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Turmoil and strife.

The galaxy was beset by both, and no less so in the Jericho Reach. The strength of the Imperium wavered. Across a thousand worlds, armies fought and bled and died in the Emperor’s name, against foes uncounted. The implacable march of time was grinding the once grand civilization of mankind to dust. Malignant demons and gibbering xenos alike caused terror and destruction on a massive scale, while hidden cells of malcontents ate at the heart of the Imperium like a cancer. The galaxy had been split in twain by the horrors of the Warp, and the beacon of the Astronomicon grew dim. Hope was a forgotten notion, cast aside with all the other casualties on the galactic pyre.

The Jericho Reach was beleaguered. Decades had become centuries for the crusaders, and Achilus’ dream of steady conquest had become a bloodbath of epic proportions. Visions of glorious triumph had been forgotten after the years had worn on. The Imperial war machine had become clogged with the mud, blood, and slaughter of innumerable battlefields.

Even as the galaxy changed with Roboute Guilliman’s return, the Jericho Reach was still locked in bitter struggle. The warp gate’s strategic value as one of the few remaining methods of safe travel in the Imperium had brought in fresh reinforcements from all sides. A desperate fervor ran through the fighting in the Jericho Reach and the violence reached levels yet unseen.

The Deathwatch carried on.

The Vigil had never ceased, not through darkness or desolation. That the Jericho Reach was still a viable warfront and that any semblance of Imperial power still existed in the region was due to their efforts. Watch Fortress Erioch had long been the center of that strength, coordinating the efforts of the Deathwatch across the region. Yet now it had a sister installation – Watch Fortress Sargossa – to help share that load.

A gift from ancient times revealed by the Omega Vault, Watch Fortress Sargossa was an enormous facility. Mighty defensive batteries and ominous towers that gleamed like shards of obsidian dotted the barren moonscape above the planet Sargossa. Hidden behind the Shroud, the system had laid in pristine condition, waiting for its time to serve.

That time had arrived.

Watch Commander Amael had called, and many had answered. Tithed from across the Space Marine Chapters, the finest of the Emperor’s warriors strode the halls of Sargossa. New Kill Teams were being formed to combat the growing threats faced in the Jericho Reach. They prepared for those coming conflicts tirelessly – live fire training in the bioreplicator domes, fasting and prayer beneath Kepharion’s standard, studying the declassified texts of wizened scholars – and learning to be ready for anything. The foul creatures infesting the Jericho Reach would test them in body, mind, and spirit.

They would have to rise to the challenge.



Watch Commander Amael and Watch Captain Cosano stood at the far end of the room speaking in hushed tones. The Ramparts was the mission control center of Watch Fortress Sargossa, dominated by dozens of cogitators and viewscreens showing the latest intel on multiple battlefronts across the sector. The center of the space was an enormous holographic projector which could render entire continents in minute detail, its pale green illumination bathing everything in an eerie light. Behind Amael and Cosano were massive stained glass fixtures; the emerald jewel of the planet Sargossa spun in serene silence just beyond.

The vaulted ceilings above were dominated by twin statues of the Brothers Vigilant. Two massive statues easily over 20 meters tall, carved from the stone of Sargossa’s vast mountain ranges, eternally stood clasping hands with one another. Their right arms stretched across the room from either side, their faces locked with one another bearing stoic smiles of grim determination. Their left arms were dressed in the heraldry of the Deathwatch while the right shoulder pads bore unique heraldry unknown to any existing Chapter, but instead representative of all the Emperor’s chosen – images of Terra itself crowned by the Imperial Eagle and surrounded by a wreath. Even though the statues were not named in any of the Fortress’ records, the Kill Teams stationed at Sargossa have taken to calling them Apollo and Arnolo, and a common pastime was recounting the various exploits of these two warriors. The realism of these tales – as well as the number of bawdy songs and rude jokes – varied greatly depending on the teller.

The heroes entered the chamber and made their way to the other side of the holographic chamber and were recognized by Cosano as Amael stood silent. “Greetings, brothers – welcome to the Ramparts,” the White Scar said, a slight smile at the edge of his mouth.

OOC: Your marines have been training at Sargossa for a few months now and are about to set out on your first mission. When you post, address these questions below as part of an introduction to your character before we jump to the ‘present’ of the mission briefing.

