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Ok, so the d24 exists.

What, exactly, is it used for? I know it generates random numbers between 1 and 24, but what game system uses such a mechanic?

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The d24 exists to fill the d24-shaped hole in the hearts of certain members of the dice-obsessed subsection of the gaming population.

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According the the Chessex guy at Gen Con, the d34 is used in the Danish lottery.

As for the d24, from what I understand, someone made it just to do it.


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I haven't seen any systems using one, so mine is currently going to waste. I'd much prefer to see someone start producing a d18.

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I have one. I use it, occasionally, to create a random time of day, by rolling the d24 for hours, a d6 for tens of minutes and a d10 for invidual minutes.

In other words: it is pretty much useless :D


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15 years ago I started working on WARPS (Whutaguys assinine Role Playing System) and designed the d24 for character generation. 4d24 results in 04-96, averaging 50. which was far superior to d%.

I receive no credit for the current production models, but it is the same as I designed. Great minds think alike and apparently so do lesser models.


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There is a possibility I might use it for my World of Ro RPG but that still up for debate.



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AD&D has d24 tables on pages 41, 42, and 111 of the Players Handbook, and on pages 101 and 137 of the Dungeon Masters Guide.

If Gygax made a table that can use it, clearly the die needs to exist. 'nuff said.

EDIT TO ADD: Also, pages 100 and 168 of the DMG.
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