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[Crusader Kings 2] [Let's Play] Succession Game 4: Let the Dice Fall


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Never trust a Droglingite, I say.

Also, I like that Om and Ob are right next to each other.


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All right then. Allow me to introduce His Grace, the Illustrious Duke Ljubomir Marko, Duke of Velkiy Ustug AND Zyriane, holding title to the counties of Viled, Syktyvkar, Vychegda, Vym, and Vashka, as well as having the Countess Ivanka Asen of Sedyu as his vassal.

His lovely wife, the Duchess Lala

And their frankly adorable daughter, Ivet

Duke Ljubomir is the sworn vassal of King Nyek Gergely of the kingdom of Nyekicenia.

Duke Ljubomir is an ardent member of the Church of Olema, they who follow the strictures of the Great Monolith, and aid the same in its endless war against the foreign, infidel gods by carving idols of those gods and ritually burning them.

It should be noted, King Nyek Gergely is... not a member of the Church of Olema. And yet he has, in a fit of insanity, chosen to make Duke Ljubomir his spymaster. For those of you following along at home, what follows will be an object lesson is why you should never, ever keep a spymaster who dislikes you.

Before we get to that, however, there are a few more pressing matters to attend to. For example:

Adorable as she is, young Ivet will need proper training if she is to succeed the good Duke. Or, y'know, he'll probably have a son at some point; he and his wife are still quite young, after all. In any event, he needs a properly trained heir.

If Ljubomir is gonna do this spymaster thing, he's gonna do it right. Or horribly wrong, depending on your perspective. Anyway, he's gonna do it the way where he gets all the good stuff and his enemies all die.

And last but not least, after a horrible nightmare premonition involving a particularly unpleasant case of dysentery, he decided that he needed to have a doctor on hand, just in case.



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Getting close to pressing the unpause button...

Checking my council, I noted that most of them were at least competant, but my spymaster didn't like me very much. Checking my court, there was another guy who would be better at the job than the existing guy, AND could be bribed to at least tolerate me. Good enough, I suppose? I'll have to come up with a more permanent solution, though.

In the meantime, I'm going to take advantage of being the Royal Spymaster of Nyekicenia, by setting things up so that I'll be able to set things up to just by happenstance discover that I am actually the rightful king of Nyekicenia. Funny how that works.

Look at that starting plot power. Remember what I said about never keeping a spymaster who dislikes you?

Anyway, I do still need to find a few people to support my plot. And unfortunately, everyone seems really leery about this one for some reason. I dunno. Anyway, I found a guy that could be bribed. It wasn't QUITE enough but I'm gonna try buttering him up a bit more (through more traditional social influence) and we'll see where it goes.

As time finally starts moving, my call for a physician is quickly answered, as an Olemaian pilgrim comes to my court claiming skill in medicine. Given what he appears to have survived, I do not doubt his claims. He is hired.

I'm keeping an eye to the south, looking to possibly grab off a county from the Duke of Mari (really, how can I be the Duke of Veliky Ustug when the COUNTY of Veliky Ustug belongs to someone else?), but a couple other distractions pop up first.

It seems my first round of bribery may not have been quite enough to ensure my new spymaster's complete loyalty. I'll have to keep an eye on him.

My liege, in the meantime, has started a war with our neighbor to the south to pick up the OTHER county that should rightfully be mine. I will thank him later, when I steal it from him. In the meantime, he wants me to help lead his armies, and no, no I don't think so. That is dirty, exhausting, unsafe, and not particularly conducive to various activities such as plotting his inevitable downfall.

And then my vassal, infidel that she is, decides to start plotting to claim one of my duchies! The gall! I order my troops marshalled and sent to her castle to escort her to her new accommodations in my prison.

IT ACTUALLY WORKS for once. Slightly disappointed at not being able to sack her castle, I simply order her to convert to Olemaism, oversee the conversion myself, then send her home. Maybe I'll get the chance to sack her castle later, if she doesn't stop plotting.
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Also, this is hard tempting me to start a shattered world solo game. Never tried one before...


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So we've already got a focus on skullduggery, are plotting treachery against our ruler and have uppity vassals causing trouble.

This isnt going to end badly, no siree.

You just want the entire narrative to be about your bloodline again :p
Well I had the two most entertaining characters, why would it not have been? :p


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If I'm reading right, north of the Black Sea, you have Kiev right next to...Kiev.
Yes! I actually looked into that. One of them is the county of Kiev, which is independent, and the other is the duchy of Kiev. Which, as of game start, does not contain the county of Kiev.

Give it a few months, I'm sure that'll be fixed.
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