1. What caused you to gain the recognition of your Chapter to be considered for the Deathwatch?

2. In the consideration/confirmation process, what was one unique thing that happened? (Keep in mind that Marines are checked over by an Apothecary, Chaplain, and Captain, before final recommendation by the Chapter Master. Or it could have been initiated by the Deathwatch instead due to need/etc.)

3. When you arrived at Fortress Sargossa, what was the most significant moment of the initiation rites that you underwent? (Prophetic vision? Dark omen? A test that you almost failed? A deadly mishap that you circumvented?)

4. In the first few months of being at Fortress Sargossa, what was something you and one other Brother Marine bonded over? (this could be during the initiation rites, religious observances, squad training exercises, etc.)

5. In that same time period, what was something you and one other Brother Marine clashed over? (must be a different Marine than from #6)
6. How long do you expect to be in the Deathwatch?

7. What are you hoping to get out of your service with the Deathwatch?
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Borian Wound: 20 Fate: 3/3 Insanity: 0 Corrupt: 0
Apothecary - Dark Angels

Borian entered the room and strode toward the far side to join his commanders. His steps carrying the air of experience as if he had made the same walk into this same room countless times for countless missions. Indeed his steps belied the reality of the situation. This would be his first such meeting as a member of the Deathwatch. In many ways he felt like a space marine for the first time and he reveled in the knowledge that new challenges and new glory awaited him.

Clad in freshly painted black Mk6 Armor. The left pauldron still felt slightly out of place in its new Deathwatch design. His cannibalized mk7 plastron had been meticulously painted with silver and gold highlights to accent and add depth to skull and wings leaving it's appearance now strikingly 'alive'. The right pauldron now repainted to bear the combination a Red Prime Helix over White Wings on Black background. Tattered and torn, slung around him as if hanging precariously by a few threads is a stained, discolored cloak. Rarely seen with the robe pulled back from his helmet, in darkness, all one might see of his visage is the lights of the Diagnostor over his left eye and the dim outline of his distinctly Corvus face-plate.

A sacred duty. This was how Borian carried the burden of the Prime Helix.
"Pain and death are illusions of the weak mind. While his gene-seed returns to the Chapter, a battle-brother cannot die. Without death, pain loses its relevance.
He that may still fight, heal.
He that may fight no more, give him peace.
He that is dead, take from him the Chapter's due."
Borian's execution of this duty was flawless. Never showing hesitation to do what must be done even if 'what must be done' is wade into hordes of pure evil for the sake of collecting the Chapter's Due. Even early in his career it was easy to see how his reputation and respect grew among his battle brothers. When the Deathwatch sent out feelers to the Chapters looking for more Apothecaries to fill out their number Borian was one of the first recommended and first to accept the honor. Now, having mastered the genetic inheritance training for virtually every chapter in the watch, he was prepared to once again wade into enemies known and unknown for the Glory of the Emperor.

It had been quite a while since arriving at Watch Fortress Saragossa. The amount of training necessary to care for the gene seeds of chapter after chapter meant that, by necessity, Borian had been one of the first to step foot on Sargossa outside the command staff and other core personnel. He had heard the commotion and celebration with the arrival of Tiberius. The two marines met soon after and their analytical nature has made them easy company during their time here. Borian was also present for the boisterous arrival of Wulfgrim and Roald. Grand Master Belial's quote "Fenris breeds heroes like a bar breeds drunks - loud, proud and spoiling for a fight." stuck out to him immediately but he did not seek out or otherwise cross path's with the pair of space wolves during his time in study. Still, Borian couldnt help but wonder how long until one of these two dares to repeat the mistakes of his most famous duel with Bulveye Blackmane (the Reckless if you're a Dark Angel).

Now that all the preparation is done, all the pieces assembled, he stands ready to serve the Deathwatch til death, the chapter calling, or loss of the favor of the Emperor. For Glory, For Chapter, For the Deathwatch, and For the Emperor!

"Greetings brother Commander. I stand ready to chase the shadows through the dark places of the galaxy."

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Just shouting out to @Cale Knight, @TigerWolfe, & @Donan.

