IC Deathwatch - The Righteous Few


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"We need to get inside. Have to clear the pack quickly." The comment seems obvious to Hjalmar, but he doesn't see most of his brothers acting like they need to be inside. Then again, they fight savagely like wolves when thrown into the fray and for that the Iron Priest feels his own hairs stand on end.

OOC: reaction (48) then add 40 and 6 for teamwork, 60 into the horde of Hormagaunts.
1+ 3 magnitude, or 2 total damage to the Hormagaunts
full defensive stance: attacks have -20 vs Hjalmar for the round

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"Begin closing the doors as soon as Indefatigable is inside!" orders Tiberius. "The doors will crush any Tyranid caught between them and we can clean up whatever's left."

He begins backing towards the door, his chainsword whirring. One hormagaunt manages to latch onto his pauldron. The ancient armor, dating back to the second crusade, stirs the hearts of all good men but is not as resilient as later marks. The space marine growls as it pierces skin and bone, and he flings the beast away with a shout.

OOC: Dodge: 1d100 81 is a fail, and Baddie Damage: 1d10+5 15 is max damage. Oof. 3 damage gets through and Tiberius is down to 18 wounds.
Chainsword: 1d100 39 is 2 more damage to the Hormagaunts, and I'll begin moving.

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Borian cut wide arcs with his chainsword, keeping the Hormagaunts at bay as he moved into the station. His attacks were more defensive and made no telling difference to the alien horde.

OOC: Borian's attack Borian Chainsword Attack: 1d100 67 failed by 1 point. He retreats into the station with the team.


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The hormogaunts' claws skittered across the ebony armor, its biologically altered claws failing to penetrate the works of Man. The pair of shots from the overhead shrikes splattered acidic gore across that same armor. One left a smear of bubbling liquid, dropping to the ground without another thought from the Astartes clad inside. The latter shot splashed that same gore across his left greave, and here the acidic did its intended work. His mutated biology quickly stamped down the initial pain hormones released, though the surprise of being damage stopped his manifesting power from splattering his opponent across the sky.

Hormogaunt Damage w/ 3 Pen: 1d10+5 13
Shrike #1 - Atum Ddoge: 1d100 97
Shrike #1 Damage: 2d10k1+6 10
Shrike #2 Damage: 2d10k1+6 15
Shrike #2 Hit Location: 1d100 99
Fettered Avenger: 1d100 78

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The Indefatigable’s exhaust roared. Caphriel backed the APC through the hatch, its enormous treads grinding down unwary bugs with abandon. Their lithe bodies burst beneath the weight of the vehicle, spraying purple ichor in all directions and leaving long purple trails of blood from the bridge into the darkened interior of the station.

All around the Astartes the bodies were piling up. The Shrikes were forced to flutter their alien wings with greater effort in order to better lob undulating masses of deadly bio-projectiles at the marines. Twitching alien corpses covered every surface, in some places four deep, and even the gusts of snowy wind could not entirely clear the bridge of their remains. Armor rattled with the endless barrage of attacks leveled at them, but the Emperor’s Finest would not yield.

A constant stream of gunfire continued from the station’s automated defense turrets. Untold numbers of Tyranids were eradicated along the outer ring of the enormous thermal vent, their mutilated forms slowly sinking into the snow to be lost to time. Still they came onward, and a new mass was already beginning to from at the edge of the bridge, eager to follow their fellows if the Astartes did not enter soon.



Gargoyles attacking Wonderwill Wonderwill with an aim Gargoyle Ranged Attack: 1d100 42 that misses

Hormagaunts aiming then attacking in order: JMPayneJ JMPayneJ , Wonderwill Wonderwill , Cale Knight Cale Knight . Hormagaunts Attacking: 1d100 90 1d100 85 1d100 90

All catastrophic misses lol

Two Shrikes aim at Cale Knight Cale Knight then fire. Shrike Attacks: 1d100 72 1d100 63

Both mises

One Shrike aims at Wonderwill Wonderwill then fires. Shrike Attack: 1d100 44 That actually hits. If Hjalmar does not manage to dodge, the damage is 2d10k1+6 Pen 4

One Shrike making two Scything Talon attacks at Aliexster Aliexster Shrike Attacks: 1d100 50 1d100 3 One hit, which is 1d10+14 Pen 3 if Luca does not manage to parry/dodge (Also, Chainswords at +10 to Parry due to balanced, iirc).

As far as damage you all did last round:

Caphriel did 5 to the Hormagaunts, Hjalmar did 2 to them, and Tiberius did 2.

