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IC Deathwatch - The Righteous Few


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The swivel of the twin turbo cannons spin and spin, but even in the elevated stance of the Razorback his line of sight is obstructed with the hordes and allies engaged. He leaps to his feet, and a grin grows behind the wolf skull helmet covering his face. Already his powerful robotic servo-arm begins to spin, and the Wolf feels the call of the pack charge. He rushes into the nearest of the fray and lashes out at the ground creatures. No words rush to him to inspire the others. The scent of blood is strong as the Tyranid forces thin. "Fenrys hjølda!" and he howls to the cold and darkened sky.

OOC: Charge (58) then reaction (48) then add 40 for horde and 20 for run bonus, 32, 86 into the horde of Hormagaunts.
First is the charge, leaping out and moving. Second is a full defensive stance, gaining an extra reaction used to attack with the servo arm.
First hit is 1+8 magnitude
Second hit is 1+2 magnitude for 12 total
attacks have -20 vs Hjalmar for the round


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With a battlecry of his own, At'um fell upon the hormogaunts. His blade was the tool for his fury, a thrust into the gaping maw of one creature leaving to flail ineffectually, or, at least, until he ripped it through the creature's skull to behead another of the charging beasts. Twin arcs of emerald ichor flew into the air, a monochromatic rainbow split by the acidic maggots of a deathripper. The inhuman shriek of triumph from the Shrike was cut short as the detritus of its attack hissed and bubbled on the marine's chestplate, half-dissolved maggots and trails of its biological attack fell to the ground.

In its triumph, the flying nightmare had sealed its own reckoning. With a gaze skyward, the blackclad marine fell fully into his bloodlust.

"You stupid, stupid creature..."

As he finished the last syllable, the shackles of restraint that had marked the psyker's actions through their frantic charge across the bridge fell away. A bestial roar rose up in his throat, but in the tumult of battle it was barely heard.

Barely heard, that is, until an inhuman warble rose up, the singular noise multiplying tenfold in a heartbeat. For a brief moment, At'um disappeared from reality, in his place stood a creature out of children's tales. Its cracked, blackened skin showing flashes of light underneath, an internal lightning storm held in check only by its skin. Standing nearly eight feet tall, it stood unclothed, its charred body that of a creature that should not breathe, much less exist. The eyes, however, still glowed the red of Vulkan's children. It spread its ravaged arms skyward, looking directly at the now quiet creature.

In a span of heartbeats, the paired men swapped places so quickly that it seemed both stood in place. Both stood arms outstretched, both looking with the glowing eyes at the creature that dared challenged them.

With a crack, the two became one, and the marine stood before them again. Lightning shot forth from the marine, for the briefest of moments joining the man and beast together with a bridge of pure light. Black streaks and swirls marked the imperfect beam as it cascaded over the winged xenos, before disappearing in a thunderclap.

The creature shrieked in fury, the cascading light ripping into its flesh. What blood was spilled disappeared in the superheated air, and as the bridge disappeared the creature wavered, voicing his displeasure with a croak of agony.

Dodge: 1d100 69 - Dodge - Failed
Damage against At'um: 2d10k1+6 12 - Not sufficient to damage.
Furious Charge - Free Melee: 1d100 68 - 1 DOS of success on Melee vs WP 100 with modifiers.
Pushed Smite: 1d100 19 - Pushed Smite. Plenty of success.
Psychic Phenomenon Chart for Pushed Smite: 1d100 38 - I now have corruption and Fear 1 for this turn. Hurray!
Smite Damage: 7d10 48 - Should have been PRxd10, not PRd10. First die rolled was a 6, so 42 damage with PEN 7. Shrike #4 has 16 Health left.

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Borian's Chainsword hacked at the oncoming Hormagaunts. Every rev of the chainsword sent gore flying.

OOC: Borian furious charging the Hormagaunts. WS 40 and the bonuses net him the +60 cap.

Borian Chainsword Attack: 1d100 18

That's 1 hit plus 4 more due to 8 DoS, so 5 Magnitude damage.

His regular attack Borian Chainsword Attack: 1d100 27

1 Hit plus 3 more due to DoS is 4 Magnitude damage.

Hormagaunts lose 9 Magnitude to Borian's attacks.

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Tiberius disappears beneath a swarm of charging Hormagaunts, for a moment no more than a writhing mass of teeth and claws. There's a brief scuffle, and then two of them go flying as he shakes them free, his chainsword sending gore flickering across the Razorback.

OOC: Whiffed one attack and did only 3 magnitude damage with the other. Thank god we have a Devastator!


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With more people going after the hormogaunts, Lucas feels that the horde's being dealt with well enough, he decides to jump in to Shrikes to take down the things that might kill their vehicle when they are so close. Powering up the jump pack once more, charging at the Warriors with the chainsword whiring up. "Get down here you damnable bugs!!!!!"

OOC: Going to hit the nearest Winged Warrior with the chainsword.
48 WS + 10 Charge= 58
Melee Attack: 1d100 25
Should be two degrees of success unless otherwise stated.
Chainsword Damage: 2d10k1+13 15 Lackluster damage... but at least 3 pen.

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OOC: Don't we still have the team reroll for the missed attack by Tiberius? And Luca has a second attack to use because Furious Charge was triggered this round.


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Ah, alright then.
Melee Attack: 1d100 97 Um, I'm going to spend a Fate point for that, that's just... really bad.
Melee Re-roll: 1d100 8 Who! 5 degrees of success!
Chainsword Damage: 2d10k1+13 18 Pretty good there.

