(D&D) Prefered game world.

Which Gameworld do you like best?

  • Forgotten Realm

    Votes: 39 11.5%
  • Eberon

    Votes: 84 24.8%
  • Greyhawk

    Votes: 42 12.4%
  • Dragonlance

    Votes: 22 6.5%
  • Kalamar

    Votes: 8 2.4%
  • Planescape

    Votes: 72 21.2%
  • Mystara

    Votes: 32 9.4%
  • None I homebrew my game.

    Votes: 74 21.8%
  • A setting you haven't listed you bonehead

    Votes: 86 25.4%

  • Total voters


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A setting you haven't listed: Spelljammer.

After that would probably be ANOTHER you haven't listed, Dark Sun.

Then either Mystara or Eberron, followed by whichever one didn't come third.

1. Spelljammer
2. Dark Sun
3. Mystara
4. Eberron
5. Dragonlance
6. Ravenloft
7. Forgotten Realms
8. Greyhawk
9. Planescrap... er, Planescape ;)

I'm assuming your poll is for TSR/WotC-published worlds only.


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Or as I like to call it, Star Wars... ON LAAAAAAAAAANNNNDDDD!!!




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with my vote homebrew takes the lead!

though from published settings a like planescape, Explore the afterlife!


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I'd have to say Forgotten Realms. To be honest, though, I've been running campaigns there so long (since the original grey box campaign setting with 1st Ed. rules came out) that the Realms I run bears increasingly little resemblance to the official material.

Most of the published bigwigs (like the Simbul) are very dead. There have been two big wars, one of which destroyed Sundabar and hamstrung Waterdeep, the other reduced Cormyr to a few squabbling city-states. A nasty bit of unpleasantness with Vecna screwed up Toril's connection to the astral, making teleportation and long-range magical communication impossible. Magic is about 10% as prevalent as it is in published stuff. The vast majority of events published since about FR8 (in 2nd Ed.) haven't happened, from the attack of the Horde to the cleansing of Hellgate Keep (I have plans) to the founding of the bardic college in Waterdeep (one group of retired PCs owns one of the villas supposedly razed to make room for it).

All in all, I guess it's best to say FR is my favorite map and historical background material. :)


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Of those listed? Mystara, hands down.

I do love me some Ravenloft and Dark Sun, though, and the Iron Kingdoms setting makes me ridiculously happy.


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Re: (D&D) Prefered game worl.

I generally homebrew, but Eberron is awesome and is my next choice.
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