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Cyberpunk + Magic

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Assembly-line magic items is a neat take. Does it get into branding?
A bit. There are a handful of corporations discussed and there are shops that specialize in a single spell for services. "Rasputin's Cafe" I think is one that casts the "Monk's Feast (?)" spell for people for an example. Monk's Feast I think satisfies hunger without food.

They also have fun things like how demon summoning is a violation of immigration laws and application of the Zombie spell means that certain states have "death plus hard labor" as punishments.


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Do I need to point out that SR has Tolkien races? Humans just start having elf and dwarf babies who naturally can speak dead forgotten languages, kids going through puberty grow tusks or horns.
You're right, of course!

Not the "naturally speak dead languages" part, but otherwise, yeah those races were a different thing (not quite "Tolkien" races given the ork/troll schtick, but close). Even some adults went through "goblinization".

I mean, technically they're all H.sapiens (with a suite of magically-sensitive genes); but there's a /LOT/ of variations there that don't occur (at least, not commonly) in a Deadlands setting (Although I observe that DL is strictly a Wild West setting, and if you opened the entire globe to the same sort of "realitization" of fantastical / folkloric tropes, you might well end up with elves and trolls and what-not... I think a fair number of folk cross-pollinate between baseline Deadlands & baseline Castle Falkenstein).

I completely overlooked the "racial" thing because... It kinda doesn't matter, y'know? It's not like H. sapiens ingentis (SR Trolls) are /enough/ tougher than baseline humans that they're gonna last any longer if they try to go mano-a-macho with any of the BigBads of either setting... All the SR races remain all-too-mortal flesh&blood... all too human, in the end.


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I have always done urban fantasy happening in the background. So in some chronicles, it would be a partial merge, such as a spy chronicle that would occasionally bump into the supernatural. It could fo full merge, such as Bureau 13/ Stalking the Night Fantastic. I have done hidden urban fantasy in dozens of different ways (including super heroes, science fiction on a space station, and a historical fantasy (okay it was loosely historical Elizabethan.))

I am a cyberpunk fan. I liked the genre before I realized it was a book genre. I liked Mekton, so I loved CP2013. I didn't like Shadowrun because in my opinion, it was D&D with a variant equipment and spell list (or at least how it was played early on.) I have come to appreciate SR, but still not my favorite.

Thus I had some urban fantasy happening in the background of a more classic cyberpunk chronicles: Psionics in the Logan's Run book world or Vampires in a CP game comes to mind.

Most recently, I went a little gonzo in a biotech driven cyberpunk game that had urban fantasy merged. It was part writing challenge that helped generate something more unique. It is still hidden urban fantasy, but it is more cloaked than hidden.

Urban Fantasy gets hard in cyberpunk or near futures, as the increase of information collection makes secret hard to keep. It is harder to hide in the shadows, especially as credit cards and identities are more monitored. Yet it comes out to "How does it get discovered" and "Do people have a response?"


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Cryptomancer's kind of a reverse Shadowrun: a fantasy game with a mystical internet and infosec issues.



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With last week's release of the Android (cyberpunk) setting book for the Genesys RPG, coupled with their existing Terrinoth fantasy setting book (plus the core rulebook, of course), I believe that'd do the trick. It'd just be a matter of building your own setting for it all to live in, or simply portaging the fantasy 'rules' from the Terrinoth book into the Android setting.
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