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Tyranid corpses littered the bridge. Wisps of black smoke rose from charred body and shining armor alike, and the sound of revving chainsaws could even be made out over the relentless firing of the station's defensive emplacements. No one Tyranid could be said to have landed a solid blow against the Emperor's Fines - these creatures were pitiful specimens, like drops of rain to a boulder.

But even rains can erode a mountain given time.

Here and there the sheer press of attacks began to make their presence felt. Talon after talon, clouds of wriggling maggot projectiles, complete disregard for safety... one by one the Marines began to feel the pressure.

As Luca's jetpack roared to life and set him into a daring aerial duel with the winged shrikes high above the bridge, beams of psychic power and swirling clouds of snow framed him against the chaos below. Would even this dramatic move be enough?


The gate was open. They could enter the station. Indefatigable's exhaust hroomed excitedly.

Caphriel did 11 to the Hormagaunts. Wonderwill Wonderwill Note that melee attacks only generate extra hits on every 2 DoS rather than every 1, so it would have been 1+ 4 and 1 + 1 respectively for 7 Magnitude. Tiberius did another 3. Borian did 9. That's 30 for the round leaving the Hormagaunts at 18.

JMPayneJ JMPayneJ Incredibly minor note but the TB+ARM for the Warriors is 18, effectively 11 after your 7 PEN, so that's 31 wounds, leaving it at 17 not 16.

Aliexster Aliexster The first attack doesn't manage anything due to the TB+ARM but the second does deal 3 damage (at first I thought I misread your damage totals but oof those rolls were cruel to you). I applied this to the first Shrike.

Gargoyles still flapping about Gargoyle Melee Attack; Gargoyle Ranged Attack: 1d100 38 1d100 58 both melee and ranged miss.

Hormagaunts attacking everyone except Aliexster Aliexster after aiming. In order: At'um, Borian, Caphriel, Hjalmar, Tiberius. Hormagaunts Attacking: 1d100 42 1d100 11 1d100 85 1d100 40 1d100 24

All but Caphriel are hit. That means JMPayneJ JMPayneJ , Borian, Wonderwill Wonderwill , and Cale Knight Cale Knight need to make dodge or parry rolls. If you fail, take 1d10+5 with Pen 3. Borian's Parrying Borian Dodge: 1d100 28 Success!

Shrikes attacking: The one that Luca flew into will be melee attacking him. Half-action aim - Shrike Melee: 1d100 1 Wow, yeah that's a hit all right. Aliexster Aliexster can parry or dodge to defend as normal. If you fail, the damage is 1d10+14 with Pen 3. Oh and note that the team elected to use this round's free reroll for your melee attack rather than have you burn a Fate point so you are still at full Fate.

The other three will open fire. The two wounded ones will fire at At'um, the other at Caphriel.

First two shooting at At'um with half action aims - Shrike Attacks: 1d100 27 1d100 19 those both hit JMPayneJ JMPayneJ . Remember, you only have one Reaction per round (I'd just eat the Hormagaunt attack from before at this point).

Other shooting at Caphriel with half action aim. Shrike Attack: 1d100 59 That's a miss.

Hormagaunts - Magnitude 18
Gargoyles - Magnitude 6
Shrike 1 - Wounds 18
Shrike 2 - Wounds 17
Shrike 3, 4 - Wounds 48 (Full health)

Back around to the top!

The Door is now COMPLETELY OPEN!

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OOC: I just had a giggleworthy idea about what to do with the last grenade, but it depends on whether I remembered the razorback design correctly. [Google-Fu] Yes! It does have a top hatch for the driver.

Right. This is the plan: Since Caphriel used the charge move in the previous turn to move to the razorback, he should be at the driver’s hatch now. So, first half action: Drop a grenade on the hormagaunts chasing him and drop down on the driver’s seat, slamming the hatch behind him. Second half action: Drive forward and take the Indefatigable inside the facility.

roll: 2d10+2: 6 [2d10=1, 3] 1d5: 1

What a letdown. I am not sure if it even does any damage, since that damage roll won’t penetrate even hormagaunt armor + TB. It would be the minimum 7 points in any case. Caphriel probably drives over it.

I am not sure if I need to roll to drive the razorback in, but I hope I don't because the just-in-case roll was awful: 1d100: 78

Oh well, at least I have appropriate music!

Hormagaunts snapping at his heels and acidic projectiles trailing him, Caphriel runs to the razorback, climbs to the hatch and turns towards the hormagaunts chasing him. “Sorry, got to go. But have a going away present.” Dropping his final frag grenade on the hormagaunts, Caphriel dropped on the driver’s seat and immediately started the razorback moving towards the now open door.


“Maybe I should have waited for the grenade to explode first.”


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Seeing the claw come up towards him, Luca raises his chainsword to parry the Shrike's attack. Unfortunately it's not the best at defense and takes a blow to the head producing a rather nasty gash across the helmet. "EMPEROR'S NO-LONGER-THERE DANGLY BITS!!!!!" He exclaims checking to make sure that it didn't go completely through the ceramite.

"You did it now ugly..." Lucas says raising his chainsword high before moving in to deliver a powerful slash from shoulder to waist, before bringing the sword back on the upswing hoping at least one would get past the tyranid's defenses.

OOC: Parry 58%: 1d100 78
Damage: 1d10+13 22 - 5 armor - 8 T= 9 damage.

Swift Attack 1 48%: 1d100 14
Chainsword Damage: 2d10k1+13 17 Pen 3

Swift Attack 2 48%: 1d100 38
Chainsword Damage: 2d10k1+13 18 Pen 3
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