[DCU] DCUniverse (any) Inconsequential Slice-of-Life Headcanon (nods to That Other Guy)


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Well, there's a thread for Marvel SoL Headcanon, so might as well do one for the various DCUniverses.

-(Non-New52) When it's Superman's turn to make dinner, he sometimes spends hours making a meal using no superpowers whatsoever, just to make it that much more special for Lois.

-Bruce Wayne has a few precious hobbies when he's not fighting crime. One of them is watching Anime. Naturally, he watches it in the original Japanese, no subtitles.

-Wonder Woman loves authentic Greek cuisine, and goes out of her way to visit her favorite restaurants whenever possible.

-If the Joker has one redeeming quality, it's his love of classic comedy movies like Charlie Chaplin, the Marx Brothers and Abbot and Costello. He once took a few celebrities hostages, but released them when he recognized John Turturro and said he adored Brain Donors, which reminded him of the Marx Brothers.

-Lex Luthor is completely tone depth, and he knows it. Yet absolutely refuses to admit it, and just says he doesn't like singing out of pride.

-Oracle has been a dedicated WoW player since Vanilla.


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I'll join in the fun...

-Kara Zor-El is using Earth Pop-Culture to educate herself on her new home. Much to the chagrin of everyone around her, she has only gotten up to the 1960s, causing her to use "groovy" with no irony, and not referencing Bruce Campbell... as well as many other eye-rolling social faux pas.

-Kyle Rayner spends a lot of time designing new costumes for all of his superhero friends in his personal sketchbooks.

-Superman often takes time out of his busy day to pose for photos with tourists. Batman, in comparison, loves to photobomb.

-Captain Marvel hates it when people call him Shazam. Seriously. He f***ing hates it.

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Kyle Rayner got refused by DC Comics. He wanted to draw the official, licensed Green Lantern comic. He loves telling this anecdote to Hal whenever he can.

Jimmy Olsen is really tired of people asking him for upskirt photos of Supergirl. 1), he won't do them, 2) he won't do them, 3) he once got one by mistake, and burned the negatives before they could ever be developed, and 4) he won't do them.

Superman and Tim Drake has roughly the same taste in music (...this is actually pre-Nu52 canon).

(Non-Nu52) When Tim Drake went into the future and saw the dark Batman version of himself, he was never informed of the fact that at that point in time (barely 10 years into his future) he had slept with every female superhero on the planet. And half the male. In the Legion era, his statue is still visited by the few surviving heroes and heroines from that time, who sigh wistfully and exchange knowing glances.

Jaime Reyes once had his Beetle calculate the odds of George Lucas ever making a good movie again. It lost count somewhere in the googolplex area.


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Beast Boy gets fleas far more easily than he should. He's embarrassed that he didn't figure out the 'Turn into a flea so they don't fit on you anymore' trick until Robin suggested it.

Amanda Waller is alt-universe version of Wilson Fisk.

Deadshot used to work a suicide prevention hotline in his teenage years.

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-raises glass in acknowledgement of nod-

- Once Bruce invited members of the Justice League and their in-the-know families to stay for the whole Thanksgiving weekend at the Manor. There was a very tense 'discussion' between Ma Kent and Alfred about who would be doing the Thanksgiving dinner itself.

- Clark Kent will happily have gravy with any meal, no matter how seemingly disgusting.

- Cassandra Cain finds making paper clip chains very soothing

- Sportsmaster hates sports bars

- Barry Allen's coffee is mostly cream and sugar - he actually doesn't like coffee at all, but every one at the precinct drinks it, so...
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Isn't Tim noted to be a Ramones fan somewhere or other?

There's an old issue of Young Justice where Tim and Supes discuss many things, including music. Tim likes punk of all eras, and speed metal. Superman likes things like Metallica (favorite album "And Justice For All").
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