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We finished our first session of Dictionary of Mu tonight. If you haven't already gone out and gotten this great setting-book for Sorcerer, you are sorely missing out. It's available from Indie Press Revolution, from "Paka's Thread". Get it here: http://www.indiepressrevolution.com/products.php?publisherLink=pakasThread

The Story of Fayze, the Heretic Thief of Arcadia

Fayze has broken the Thirteenth Seal, one of the 13 seals that is holding the angry spirit of Marr'd prisoner underneath Arcadia. From its broken remains she has summoned and bound The Seal by sewing it into her skin where it now sends its runes out through her ritual tattoos. Once a faithful Seal Guardian of Arcadia, she has decided that the new Aeon must be ushered in by freeing Marr'd to scour the face of the world; only by ending the current Age of Despair can she see that a new Golden Age is ushered in.

The problem is that her seal-mates don't see it that way. Her story opens with the Priest Mother and Priest Father and the six most loyal Seal-Guards coming upon her as she tries to put a forgery of the Thirteenth back in place. They demand she stand down. She tries to reason with them. It does not work. She is beaten senseless and dragged off to a cell. Since the Seal heals all her wounds easily, they lock her up with the intent to starve her to death while they try to undo what she's done.

The Seal, a demon whose Need is to break the faith of others, and which can see into the past of things, shows her how one of the ancient architects of her cell was afraid he'd be locked up in it some day, and buried a key in a secret place so he might escape easily. So she escapes, and makes it to Brazael's quarters, one of her sealmates who did not stand against her earlier. Brazael's resentment of the Priest Mother and Father is strong, and thus, her faith is weak. Fayze convinces Brazael that the teachings of Arcadia are a lie, that Fayze indeed knows the true way, and in so breaking Brazael's earlier faith, feeds her demon.

Brazael then works to help Fayze escape, getting her a disguise and getting the both of them to the gate. But tragedy strikes -- Brazael is shot through the heart with an arrow. Brazael falls, begging Fayze not to leave her. In a rage, Fayze pulls the outer wall of Arcadia down behind them, blocking the pursuers, and carries Brazael off into the northern twilight desert.

There, in a cave, she tries to give Brazael medical attention. Fayze says to her, "If your new faith is strong, it will sustain you. Believe." Brazael's eyes find Fayze's face, and as the color drains out of her, she reaches a weak hand to touch Fayze's cheek, and says, "I believe in you." And she slips away...

... and only Fayze's summoning of a demon can save her. It's that, or let her friend die.

Fayze calls upon her memories of past lives and digs in the dry dead soil outside until she finds her prize: an acorn, withered. She contacts the spirit of the life it once contained.

"What place will you make fertile in payment for my service?" asks the spirit. Fayze takes but a moment to respond: "My friend."

She sumons the spirit to her, and the acorn doubles in size, alive and vital with a faint heartbeat. She binds it to her will. The spirit says to her, "Place me within her and she will be healed." Fayze considers a moment, and then puts it in Brazael's mouth.

Brazael's eyes fly open; her wounds heal; she sits upright. "I believe!"

Cut to black.

The Story of Kor-Elud, the Aspiring Witch-Lord

Kor-Elud knows today he will kill his master. But there are others to contend with. Two other apprentices serve at the master's pleasure, and their allegiances are unknown. Kor-Elud decides that merely taking everyone out of the picture, at least temporarily, is the way to go if he's to achieve his aims. The party tonight offers an excellent opportunity to circulate some mildly-drugged wine to get everyone happy and forgetful. Naturally Kor has made certain to develop an immunity to this drug months in advance.

Kor sends his demon -- his oversexed young sister, murdered and then bound by his hand -- to the master's chambers to seduce him. It works, for the master's appetites are many. In the height of passion, Kor reveals himself, dagger in hand, and goes to put it through the master's heart. His master's demon alerts him, and Kor's sister is unable to use her powers to hold him fast; she's flung aside like a wet rag. The master lashes out with his demon's power as lightning, and Kor plunges the dagger home. Both take terrible damage -- the master, fatally. He knows he's going to die as soon as the demon's power drops from him, and a somewhat charred Kor lies helpless on the floor as his master looms over him, raising his hand in crackling fury. "At least it will be the both of us, Kor-Elud", he says.

