IC [D&D 5E] Vault of Larin Karr


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Gilgoli leaves the hobgoblins’ meager possessions where they are and follows the group to the keep. He ducks into the undergrowth at the edge of the tree line and keeps a watch on the keep.

OOC: Stealth: 1d20+8 20

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Once Galibain reached her Mastema drew both her blades and began moving carefully towards the gate along the base of the wall; figuring any watchful eyes would be focused further out rather than at the base of the wall....

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Galibain and Gilgoli both reach the wall without alerting the hobgoblins, as far as they can tell. As they make their way over to keep, darkness continues to fall, and by the time they can touch the rough stone it's nearly as dark as it's going to get; the sun sets quickly in these lands.


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Canthos, under the cover of darkness, heads out towards the middle of the left wall, 100 ft away from sentry towers in both corners, watching for any patrolling hobgoblins or traps they might have laid out. He transfers the Hex he holds onto the bottom-left corner sentry and then scans the wall for other threats.

OOC: The hobgoblins should be blinded to Canthos since their darkvision only extends out to 60 ft, but I'll be cautious and keep to 100 ft in case there's not total darkness. Conversely, his Devil's Sight should be good to out to 120 ft. The Hex gives the sentry on the tower disadvantage on any WIS checks.
Perception: 1d20+4 15
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