Luca did a net 5 to Shrike 2.

Hormagaunts – Magnitude 9

Gargoyles – Magnitude 6

Shrike 1 – Wounds 18

Shrike 2 – Wounds 12

Shrike 3, 4 – Wounds 48 (Full Health)

The door is still open, but the Razorback is inside and you can begin closing it (remember that it has to be at height 2 of 3 for Marines to get under).

Back to the top! JMPayneJ JMPayneJ Aliexster Aliexster Wonderwill Wonderwill Cale Knight Cale Knight P Potted Plant


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OOC: Is that 44 enough to hit Hjalmar? I think he was at -20 to hit this round too.

Caphriel fires at Shrike 1: BS 69 + 6 (squad) + 20 (twin-linked) +10 (half action aim) +10 (heavy bolter short range) -10 (full auto) -10 (Razorback speed) = 95
Roll : 1d100: 43

That sinks in all 6 hits. Shrike's armor + TB is 18, heavy bloter is 1d10 + 12 pen 5, so it is dice-1 6 times.
Damage roll: 2d10k1: 5 2d10k1: 10 2d10k1: 10 2d10k1: 5 2d10k1: 8 2d10k1: 10
Oof. I figured that the heavy bolter would not have been able to down a healthy Shrike with a single salvo so I shot at the wounded one, but unless those Righteous Furys rolled really badly, that would indeed have one-shotted a Shrike. As it is, the wounded one is well into "red mist" levels of Critical damage even without rolling the Righteous Fury or factoring in Death is Joy.

Taking control of Indefatigable's turret weapon, Caphriel says: "Fall back inside, brothers. I will provide covering fire."

With the gargoyles and hormagaunts in close combat with the Marines, the Devastator turns the heavy bolter towards the Shrikes, focusing on the easiest target whose fluttering is sluggish because of the wounds the creature had suffered. "Time to start eliminating targets," Caphriel says and sends a stream of bolter shells towards the wounded Tyranid.

The Tyranid simply bursts, vanishing in an expanding gooey cloud that then rains down on the bridge below.


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Focused on the hordes, Hjalmar takes a fierce attack from the powerful Shrike. He stumbles slightly, and turns to retreat toward the rolling tank and inside the door.

OOC: 83 is a failed dodge
12 damage minus 7 is 5 taken

Disengage. Looks like reactions start after my turn not at the beginning of my turn so I can't get an attack in before withdrawing.


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Hearing the Razorback move into the compound, Luca just turns his head to snap back, "Give me a minute! Little busy at the moment!" He says trying to parry the scything claws coming at him. just barely being able to deflect this brutal attack with the tip of the claw about ready to go into his eye lense before he pushes it off. "Why won't you just die you damn ugly thing!!?!?"

He shouts bringing the chainsword around in high slash to avoid the melee claws, before performing a short hop backwards to follow the vehicle into the citadel. In all hopes, Luca wishes that the jump exaust torches some tyranids as he disengages.

OOC: Parry! 58%: 1d100 52 Just parries.

One attack this time Attack 48%: 1d100 65
Miss :p


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Following behind the Razorback, the snow already melting in patches as the warm bloods sprays in colorful displays across the pallid landscape, At'um took measure of the beasts before him. In the heartbeats it took for him to decide his next action, a shrike disintegrated above him from the Razorbacks firepower. Adding his own fury to the mix, the armored man clappped his hands together before him. A roaring inferno burst forth, the wave engulfing the surviving Hormogaunts in a cascade of fire and death.

Fettered Avenger WP 60 + 10 + 6 FP: 1d100 58 - 13 Magnitude Damage to Hormogaunts.

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The inferno washes over Tiberius's armor, charring the blood and rinsing it clean in the Emperor's holy flame. He smiles a grim smile, taking advantage of the brief respite to lift his bolter and bring it to bear on one of the flying hive warriors. In whirls in the air once, twice, thrice, gaining speed with each rotation before diving at the marine with a screech.

Calmly, steadfastly, resolutely, Tiberius tracks his target. He squeezes the trigger a single time, and the diving shrike explodes in hellfire and bone.

The bolter's machine spirit hums contentedly, chambering another round, and Tiberius retreats to the door.

OOC: Doing an aimed attack take advantage of the accurate quality at Shrike 2.
BS Attack: 1d100 11 hits with more than enough successes for 2d10 extra damage.
Shrike Dodge: 1d100 91 misses.
Bolter Damage: 4d10k3+9 27 is a net 21 damage to the arm. Shrike don't have True Grit, so it drops to -9. D-E-D, that spells dead.
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