But then the master's thunder-demon Thundrazor speaks: "Bind me to you, here and now, and his blow will not land." Kor says, simply, "Agreed." and all of the vitality that Thundrazor lent the master leaves him, and shortly, so does the entirety of his blood.

But the binding Kor has made in desperation is a terribly strong one (binding strength EIGHT due to a total victory on the demon's part), and the demon is in no mood to let Kor have his easy way of things. "Feed me both of your fellow students, now," demands the demon. Kor begs for a brief respite, and gets it, so he might recover from his injuries. In the binding, Thundrazor has been placed into a dagger; Kor places the dagger upon the mantle. "Wait here. I will bring them to you."

Kor then desperately brokers a deal with the apprentices. They will help him banish this demon -- by force instead of ritual if necessary -- in exchange for certain favors of his as he takes his post as the new Witch Lord. Xar-Xaal, the elder apprentice, has been caught in an affair with Amaela, one of the Witch King's brides. In exchange for secrecy, security, and shelter, he will help. Vash-Trun, the eager, youngest apprentice obsessed with board games, will help for the learning experience. They venture forth to confront Thundrazor.

Their rituals of containment are no good, and the demon comes for them, blowing the door of the master's chamber off its hinges. They unleash everything at them -- Vash-Trun tries to trap the demon's mind within his Games, Xar-Xaal calls upon his demon Drizzle to suck the moisture out of Thundrazor's clouds, and Kor's sister Lyra does her best to rip Thundrazor's mind apart.

They all fail, and Thundrazor says, "Now, my turn."

Thundrazor attacks Kor viciously with another bolt of lightning -- despite attempting to ground the bolt out in a metal sword driven to the ground, Kor still takes the brunt of it, and lies insensate in the corridor. This, however, creates an opening: Vash-Trun's Game traps part of Thundrazor within it, and Drizzle rips all the clouds-breath from the demon, rendering it into nothing. The demon evaporates in a wail of rage, and is no more.

Vash-Trun, no longer looking so young nor naive, turns to look at Kor as he lies upon the ground. "Well," he observes. "That turned out better than we'd planned."

Xar-Xaal says, quietly, "Mm. Yes."

Cut to black.

The Entwined Stories of Kai, Herald of Invisible Kitezh, and Throsh, the Solar Slayer Reborn as the Dead God Merkure

In Battlehymn, Kai wakes in the Damsel Messiah's bed, with her serpent coiled at its foot. Both are sleeping. Kai grabs his bundle of clothes and quietly makes it to the balcony, intending to scale down to the street below. But beneath the balcony are hundreds of worshippers. He ducks out of sight (and pulls on his pants) while he works on a plan B.

Calling upon The Story of Invisible Kitezh, he finds a secret way behind one of the tapestries, and opens it, quietly. As he makes his way through the passage in darkness, he hears through the walls two others conspiring.

"Do you think they are done yet? He seemed quite eager."
"Well, the ritual does take some time."
"She does not have much life left, here with us. If this does not produce an heir..."
"If this does not produce an heir, she will do as a martyr."
"Don't speak such things!"
"We have our ways. Worry not."

Kai struggles for a moment, but knows the Damsel Messiah is quite capable of taking care of herself; and in the end, he thinks he would make a poorer father than no father at all. So he moves on.

High in the skies over the surface of Marr'd, Throsh, the Solar Slayer, and recent murderer of Merkure, God of Wealth, hurtles into the atmosphere, pointed the wrong way entirely. His craft begins to melt around him, and the silver blood of the dead god churns angrily in his veins.

"It would be better for the both of us if I lived, you know."
"Bah! At least my final moments will be to see you burned to carbon ash!"

The craft begins to burn with the light of a new star.

"But I can spread the message of your faith. It has faded from this world."
"Hnf! Very well, there is a place where the faith is all but lost in the face of a heretic religion. Go there, and convert them."

In the skies over Battlehymn, the light grows to the fury of an angry sun. Kai emerges from an unseen opening in the wall of the palace. He looks to the sky, shielding his eyes.