You guys may want to look at this block for info specific to references of your characters.
It had been quite a while since arriving at Watch Fortress Saragossa. The amount of training necessary to care for the gene seeds of chapter after chapter meant that, by necessity, Borian had been one of the first to step foot on Sargossa outside the command staff and other core personnel. He had heard the commotion and celebration with the arrival of Tiberius. The two marines met soon after and their analytical nature has made them easy company during their time here. Borian was also present for the boisterous arrival of Wulfgrim and Roald. Grand Master Belial's quote "Fenris breeds heroes like a bar breeds drunks - loud, proud and spoiling for a fight." stuck out to him immediately but he did not seek out or otherwise cross path's with the pair of space wolves during his time in study. Still, Borian couldnt help but wonder how long until one of these two dares to repeat the mistakes of his most famous duel with Bulveye Blackmane (the Reckless if you're a Dark Angel).
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Roald: Wound: 19 Fate: 3/3 Insanity: 0 Corrupt: 0
Assault Marine - Space Wolf

Roald padded in, giving a stretch as he did and shaking off the lingering effects of ale he'd partaken in the night prior to this briefing. Though he'd never admit it to anyone except perhaps Wulfgrin, the disconnect and uncertainly around Fenris gnawed at him and when off duty, well, he found no true shame in finding distractions from the lack of information of the only place he truly considered home.

"Angel." He grunted at Borian with a hint of insolence, but no real hostility in the greeting. "I thought there was a smell.." He regarded him with a straight face before letting out a guffaw and moving forward himself, clad in imposing, but far from subtle armour that seemed something of a match for his personality.

He and Wulfgrim were survivors both, the last of their pack, and young though he may be, Roald was also driven, focused on hunting his target, his prey, to the exclusion of almost anything else, a fact that was sometimes good, sometimes bad. Though he had the natural distrust of Dark Angels, Borian's secretive nature led to a draw of curiosity.

Again, this was something he kept to himself, however.

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Tiberius Iacomus was brought to Watch Fortress Sargossa mere weeks after a number of fresh initiates from across the sector had begun their training. For those already whispering about the strange coincidence of his arrival, this only added fuel to the flamer. And though he had initially balked at the idea of tying himself to a single location, even such a noble one as a Watch Fortress, the strange combination of shame and pride he felt when greeted by his chapter servants compelled him to stay.

It had been a bittersweet few months. A small cadre of Ultramarines had welcomed him as a lost cousin, showing him a measure of camraderie that he'd thought lost forever. During training, he had greatly enjoyed his discussions with Borian. He had also enjoyed a series of vehement and highly pedantic arguments about the Codex with a librarian named At'um, even though they'd ended with several holes in several walls.

And yet there was an undercurrent of guilt running through his soul - a feeling that he should not allow himself even the smallest pleasures while his Chapter faced its dying days. And it was while contemplating this guilt in the chapel at the heart of the fortress, gazing into Kepharion's Standard, that he was blessed with a vision so powerful that he briefly lost consciousness. When the priests awoke him, he would not tell them what he saw - only that the Emperor had soothed his heart and strengthened his resolve.

And so it is that Tiberius finds himself in the Ramparts. He pauses when he enters, gazing up at the twin figures of Apollo and Arnolo, admiring their strength and fellowship. His armor barely needed refitting upon acceptance into the Deathwatch - already jet black. Although the body is the standard Mk7 that is so common among Space Marines, it is the pauldrons and arms that stand out. They have been replaced with unspeakably ancient pieces from a Mk2 set said to date back to the very beginnings of the Great Crusade nearly thirty thousand years ago. They make him stand out as he approaches the Watch Commander - the machine spirit within his armor so powerful that it seems to radiate a palpable aura of regal bearing.

Tiberius Iacomus of the Black Consuls nods curtly as he comes before his new Commander, his soul singing as he feels himself once again slotting into a hierarchy. It is proper, and good, and as the Codex demands.

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Calling out [MENTION=170346]JMPayneJ[/MENTION] as my friendly rival in the squad and rolling with [MENTION=168109]Shokubai[/MENTION] as a dudebro buddy.


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Wulfgrim: Wound: 21 Fate: 3/3 Insanity: 0 Corrupt: 0
Assault Marine - Space Wolf

Wulfgrim practically lopes into the Ramparts, his stride shortening and slowing into a stalk that is at once predatory and perhaps... playful, like that of an over eager pup from his home world. The black of his newly painted armor is matte yet even. No light reflecting from its surface. The pauldron that still bears the mark of his home chapter is partially obscured by the head of a wolf which transitions into a short cloak made from the pelt. The wolf's head looks forward almost seeming to lock eyes with anyone who faces Wulfgrim, its face locked into a laughing rictus.
His posture changes as he approaches the group more upright and proper as he approaches the Commander, yet still seeming to loll about.

He claps a hand on Roald's shoulder,
"Brother! You missed a good run." at this a faint pant can be heard in the distance as a large wolf lays down, obviously having exerted itself recently.

