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Crusader Kings 2 II: Title Revoked

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I'm pretty sure Shattered start is automatically a random start. There's a bunch of settings you can play with. I should experiment with the random start settings as well, but if you go all in on the random settings in the Shattered Start menu, it'll randomize culture names, randomize religion names and traits, randomize where on the map different cultures and religions spawn, randomize the locations and names of du jure kingdoms and empires...
Nah, Shattered and Random world are different. Shattered is still all the same historical characters, religions, cultures, etc as before, except no one can have a higher title than Duke or Count (whatever you set it for). And there is a special CB that everyone gets access to at the start of the game to let them conquer a de jure realm more quickly.

Random has a few different settings so you can keep historical religions or cultures but otherwise mix up characters, realms, etc. Or you can start going really, really random like new religions, new cultures, new realms, etc. There's a setting to make an Byzantine equivalent and a HRE equivalent, and other settings to make a max realm size at the start of the game. Or even a max age. There's an achievement called Lord of the Flies that involves starting in a Random world where the max age is set to zero so all the rulers around the world are babies.


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So, I was pretty sure that was not correct, so I pulled up the game and experimented a bit.

Shattered world, by default, keeps religion groups, cultures, du jure kingdoms & empires, and such all the same. However, it randomly generates all the characters because in default shattered world settings, nobody holds more than one county, and that means they need a lot more characters. I shattered a couple different standard start dates and went looking for favorites (Like Harold Godwinson, or William the Bastard) and could not find them anywhere near where they ruled.

Shattered world ALSO has all the randomization settings to change realms, religions, culture groups, etc... they're just turned off by default.

Random world has all those randomization settings turned ON by default (with individual settings able to be turned off), but uses more complex calculations to simulate a more advanced world; instead of everything broken down to single counties and duchies, Random world settings will have kingdoms and empires and individual lord holding multiple counties at once.

So the two functions are (or can be) very similar; the big question is do we want everyone starting from a mostly even (and very basic) footing (Shattered) or do we want to keep the map extremely unbalanced but just have no idea who or where anyone is?


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After mulling it over, and given the fact that the AI isn't as good as the player, Random but NOT Shattered might be best, just to give the AI a leg up and make things more interesting. Plus the whole alt-history thingy.


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To celebrate getting the Humble Bundle, I started a game as an Ethiopian Jewish duke. Being a religious minority sucks for a lot of reasons.

I lost five spymasters in a month to assassination plots. It took me a minute to realize that my court was full of Christian zealots who would back any plot that came along. Time to clean house.


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I'd be up for a random start succession game. I've never tried random or shattered, it should be interesting.


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OK, so it sounds like the general interest is in a random world.

How random do we want to go? There's been a vote against animal kingdom, and I'm fine with that, but:

Historical or random culture locations?

Historical or random religions? Or go all in, and randomize religion names and traits?

Any preferences on things like age range/gender ratio/etc?

Or any other rules?

And I suppose we can get an official signup list started.

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