"Hang on, then, my 'master'," snarls Merkure. "This will hurt a bit."

And THOOM. There is a shockwave, knocking everyone to their feet -- Kai included -- as the craft buries itself in the red desert dirt not half a mile outside Battlehymn. Kai gets to his feet and, naturally, concludes that he should go find out what did that. Throsh, meanwhile, attempts to gather himself from the monumental amounts of pain he just endured and pry himself out of the wreckage of his craft.

A lone figure (Kai) approaches him from Battlehymn, hailing him. Throsh hails him back: "I am the god Merkure, come to bring my faith to Battlehymn!" Kai's not buying it for a moment, but he decides to play along. Playing in his role as herald, Kai introduces Throsh (as Merkure) to the populace; it is a most effective introduction, and several wealthy, well-appointed types -- usually members of Merkure's flock -- approach, carefully. "Come to our place; we must not be seen here!"

The merchants hail Merkure's return, and unveil all their secret artifacts of worship. They beg for Merkure's forgiveness and assistance in bringing the faith back to Battlehymn and Hy-Brasil. Kai, quietly and elsewhere, makes sure a message makes its way to the Messiah's palace. The merchants meanwhile ask Merkure why he is keeping company with the Messiah's Impregnator. Kai returns and he and Merkure have an awkward conversation for a few minutes.

And then the knocking comes at the door. It's the Damsel Messiah with the army of the faithful at her back. Some posturing commences, with both the Damsel and Merkure demanding that each kneel to the other. It's a brief impasse, and then Throsh summons the full aspect of Merkure into him, growing to a towering height and wreathing himself in flame. He proclaims himself as the god Merkure here to bring faith back to the masses. The Damsel in turn quietly, but clearly and confidently, professes her own faith. And Kai turns to the crowd and speaks of a middle path, where both faiths might live together stronger, in unity. (As it worked out, each of these folks were targeting the crowd, and none of their goals directly opposed one another, and they all won their rolls against the crowd by a MILE. So the faith in Merkure gains a great spark, the Faithful see their zealotry well-defended, and Kai's speech on unity gives them the greatest hope of all -- for which he rolls a humanity gain test, and succeeds.) Sotto voce, Kai suggests to the Damsel that Merkure might be the way for her and her 144,000 faithful to find a way off of Marr'd and on to a place of plenty.

A proposal is made: in a few hours' time, Merkure and the Messiah will meet in a theater nearby, each taking one of its grand entrances as his or her own, entering as equals, to discuss how they might join their two faiths towards a common purpose.

Fade there.

Final Thoughts

And that's it for the play summary of tonight. It's very clear I still need to figure out how to run combat in Sorcerer, because, at least as far as the mechanical stuff went, that's the stuff I flubbed the most. Most of the rest of the speed bumps were merely a lack of familiarity that lead to a lot of page-flipping and index-referencing.

As a setting, Dictionary of Mu is bloody flawless (and flawlessly bloody). I strongly recommend that you buy this for the setting REGARDLESS of what system you might want to run it with. It's that pretty, and it's that good. It's like a pressure cooker for generating madly wonderful sword'n'sorcery chock full of bloody, brutal pulp.


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Fred, man. Man. That was beautiful.
Yeah. It kinda was. What's particularly telling for me is that despite me being *really* off my game as regards getting the system (it was my first time actually running Sorcerer, so lots of mechanic flubs, lots of page-flipping), we were still able to produce some dead-awesome storylines.

I'd like to credit the Dictionary with at least 75% of that, and so I do. Without this setting, the character concepts and situations would not sing half as strong, as loud, or as tragically beautiful.

But the significant minority to go along with that is that if nothing else, Sorcerer is very clear-eyed about how driving action like a rocket towards the Bangs keeps your story moving along and makes sure that every session has at least a few handfuls of difficult choices to be made for each character, and that, right there, is jet fuel for the engine that is Mu.


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Combat in Sorcerer is one of the most confusing things I've ever had to figure out, because what it says in the book, and what Ron does, and what Ron explains, sometimes seem like 3 different things. I've got an MS Word doc that explains it to my satisfaction--I'd be happy to e-mail it to you, but YMMV.


