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IC Dayton Files (Capture the Macguffin)


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TREVOR [Stress: 4+3/6]

Well that backfired. Trevor thought. Though at least I'm now 90% certain that this is actually Krissa. He was still looking at the face of a kobold however. Well... maybe 81%.

"So you want me to get you out of the trouble you're in without lifting a finger?" Trevor shook his head. "You do realize going to be in my debt one way or another. If you insist on playing both sides against the other until you find out who wins, you're just going to have a bigger hole to climb out of."

Trevor knew a soon as he made his pitch that it wouldn't have any affect on the shapeshifter. She didn't seem the type to commit to a side... she was only out for herself.

The ARC Operative turned away from the door and spoke into his earpiece. "I need an ETA on that tactical team." He said, knowing full well that one wasn't on the way but hoping Gabby took the hint and got one mobilized. "And patch me through to the Major." He's the only one close enough to help... let's hope the old coot has some gear stored away for an outsider apocalypse.

Charm: 4#1dF 0 -1 -1 -1 I'm at 7 stress, so that will trigger a consequence... not sure what would be appropriate.


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The squirrels pause and squeak at one another. They seem confused. It would be cute if they weren't working for an evil rodent despot on a mission to poison someone. Their beady eyes fix Jaala for a second as if trying to make a decision.

Behind her Jaala hears someone say a few yards over (blocked by view by bushes), "God damn robocalls." A door slams.

OOC: I think Trevor told Jaala, that the squirrel's plan is to poison the kobold by having a fentanyl coated rat attack him.
The squirrels are pretty stupid and can't speak English. Lord Furry Pants can only give them a rudimentary understanding of the language. But if you want to ditch the rest of your stress, they can decided that you're close enough to their target, i.e. a person at this house. This spares Krissa and could very well end up getting you dosed with fentanyl.

Gabby says, "Okay, I'm getting people mobilized, but it's going to take them some time to gear up and get moving. The best I can do on short notice is uh, I think I can Jonesy and Hall there in like fifteen minutes? Ten if the lights and traffic favors them. Ringing the Major's land line."

As the phone starts to ring, a beat up civic with a door dash topper on top pulls into the driveway. The driver gets the door open and starts to climb out food in hand when he stops and looks between Trevor and Krissa disguised as the Kobold. Trevor recognizes that face and the guy recognizes him from their fight yesterday.

He looks at Trevor and then at who he thinks is the Kobold and then smiles viciously. Trevor hears three voices at once.

The Goblins says, "So you're working with Sierk? The boss is going to love this."

Krissa says, "I'll get the Hawk out of here. You take care of him." And then closes the door.

And a gruff voice on the earpiece says, "Who is this?"

OOC: This was just going to be a random goblin, but for three stress it's the one with a vendetta against you.

For another three stress, he'll have the forethought to signal the rest of his crew one street over before attacking you. Otherwise, he's going to go right for you.
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