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I'm drumming up a cyberpunk PbtA hack I want to run locally. The plan is to stick as close to Gibson's work as I can and even recreate some of the locales, history, etc. I likely will set it after the events from the Sprawl Trilogy. I'm currently trying to come up with classes for the characters, and would like to have at least six, if not a few more. There will be no magic or psionics. I'm basing classes off of a character's occupation in the underworld. It's not going to be pigeonholed into every session being a "mission", but it's also not going to be a sandbox freeform RP. I'm having trouble coming up with classes that a) are equally useful as the others, b) have plenty of options for moves and advanced moves, and c) would be fun to play. What I have so far.

Hacker. Self-explanatory
Samurai. cyber-enhanced fighter-type
Ninja. Cyber-enhanced infiltrator
Rigger. vehicle/drone specialists. Not literally true to Gibson's work per se, but not out of place and adds character options.
Face/Fixer? I'm not too sure on the Moves end for this one. Maybe some kind of post-modern bard or something.

I can't really think of much else to work with this group. I toyed with some kind of scientist/chemist type of character, but it was falling into a much weaker supporting role.

So, what would you add to these options, and what kinds of Moves would you see for the class? Thanks!

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Perhaps you could have a bio-hacker type archetype? A sort of combination doctor, chemist, drug dealer, and physical adept. Moves might include boosting physical parameters, poisoning, accelerated healing, etc.


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If you are doing an infiltration/ heist game (the easy to do cyberpunk plot), then you are not far off. If you are doing community or more science fiction based....

Agent (spy, special infiltrator)
Surprise Action, Pull it out (preplanned), Pass off (Identity Cover)

Blade (as in blade runner, as in straight up killer/ hitter)
Take Down, Tactical View

Brains (Science/ Computer Types)
I know. I can make something

Corporate (The man, lawyer, plans, corporate/ organizational power )
I can make a few calls (corporate), I can authorize that

Doc (Medical)
Bandages can fix bullet holes, Science in the lab.

Face (Con Man/ Social Fixer)
Trust Me. This is your idea.

Gato (cat burglar, intrusion, theft)
Entrance Finding Value

Ganger (street violence, connections, etc)
Call on The Street (get people), Dodge the Blue Line

Glitterati (Medias, Performers, and Famous)
Crowd of Admirers, Get my way

Investigator/ Cop
Gumshoe (detective work), Work the Street (find information talking to people and doing research)

Jock (Pilot/ Driver/ Rigger)
I am one with the machine and the machine is one with me. Jury Rig

Call on the Tribe. Pathfinding.

Third Man (Fixer/ Arranger)
I know someone (make a few calls but wider). I know where I can get that.

Wrangler (Handles Drones, Robots, and Remotes)
Jury Rig (drone). Hyperreality rules (driving drones and doing odd things).

Wrench (tech and hard tech)
I can make something. Jury Rig.
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PbtA is short for Powered by the Apocalypse, that is, a game based on system from Apocalypse World by Vincent Baker.
A hack is a game based on another game's system.
Cyberpunk is cyberpunk. :)
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