Nodding briefly toward the Dark Angel, his voice drops into a low growl.
"We've yet to tumble, have you been avoiding me?" although his voice is low his tone lacks any bite, more disappointed.

His jaw tightens as he notices Tiberius and he proffers a hand. "Brother Codex, how pleasant to meet you again." The derision is almost palpable as codex slides past his fangs.

Turning to the Commander he bows his head slightly exposing his neck, even the rowdiest pup is cowed in the presence of the Alpha. "Who do we harry and chase? My blade is ready to serve the Emperor's will."

Spoiler: Show

Dude bro is obviously [MENTION=67432]Donan[/MENTION] Any use of brother with regards to him is as close as possible to the high Gothic version of Bro as can be done, read it in a faux viking surfer voice.

[MENTION=152711]Cale Knight[/MENTION] is his rival, he's not a fan of the rigidity of the codex at all.

Other questions to be answered soon.
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Wound: 21 Fate: 3/3 Insanity: 0 Corrupt: 0
Tactical Marine- Black Consuls

Tiberius shares a private glance with Borian as the two Space Wolves make their way in, rolling his eyes upwards slightly as if to say, "what are the odds that we get two of them?" But he accepts Wulfgrim's hand, proffering the ancient crusader-era gauntlet.

"Battle-Brother," he says, a good-natured smile on his lips. "What a pleasure it is to have two sons of Russ on the same Kill-team. Who will be able to stand before us?"


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"Battle-Brother," he says, a good-natured smile on his lips. "What a pleasure it is to have two sons of Russ on the same Kill-team. Who will be able to stand before us?"
Wulfgrim breaks into a smile and nudges Roald.
"None stand before The Rout."
A feral gleam lights his eyes.


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Fangs glint as Roald grins back with a firm nod. "So very few. And the ones who can.." His fingers flex as he laughs. "I'll enjoy the challenge. And we have a few others to watch in awe." He nods at the others present, spirits still seeming high as he shifts in his armour with restless motion.

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“Greetings, Brother Borian,” Watch Commander Amael replied, his face shadowed beneath the hood of his cloak and his voice measured. Both by dint of his rank and his nature as a Dark Angel, Amael showed no inherent favor towards Borian though they were of the same Chapter; a stark contrast to the boisterous ease of the Space Wolves’ bond.

“Fret not, your blades’ appetites will soon be sated,” Watch Captain Cosano replied to Amael and Wulfgrim. There was a gleam in his eyes.
Amael looked at each of the gathered warriors in turn as he spoke. “Brothers, you are now a Kill Team of the Deathwatch. Remember your oaths to this ancient order and the magnitude of your duty. You now serve a higher calling than any before – greater than your personal ambitions, greater than the honor of your Chapter, and greater than any one battle. Ours is an unbroken vigilance, and often unknown as well.”

Amael raised his hand over the holographic display and the gathered marines placed their fists in a circle beneath it. A half dozen serfs appeared from the recesses of the room bearing censers of smoking incense that pooled at their feet. In a haunting tone which echoed with the weight of ages, Amael lead the oath for the others to repeat:

”The Angels of Death
Who Stand Watch Against Darkness
Vigil Without End”

OOC: At the end of repeating the oath, feel free to say something cool and unique to your Marine.

Once the chant ended, Amael nodded. “Emperor be with you, brothers.” Then continued after a curt nod to Cosano, “Brother Captain.” With that the Watch Commander left to attend to other duties, servo-skulls and attendants falling in behind him.

Watch Captain Cosano began keying up the holographic display as he spoke. “Now brothers, let’s get right to it. Your first mission will be on this world – Taephar IX.”

A world of red-brown mountain ranges, wide dusty steppes, and patches of fertile green land appeared before them.

“This world is one of the few that remained loyal even through the darkest times of the Jericho Reach, and has been a re-staging area for various forces of the Achilus Crusade for some time now. However, it most recently has come under attack by an old foe – Orks.” He nearly spit the last word out like a bitter morsel.

Cosano began again, “The Taephar system is particularly close to the Sargossa system, roughly two weeks of Warp travel under calm conditions. Generally, such proximity would matter little, regardless of who holds the system; the Shroud can protect the Watch Fortress from nearly any means of detection.” He twisted his mouth, “But with the greenskins it is a different matter entirely. Once they have taken a planet and begin launching vessels, those voidcraft will set off on random vectors. No matter how potent the Shroud may be, the Orks may simply blunder into the Sargossa system without realizing it was here to begin with. Therefore, the mitigation of this threat is a necessary action to preserve the sanctity of this Watch Fortress and its sacred duty.”

