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[D&D5e: Ravnica]Social tests table based on guild, alignment and renown


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Hi lovely people,

I'm prepping for an upcoming Ravnica campaign in D&D, trying to think of ways to solve any mechanics issues I had with my last campaign, or cool new ideas. Perusing the Zweihander book I came across the social intrigue table. I tried to copy it to work with D&D and in particular Ravnica, so using the Renown (guild rank), alignment and guild colour (the colours of magic that make up the guilds) as the variables.

Basically, I want to emulate having better rapport and social results with NPCs of the same or similar guild, as well as if they are a higher rank in their own guild. A rakdos goblin may not respect a Boros Minotaur but if he is a commander it would give him more of an edge at least. Likewise a Golgari agent could have more sway with a Selesnyian Druid by leaning on their shared beliefs - the green aspect.

Here's the table I made in link form because I couldn't post it as an image for some reason: Table

The numbers represent the bonuses or negatives for each roll to make a social test on that NPC.

Any suggestions for improvement or alterations would be great. Do the numbers seem okay? This would be on top of the usual DC for the test too.
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