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Combat in Sorcerer is one of the most confusing things I've ever had to figure out, because what it says in the book, and what Ron does, and what Ron explains, sometimes seem like 3 different things. I've got an MS Word doc that explains it to my satisfaction--I'd be happy to e-mail it to you, but YMMV.
Yes please! iago AT iago DOT net.


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This is my favorite bit:

And Kai turns to the crowd and speaks of a middle path, where both faiths might live together stronger, in unity. (As it worked out, each of these folks were targeting the crowd, and none of their goals directly opposed one another, and they all won their rolls against the crowd by a MILE. So the faith in Merkure gains a great spark, the Faithful see their zealotry well-defended, and Kai's speech on unity gives them the greatest hope of all -- for which he rolls a humanity gain test, and succeeds.) Sotto voce, Kai suggests to the Damsel that Merkure might be the way for her and her 144,000 faithful to find a way off of Marr'd and on to a place of plenty.

A proposal is made: in a few hours' time, Merkure and the Messiah will meet in a theater nearby, each taking one of its grand entrances as his or her own, entering as equals, to discuss how they might join their two faiths towards a common purpose.

Fade there.
Wow, that is -so- what I wanted the game to be about, people fighting through their zealotry for hope and maybe, just maybe winning some ground in the red sands. The fight ain't over yet but that's amazing, that Kai got that shit off and his Humanity went up because of it. That makes me happy.

It is nice to see someone using the Dictionary to run a hero. Fantastic.

I can't wait to see what happens when Merkure and the Damsel Messiah meet. That should be just awesome.


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I think it will be interesting. Kai is definitely on a hero's path, but knowing Merkure's player's sensibilities, he's setting himself up for a rise in hubris and then a fall. So watching those two goals in conflict should be very entertaining.

And thanks to the DelRosso Directive, I can as a GM sit back and look at the Damsel as a potent but ultimately sacrificeable pawn (or maybe bishop) in this part of the game.



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And thanks to the DelRosso Directive, I can as a GM sit back and look at the Damsel as a potent but ultimately sacrificeable pawn (or maybe bishop) in this part of the game.

The DelRosso Directive:

"Kick this setting in the teeth."

Rob Donoghue

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Just because I have the notes:

R is playing Kai, Herald of Kitezh, the invisible city. His Demon is the forgotten story of Kitezh.
M is playing Throsh, Atlantean Slayer of Merkure, whose demon is Merkure himself, flowing through his veins.
L is playing Kar-Elud, A stygian Apprentice Sorcerer whose Demon is the spirit of his dead sister.
D is playing Fayze, an Arcadian entrusted with one of the Seals of Maar'd, now convinced that the seals must be broken and Maar'd purged in fire to welcome the next age.
F is GMing

Scene 1: Coyote Sacred
Kai sneaks out of the bedroom of the Damsel messiah through a secret door (Leaving a note). Eavesdropping on a conversation reveals that the hope is that she has been impregnated, and he has a moment of debating direction, but he leaves, certain the child would be better with no father than with a father like him.

Throsh's ship is going to crash, and he attempts to convince Merkure to help land the ship

Throsh: "Merkure, this will end badly for you as well as for me. Perhaps to resolve our differences, life should continue! "
It mostly works, but it hurts a lot, and a flaming star falls over Battle Hymn

Merkure: "There is a great faith here that silences my own. Restore me"
Kai (emerging from a tunnel): "Ah, a falling star. A good omen, or inauspicious? In theses grim times, one...OH CRAP!"​

Throsh emerges from the wreckage and surveys the scene, and roughly slouches towards Battle-Hymn

Scene 3: Fayze faces her brethren.
Fayze has recently broken the thirteenth seal holding Maar'd beneath the polar ice cap, and is in the process of trying to replace the seal with a duplicate. As she attempts this her priest-mother, priest-father and half a dozen fellow sealmates have just found her. She attempts to convince them she's trying to do the right thing and, er, fails. (-1) Her mother calls for her to be struck down and her sealmates advance, albeit hesitantly, and she pleas to them for their help, but they harden their hearts(-1), and corner her. Desperate for another way out, her demon offers, "Undermine their faith, and I will get you out of this."
She tries and says the seal (which she broke) broke on its own, and that the priest mother and father are trying to allow the seals to break. her demon continues to offer her power ("Let me in your eyes"), and she continues to refuse. Her persuasion carries enough weight that half of them put away their swords and seek to capture her without injuring her. She runs for it. She fails(-3), is beaten down, and carried off.

