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Cyberpunk + Magic

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Shadowrun is one take on a cyberpunk world to which magic has returned and in which everyone knows magic exists.

I'd like to hear your ideas for different takes on such worlds.

Bonus points if your setting allows for PC operative types who use magic.

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while it centers around the Aeon War, you easily run a CP campaign inside an arcology.
Through the magic is more of the ritualistic kind rather then fireball slinging kind.
And you do get psych-powers.


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In Torg, several different realities have invaded "core" Earth. One of them is the Cyberpapacy, which is sort of like Shadowrun if you replace the corps with a medieval Catholic Church. Magic and miracles are possible in the Cyberpapacy, though magic is outlawed as heretical and a tool of Satan. Thus it is mainly used by members of the Resistance (i.e. Cyberpapacy PCs) and bad guys unaffiliated with the Cyberchurch.

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Cyberpunk 2020 I think had a range of books (Night's Edge?) that involved vampires and other horror themes.

The Dark Future spin off novels mashed horror and cyberpunk.

Interface Zero has rules for psionics... which is just magic in a lab coat.
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