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Death and the Powers: Transhuman Opera?

Mike Taylor

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Death and the Powers: A Robot Pageant is a new opera by composer Tod Machover currently under development at the MIT Media Lab, in collaboration with the American Repertory Theater. It is a one-act, full evening work that tells the story of Simon Powers, a successful and powerful businessman and inventor, who wants to go beyond the bounds of humanity. Reaching the end of his life, Powers faces the question of his legacy: “When I die, what remains? What will I leave behind? What can I control? What can I perpetuate?” He is now conducting the last experiment of his life, passing from one form of existence to another in an effort to project himself into the future. Whether or not he is actually alive is a question. Simon Powers is himself now a System. His family, friends and associates must decide what this means, how it affects them, and whether to follow.
I've only just encountered this and thought it a fascinating choice to pursue in an operatic format. The extensive use of robotics is pretty cool as well. I was wondering if anybody else has heard about this and just what your thoughts might be.
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