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Degenesis - opinions?

Evil Doctor

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Now then,

I've just come across this RPG, and I must say it is extremely pretty. Seems to be a post-apoc game with a 'primal punk' (their words) vibe...

Anyone know anything about it? What's the system like?



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Mud & Blood Podcast had an interview with one of the creators & a review of the game a while back. Worth a listen if you're interested.

A quick check tells me it's episodes 12 & 13.

Jet Bastard

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It's gorgeous. I only own the PDF's, but it is a genuinely, jaw-droppingly gorgeous set of books. Not a bad piece of art throughout, and tons of it.

The setting is post-post apocalyptic, with a sort of vaguely late Medieval level of development (with genuine cities and civilization) amidst the ruins and horrors of a previous age. It's a very dense, complicated setting (my description barely scratches the surface, frankly) that is again, beautifully presented. The basics of each region are straightforward to understand, but there's a lot of nuance and detail to uncover. The setting is highly compelling and immersive, and a really fantastic read, particularly if you enjoy very strange SF (like, smash Jeff VanderMeer's novel Borne into Umberto Eco's Name of the Rose and you're getting close).

I've not grokked the ruleset yet, so I'll leave describing it to someone else.

Evil Doctor

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Cheers for the overview. The books are simply stunning.

I've found a few reviews, and it seems as good as it is gorgeous. At the pricey end at £100, but then I've just bout Kult and Black Madonna so I obviously have more money than sense...


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It has, for my money, the best character art I've ever seen in an RPG. Some if it is very risqué though.


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At the pricey end at £100, but then I've just bout Kult and Black Madonna so I obviously have more money than sense...
It maybe expensive but if you page through the books you can see why they demand that price....

Degensis is the game to beat when it comes to artwork in RPG books.


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A little late here, but I enjoy Degenesis quite a lot! The mysterious background of the monsters that are the Psychonauts, the sci-fi scheming of the Recombination Group and the polit-bickering of all the Cults make it a really diverse setting in which you can tackle a huge variety of adventures.

The rule-system is rather simple, it uses a pool system of d6's. In any given encounter, you check your character sheet for how many dice you can throw, the GM sets a difficulty for the task, while a 4,5,6 is a success and 6's give you a trigger, which is a better outcome (or something like a critical hit).
Truth be told, it's not a rule heavy setting and some things are missing in the Core Rules, but the system is open and simple enough, that you get by with some house-ruling.
And a rules supplement made by the community was just released this week, while an official one will come later this year.

While the price is steep, the publisher now cuts the shipping costs for orders at 150€, which will get you a lot of stuff from their shop!


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The highest production values I´ve seen in a RPG product - the books are simply amazingly beautiful, and the setting oozes atmosphere. I haven´t had the time to run or play, so I can´t say much about the system (which honestly tends to be the thing I get around to reading last, aside from the cool skills/powers/unique stuff that just pops out when you flip through the book).

I have read enough to say to avoid the official adventure models, though. The setting information in them seem decent enough, but the adventures themselves are terrible. Incredible railroading, down to encouraging the GM to cheat to make Pc:s believe lies or to let NPC:s escape etc - in some cases directing/assuming how the Pc:s feel about people or stuff. It´s like night or day compared to the other parts of the game.


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For those who have read it did you have trouble conveying the setting to the players? It seems very dense
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