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[D&D] Stat the Housecat of Doooooom!

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I've heard the D&Dism that "a first level character is no match for an ordinary housecat".

So, with all the existing races and templates and whatnot, can someone stat up for me an intelligent housecat that would be a viable PC?

Tibbles the Wonder Cat, Freelance Familiar! :D

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Actually, cats can do d4 damage... Also, IF I remember correctly there was a 3rd party book... Wait, I should have it. Ah yes! Master of Arms, didn't do all that well, but it had the Alpha animal package, for yes, animals so I figure tack that on, and you'd have the Killer Housecat of DOOOOOOOOM(tm).


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Cats do 1d2 damage with their claws and 1d3 with their bite, with a -4 penalty for strength, so they do 1 damage with each. On the other hand, they have +4 to hit with two claws and -1 to hit with bite on a full attack action. (They have Weapon Finesse, so strength doesn't penalize their hit rolls.) They have 1/2 d8 Hit Dice (2 hp), so they're about the same as mages in that regard. They have 30 foot movement, but are Tiny and thus have to be in the target's square to attack someone. They have Hide +14, meaning that most people cannot detect them if they take 10 on their hide checks.

Cats would be tougher if you added Toughness (more than doubles their base hitpoints), Multiattack (increases the bite attack roll), and the Tumble skill (or Dodge/Mobility/Spring Attack if you're adding a lot of feats somehow.) If you're getting really ridiculous, levels of Rogue or especially Ninja would let them sneak attack and overcome their low base damage.


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damion4242 said:
But they get a +6 with Death From Above!
You Dominic Deegan's fan!

Thanks to the 1 point "ping damage" rule, household cats are a credible threat with their 2 1d2-4 and 1 1d3-4 attacks against a 1st level Commoner (4 HP) who only has 30% chance of hitting it versus the cat's 70% (assuming Commoners are unarmoured at home).

Actually, the Death from Above tactic is a valid attack on the cat's part, since it will deal damage as an object between 6 and 10 pounds. Jumping 70 feet will deal 1d6, and 140 feet will deal 2d6, having a good chance of killing the Commoner. It will, however, prove lethal for the Cat.

A viable Cat PC should have at least 8 Int, and the best way for this is to become a familiar. It'll raise its Int to 6, a good base. He'll have to find a 9th level Druid accepting to cast Awaken on him (after having been dismissed by its owner, probably by killing him in duel) to get 3d6 Int, 1d3 Cha and 2 HD (8 HP).

The average Awakened ex-familiar Cat will have the following stat block :

2 HD (d8) 10 HP
Str 3, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 17, Wis 12, Cha 9
BAB +6 (2 claws) +1 (bite) causing 1 damage point at most
Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +3
Skills: Balance +10, Climb +6, Hide +16*, Jump +10,
Listen +3, Move Silently +8, Spot +3

As a second level character, he could reasonably be playable. If allowed to take character classes, he should definitely avoid magic (despite high intelligence) because of the lack of ability for somatic (paws), vocal (speech) and material (too little strength for carrying components). He'll however be a decent rogue, with his Weapon Finesse and Stealth Feats. High Int will be a boon for talent, and getting sneack attacks will negate the problem of a very low base damage. Successful Jump checks will allow the cat to reach vitals to deal critical and sneak attack damage.

Of course, such a cat should also benefit from being not a normal cat, but one of a bloodline variant rule. The devil major bloodline would complement well its progression in the rogue profession, as well as the fire elemental one. Such a powerful ancestry could allow the common cat to break the familarity link long enough to kill its master, and start looking for an awakener. Or it could beguile a druid to awaken him directly, for a 13 average int score (boo).

I don't know what I would do if a player presented a character concept like this: "my character is Blackie the cat. He's the son of Ink, a lovely household cat, and the archdevil Mammon. In his sexied frenzy, his father left poor Inkie pregnant, and some month later, Blackie was born. His owner, a fledgling young adept, made the mistake of trying to get him into being his familiar, which resulted in Blackie getting all the benefits of it, without actually being linked, since his loyalty to the lower planes is unbreakable... He quickly put his newfound intelligence to kill his owner and bring his carcass, proudly, to his mother. Soon, he left home trying to expand his powers, and recently got what he wanted... Tricking a druid into thinking he was a familiar whose master was endangered, he got him to cast awaken on him to hear the full story... Only to have Blackie disappear and flee with his newfound powers. Blackie is now trying to reach a town and be accepted in the thief guilds, where his talents as a spy could be put to use". Note that the Disciple of Mammon PrC, from the book of vile darkness, could very well complement our devil-blooded, awakened, ex-familiar household cat.
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