He keyed a number of glyphs and a zoomed in map of a region appeared in front of the marines.


“Here’s the AO. A number of Astra Militarum regiments are holding the line against repeated Ork onslaughts. They are current halting the Ork advance, but without reinforcements from the crusade the command staff on site predict they can only keep the Orks at bay for another three to six months Terran standard.” Cosano grumbled, “Our intelligence indicates they have four weeks, at best.”

The White Scars Captain pointed at a vital locations which lit up in a different color. “The issue is the Ork Mekboy Pythagorkus, a devious mastermind capable of churning out dozens of smog-belching nightmares by the day. His base of operations is a captured Mechanicus factorium twisted to serve fiendish ends. Remove him as a threat and the backbone of the Orkish armored assault is broken.”

“Additionally, if you can disable the factorium entirely that will severely undermine greenskin efforts Taephar IX. Without Pythagorkus it is much reduced in effectiveness, but it still offers them war material for lesser Mekboys.”

“There is also the issue of the Weirdboy Sizzkaz, located in this tower here,” he pointed at the location and it lit up. “This tower seems to have some grand religious or morale significance to the Orks, and the Sizzkaz appears to be using ritual magic to keep their warriors at a state of feverish readiness. Eliminate him and the Orks’ will to fight will be sapped.”

“Furthermore, the planetary Governor Frantel is to be captured. He was last scene at this location, but his current whereabouts are unknown. Early in the invasion he welcomed the xenos and treated them as his new overlords. Frantel has provided them vital Imperial information and helped send morale-sapping communications across the planet in exchange for his own safety. Such treason cannot be allowed to stand. However, rather than merely kill him, we believe he is more useful to use alive. He may have gained some insight into Ork troop movements that we may make use of.”

“Additional targets of opportunity – such as rescue operations or enemy combat units – may appear. Pursue them at your own discretion.”

“Deployment is going to be somewhat limited. Due to greenskin anti-aircraft batteries, we cannot risk a Thunderhawk for the duration of the mission. Your team will need to decide whether to drop pod behind enemy lines or be deployed via Rhino transport at a safer drop site. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but either way extraction will have to be behind Imperial lines.”

“Any questions, Brothers?”


Primary Objective: Assassinate the Mekboy Pythagorkus [Veteran] location Beta 2

Secondary Objective: Destroy Pythagorkus’ factory/workshop [Skilled] location Beta 2
Secondary Objective: Eliminate Weirdboy Sizzkaz [Veteran] location Epsilon 2
Secondary Objective: Locate Governor Frantel and apprehend him [Skilled] location Delta 1

Tertiary Objective: Rescue an isolated Imperial Guard unit [Novice] location varies
Tertiary Objective: Rescue a group of Imperial citizens [Novice] location varies
Tertiary Objective: Eliminate Speed Freaks [50KM, Skilled] location varies
Tertiary Objective: Eliminate Ork Nobs [50 KM, Skilled] location varies

Total Requisition – 127

Total Possible Renown - 4

So our first mission! Woo! Some decision points:

-Team Leader

Feel free to ask me any questions IC or OOC regarding any of the above information or things I haven’t covered like terrain/weather conditions. I imagine the deployment question will be where most of the discussion is.

Also, please coordinate your gear selections and expenditure of Requisition so that your team knows what all you are brining.

I expect the pre-mission planning will take some time, a few days of real time at least, to get everything squared away. Don’t fret, planning is part of the fun (like a mission in Shadowrun). That’s why I wanted to get us into it by the second post haha.

Suit up!

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Tiberius kneels with reverence as the oath is administered. He adds no addendum, and his eyes are far away - as if contemplating a distant future.

At the end of the briefing, he steps forward immediately and turns to face the rest of the Kill-team. He does not claim command so much as he assumes it as his birthright and obligation.

"This will be a fine way to whet our appetites!" he says, smiling broadly. "Now..."

Tiberius turns and points at location Beta 2.

"I suggest we simply drop directly atop Pythagorkus and leave him no time to prepare for our assault. From there, it's a short run to pick up the governor. We can tie him to a tree while we destroy Sizzkaz's tower."

And then he smiles brightly.

"After that, we will have to break through their lines to reach the extraction point. A fitting end to our inaugural mission."
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