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[Crusader Kings 2] [Let's Play] Succession Game 4: Let the Dice Fall


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I look forward to the epic tale some later king will make up to claim his ancestor was some sort of incarnate god.


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I'd also love to get in on this!

(Although I admit I'm perhaps a bit disappointed it's not an animal world of some kind)


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Yes, sorry.

You'd think that having time off work would be good getting things like this done but I am surprisingly distractable. Soon.


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All right, update time!

With Father's passing, I am now the Duchess! Or so mother says. I don't really know what that means, but lots of people seem very worried about it.

Even if none of them will tell me anything useful.

With mother's help, I find some people who will actually tell me things. I try very hard to pay attention.

Now. I remember Father saying it was very important to close the gate, and then he opened the gate, and now he's gone. So we have to close the gate, right! Will that bring father back?

No, it won't, says mother.

All those people who tell me things are very worried. They say the king next door wants a bunch of my land.

I tell them to send soldiers to chase the silly king away. They say they can't; we don't have enough soldiers. But if we have our soldiers meet up with the soldiers that OUR king has, then together we'll have enough. Then they start talking about maneuvers and things and it's very confusing and I get a headache.

The weird guy who spent so much time with Father at the end uses this as an excuse to convince everyone that he'd be a better regent than mother. I'm not sure I agree, he looks weird.

Mother needed alone time anyway. I barely see her for weeks! but then she comes out with a little red person and says I have a brother!

Without father around, everything is so difficult. Everyone is always arguing.

The council tells me that, together with the king's armies, we've managed to kick the other king out and reclaim our lands. He's stubborn though, it might take a couple more kickings before he stays gone.

And oh yeah, I must have not been paying attention (I NEVER fall asleep during meetings, I promise), but apparently one of the other Dukes is now king? We had a queen who wasn't much older than me but apparently she died.



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The process of convincing the other king to stay way continues.

But it's going well, and the smallpox and consumption epidemics have both passed, so I order the construction of more houses around my castle!

My brother got the flu and the court physician took over again and. I'm not sure he's very good at his job, really.

I get word that my neighbor, the Duke of Mari (who father apparently was spying on if these notes are anything to go by) is engaged to be married with the new King's daughter. Who is... EW.

That reminds me though, I need to make sure I have kids. So I need a husband. That other neighboring king is the same religion as me, so maybe if I marry one of his family he'll be less likely to attack us again? Or help me when I overthrow my idiot king? I dunno. He's got a... nephew, I think? That is about the right age.

I will NOT let a servant's girl do better than me! And I didn't. It took all afternoon, but I had the BIGGEST fish.

I don't feel so good.

I'm so hungry...



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I should make sure my brother is properly taught his duties as my younger brother. Y'know. Waiting on me hand and foot and all that.

And the council say I should make sure he's got a betrothal as well. Sure. OK.

Now that those houses are finished, we should build houses for soldiers!

The Duke of Mari (I shudder to think of him) has land that should be mine. Father never got around to it before he died, but I have more troops than the duke, so.

I'm learning a lot about how war is conducted as our troops run roughshod over the Duke of Mari's men.

I will be a great warrior queen and lead the Olemaic forces to great victory against the heathens!


The Duke of Mari has been defeated, and one county liberated from his horrible grasp.

The council tells me that they can't run that much territory by themselves, so we give one of the northern counties (the one that kept getting captured during that war with the other king) to a promising commander who showed skill and courage in the war with the Duke of Mari.



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And then. Oh Crap.

Well, your advice worked out well last time....

I don't care how effective this treatment is, this guy is a horrible doctor.





You rat-snarfing incompetent IDIOT

With my dying breath, I urge my brother to SACK THAT INCOMPETENT LUNATIC.

So. Yeah. That was a thing.

Mercy rule already happened, so...

That should be the save file. Lilith Viktoria is up next.
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