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[Crusader Kings 2] [Let's Play] Succession Game 4: Let the Dice Fall


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Yeah, that sounded alright. Can't wait to see the map and learn more about the world! :)


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If this is anything like as epic as that post apocalyptic modded playthrough a while back was I will be well satisfied.


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All right, let's get this on the road.

First up, a look at the world.

The world is in flux in this, the year 768 A.D. Last time I consulted with the scholars, everyone was pretty sure that A.D. stood for Arbitrarius Datum, whatever that means.

Here is a carefully demarcated political map of (most of) the known world. It is only through the blessings of the gods themselves that we are able to provide this so accurately and reliably updated.

Along with some closer looks at various subsets of the map, including Europe:


The Middle East and Asia:

We have also taken the liberty of compiling notes on the government types present in these regions:

And a detailed accounting of all religions represented:

If you wish to examine these maps in more detail, the relevant information (that is to say, the random world file) is available here.

Next: Introducing our intrepid... hero?
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