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[D&D 5e] Terry Herc Tomes seeking freelance writers

Terry Herc

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Terry Herc Tomes is seeking freelance writers for a number of upcoming RPG projects. We are looking for reliable, experienced candidates that can deliver on deadlines and produce great content using the D&D 5e OGL ruleset.

We have a need for writers that can produce adventures, lore, statblocks, spells, magic items, and more. Currently we are seeking writers that can produce humorous and light-hearted content.

All payments are made on delivery and all rights are purchased by Terry Herc Tomes. Payment rates are determined for each project individually, with a minimum payment rate for new writers at $0.01 USD per word. Rates for proven, established writers vary from $0.02 to $0.04 USD per word. Content like statblocks that are not easily measured by word count are paid as a flat rate. All content must be playtested and edited to adhere to the 5e style guide, which is available for review here.

Interested freelancers should contact Terry by email at terryherctomes@gmail.com. In your email, please provide a writing or game design sample that shows your style and commitment to quality.

Thank you!
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