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[Defiance] Opinion Needed For Cover


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This is the most recent draft of the front cover for my game...

What was the first word that came to your mind when you saw the cover?
What feelings does this cover evoke for you?
What impression does the cover give you about the game?
Would you want to read and/or play this game?
What changes - if any - would you make to the cover?


P.S. The above image is not to scale. The actual size is about eight inches by five inches.

P.P.S. I'm not sure whether this thread is allowed in this forum. If it isn't, please feel free to remove it.


Honest Eshu
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Makes me think of revolution. In the sense of "Vive la revolution!" Communism, rage, molotov cocktails in the street, possibly followed by a parade of nobility/business executives headed towards the guillotine, rightly or wrongly.

Shining Dragon

Tough Tiger Fist
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Same here. Made me think of historical revolutions (French, communism, etc).

Would I want to read/play this game? Does it have any supernatural elements? If so, perhaps.

Changes to the cover? I wondered what it would look like if the title was positioned under the image.


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I agree with Mailanka. I would say you could increase the fonts and image size a bit. They seem a little lost on the cover, at least to my untrained eye.


invulnerable to cool
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The first thing that comes to mind is 'heat'. I've practically broken into a sweat just looking at it. Everything is in a sort of fiery hot orange and the shape at the top of the image also happens to look like a forge. It's almost too strong an effect - maybe the writing at the bottom should be bigger or in a different colour.

The heat thing also doesn't seem to have any correlation with the title and sub-title of the game, such that I have no clear idea what the game is actually about. It's a strong image, but I think I would walk straight past this if I was browsing in a games shop. However, if I already knew what the game was about, from a review or something, and what I'd heard sounded interesting, then I think the starkness and power of the design might make me more likely to actually pick it up.

Does that make sense?

Extinction Burp

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It reminds me of my gladiator dreams...the crowd roaring...the burning, brutal sun...his banner waving tall and free in the wind...the smell of his leather boots...the taste of dust and blood, his salty sweat, the vital flesh beneath it, and the sinewy muscles beneath that...the loutish creature he combats, slobber stringing from it's mouth...his proud, virile sword raised...him plunging it over and over and OVER into the revolting beast...sword and banner upraised triumphantly, the crowd roaring in ecstasy for more...I think i need to lie down...pull myself...TOGETHER!...pull myself TOGETHER...oh, god...

Deep One

La clave llama a la salsa
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I take it any similiarities to iconography of 40K's Inquisition is only conincidental? :)


Sage Genesis

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Yes, it made me feel anarchy (and not the cool teenager kind either), fire, and death. And for some reason, nazi Germany, as that's what I think of first when somebody talks about The Resistance.

But it doesn't make me want to pick it up and find out more. Maybe that's not just the cover though, I think the entire concept of playing in a resistance-era is not my sort of thing.
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