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d20 « Traits » for DtAS, help for mechanics and feel


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This isn't new, or particularly « inovative », but I would very much appreciate your input.

This is using a d20-type framework (the D&D approach). The basic idea is to not have ability scores. The numbers depend on class, background and such. However, to offer differentiation and characterization, I'd like to use descriptors (traits) that correspond to advantages or disadvantages a character might have. Some examples include :

advantageous : Impressive Intellect, Very Strong, Highly Perceptive, Unwavering Faith, Nimble, Dextrous, Charming, etc
disadvantageous : Slow Learner, Poor Memory, Fragile Health, Blunt, Ponderous, Oblivious, etc.

The basic idea is to have these traits provide a passive modifier/buff and an active one with the following principles in mind :
- the trait should offer a real advantage when it's applicable over someone who doesn't have it, especially when it comes to reliability
- the active advantage should be significant and offer the possibility of a result not attainable from someone who doesn't have the trait, but it should have strong limitations

Current idea :
passive : you can reroll your check if you roll a 1 through 5
active : you can roll twice (as per 5e Advantage), as well as add a 1d6 to the result
cost for active : a reduction in max hp

I toyed with the idea of adding +1d6 as a passive and offering 1k3d6 as active, but that feels a bit weird since 3d6 has a very good change of +4-6, so maybe it should just be a straight +5 and avoid the extra rolling ? Also, the active doesn't offer anything better than the passive, just a better chance at the significant bonus... which I'm torn on.

Also, as to the cost, the traditional « you can use this X times before doing Y recharge thing » would be simple (and has proven itself to be player acceptable).

It could be that a simple « Passive+1d6, Active+1k3d6, Can be used twice before rest » would work best, but it kind of feels... flat. idk

Examples from my notes :
• passif : +1d6, actif : +1k3d6
• passif : reroll (once) 1-5, actif : roll twice (5e Advantage)
• passif : reroll (once) 1-5, actif : +1k3d6
• passif : reroll (once) 1-5, actif : roll twice (5e Advantage) +1d6
Coûts : -5 max hp, limited # of uses, save or penalty, other...
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