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OOC Deathwatch - The Righteous Few

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Regarding Shrike 2 getting shot, I'm not sure what the pen on the rounds being used was but assuming it cleared out the natural armor a Tyranid Warrior's Toughness is 10. This would make 27 - 10 = 17, putting it at -5. It needs to take a toughness test or lose the arm rather than being outright killed. At this stage that's not a massive difference but just to be clear that Tyranid Warriors have a pretty substantial base toughness. Arm Test: 1d100 47 It does not lose the arm entirely but again, not a huge deal in the long run.
Sorry, I was using the same ammo as the previous shot. It's hellfire so it does clear out natural armor, and the pen is 4. So it goes down to -9, not -5. Maybe.

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Great! I'll ping everyone JMPayneJ JMPayneJ Aliexster Aliexster Wonderwill Wonderwill Cale Knight Cale Knight P Potted Plant

The main thrust of the assault has basically died out. Hjalmar was able to speed up the descent of the armored door and Luca broke away clean.

the fight is basically over, let's not drag it out.

Everyone give me a short narrative about these final moments, involving putting whatever punishment you want on the Shrikes, clearing out the Gargoyles that got in with you, cool quips you want to use, etc.
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