starship, launching missiles and teleporter bombs at the surface, or parachute out and move around on the terrain boards on foot or in vehicles
  • Ultra quick turn-actions so players get to take twice as many actions per mission as they would in similar games like Imperial Assault
  • A true sense of camaraderie - nearly all missions are fully cooperative and require every player's unique skills and equipment
  • Unique missions (puzzle solving, combat, natural disasters, etc), with all the threats controlled by the game itself!
  • There's missions for 3 different game modes: Fully Co-Op, 1v1 Skirmish, or Moderated RPG.
Journey to dozens of unique planets, or build your own!

  • Designed from the ground-up to be playable cooperatively (no Game Master), or solo.
  • Some missions can be played as a tactical skirmish game (1v1).
  • Also a fully-compatible extension of Battlestations, which means every mission can also be played as a moderated RPG (using a GM) if your group chooses.
Simple flowcharts for calculating enemy actions!


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Just over 24 hours left to go in the already fully funded Kickstarter.
Lets help them make those last few stretch goals.

Arkada Studio

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We are Arkada Studio a French start-up and we are developing our first RPG board game supported by a vocal Artificial Intelligence: Erune. We will launch a Kickstarter campaign next October so we hope you'll enjoy this post!
Erune is a modern tribute to classics from the 90's such as HeroQuest and Dungeons and Dragons, we added a modern touch via a vocal app: The Spirit of Erune.

The Spirit seconds the Game Master and provides the game with a whole new interactive dimension:
1. The A.I knows the rules. No need to read a huge rulebook anymore, just ask the Spirit! Open the box and start playing, 10 minutes are enough to get you started. What are the elves weapons? How many HP does this goblin have? Ask the Spirit and prepare to fight!
2. The A.I portrays all NPCs players might encounter, thus allowing a direct interaction with them. Will you free the prisoner or tell Erune to keep him in jail? Careful, your choices will affect the whole story!
3. The A.I launches random events at the term of each round. Neither the players nor the Game Master knows what kind of event the A.I will launch, it's a total surprise and everyone has to play along with the Spirit of Erune's wishes.

1 to 4 players portray the heroes of Erune : a dwarf, a wanderer, a sorcerer, and an elf. Players will have to team up in order to survive the epic quests of Erune and maybe defeat the dark Sorcerer unless they choose to join the forces of evil. Each character begins with special abilities and weapons, you can evolve between quests, purchase new weapons or unlock powerful abilities until you become the mightiest hero in Erune.
The fifth player is the Dungeon Master whose mission is to guide the players throughout the story and to play all enemies the heroes will face. The Dungeon Master also has secret missions to accomplish during a quest in order to unlock new monsters.

If you want to know more about Erune check this video presentation by BoardGameGeek:

And our website:


May the dice roll!

Team Arkada
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