Date Teen - The game of teenage angst


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Introducing the d18 system. That's pronounced, "Date Teen". I have a clever name. See below for the clever mechanic.

See, teens aren't really kids. They aren't really adults either. They're in this sort of in-between state, bouncing from one to the other.

So, the gist of the system is that the primary attribute that all characters have is their age. If you're trying to do adultish type things, roll below your age on a d18. If you're trying to do childish type things, roll above your age on a d18. Difficulties or whatever can modify that effective age of the character, making things easier or harder.

Oh, and the more you do adultish things, the more you build up childish points. And the more you do childish things, the more you build up adultish points. So, if you've been acting too grown up too much lately, at some point, you're gonna burst out and do something childish or vice versca.

And that's all I've got. Not very concrete, and maybe kind of a crap idea. I dunno.

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You could use a d20 but say 19 and 20 are off limits to teenagers.
Unless they find a good way to sneak it in?

To the OP, I like the initial idea, I like the gimmick, I'm not entirely sure I would know what to do with it. Maybe something like Monsterhearts but with more comedy and fewer vampires?


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Agree with Doctor on this. Interesting gimmick, but what are you going to do with it? Maybe you could put it into some sort of Anime/Manga type game. Lots of those are all about teenagers and teen age things, I'm thinking Food Wars.

But, not sure such a game would have depth to it or develop much more than a passing interest.


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My suggestion, use a D20. And don't make the stat "Age", make the stat "Maturity".
Technically 19 years old is still a teen.
Any time a player rolls a natural 1, they get a Chip (on their shoulder), plus the normal effects of passing or failing a roll. Players can spend a Chip to change a die roll to "1" automatically succeed on a 'Childish' roll, but there will be consequences to their action - usually this should be a delayed consequence (Someone secretly sees them do it, and they get called out on it later - they leave footprints behind that get can lead to suspicion - they get grounded - an NPC that's with them decides that maybe they aren't a good person to have as a friend and doesn't want to hang out anymore, etc.)
Any time a player rolls a natural 20 their Maturity goes up by one - Unless they have a Chip when they make that roll, then they either lose all their Chips or they can spend a Chip to change this roll to a 1 and deal with the results (and keep any other Chips they might have built up).

Characters can start with any Maturity ranging from 11 to 16 (10+1d6 to randomly generate characters, or just pick one) and an Age from 13-6.
Age doesn't do much of anything, except if the game goes long enough that someone has a birthday and their Age goes up then their Maturity goes up by 1 (whether they like it or not)


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I'm thinking that there should probably be more than one stat too. Maybe:
Physical - doing physical stuff. Roll low for strength stuff, high for squirming, hiding, squeezing into small spaces...
Mental - thinking stuff. Low for adult type thinking - analytical, logic, math, reading, etc. High for childlike thinking - creative, intuitive, etc.
Emotional - Mostly social stuff. Low rolls good for dealing with adults, high for dealing w/ kids.
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