Scene 4: Kor-elud schemes to unseat Dra-thelor
By unseat we mean "Kill" and must also decide what to do about his two fellow apprentices.
Dra-thelor is given to grand celebrations, and this evening Kor has drugged the wine with a sleeping poison he has spent the year building up a tolerance to (+2). Kor has sent his sister to see to Dra's needs, but seeks to kill him himself with her as a distraction. Kor is waiting behind the curtain, watching them go at it, and steps out to strike as they reach climax. Dra notices him at the last minute, knocking Kor's sister off him, and Kor stabs as lighting gathers around Dra's fist(-1). Dra's lightning discharges, but Kor's strike lands true. The blow would kill a lesser man, but Dra's demon is feeding him power, so he's still standing.
Kor is crispy, and as Dra raises a fist for the deathblow, when Dra's demon speaks to Kor: "Pledge yourself to me, make me your own, and his blow shall not land."
Kor does not hesitate. (Kor is also as -4 dice)

L: I'm worried I can't quite handle three demons
M: Sure you can!
F: Your story could be over tonight depending on how much you want to leap down the pit of fate of your tiny humanity score
Kor binds the demon (Thundergall): -8!
M: I like this demon already.
As the scene ends, ThunderGall demands, "Now that we are bound together as one, feed me your classmates" (And Kor drops to Humanity 1)

Scene 5: Burning Curiosity
Kai sets off towards the crash, and encounters the mostly naked Throsh coming in the other direction. Kai offers his cloak.

Throsh: "I am MerKure, come to spread the word. Take me to this town!"
Kai's narration "He knew at once he was lying."

Throsh: "The stories you will be able to tell when our companionship is done!"
Kai: "Exactly my thinking!"

Kurossh, a merchant of Battle Hymn: "We have most certainly been hoping for your presence here in our city. The faith has been stamped out, whether through fear or conversion, I cannot say."
Throsh: "Ha! Through fear or conversion, we will restore it!"
Kurossh: *pause*
Kai: *inserting* "The Lord MerKure is mighty!"
Throsh: "This city will be bathed in gold beyond imagining when I am through!"
Kurossh: *hastily* "I am Kurossh, your ever faithful servant!"
He gets a portrait rolled out of Merkure.
Kurossh: "... I am your ever faithful servant!"
M: "How expensive does it look?"
F: "Very."
Throsh: "I am sacrificing it to my pleasure! Find me another one!"​

Only a faint stain of ash remains.

Kurossh, one of the voices Kai heard earlier, inquires why Merkure is in the company of the Impregnator. Throsh brushes him off. After Kai comes back:

Throsh: "So What's this about impregnation?"​

Scene 6: A captive audience
Fayze is in chains, behind locked doors, without windows. The demon complains that she should have let it help. It offers to show her a way out after some debate, and again asks to be let into her eyes. She continues to be creeped out, and there is some discussion. Fayze drags her feet for a while, tries the walls and doors, then concedes.

Fred's realization: "There's a lot of nudity in my game"
Fred, on the boundaries of the game: "The maybe boobies and wang, but there is no Gor"​

She lets it into her eyes, and she sees the history of the cell, and sees the hidden key. The crushing fist of Maar'd crumbles to rock covering it, and she starts unlocking her cell before the noise draws attention Overpowering her guard, the crushing fist breaks her chains, and the demon demands she find someone whose faith she can break. She seeks Braziel, the sealmate with the most questioning mind, sneaking into her chambers.

Fayze offers Braziel alliance in her plan to release the seals and bring in the next age, and reveals to her the falsehood of the teachings (+3). Braziel's faith is crushed, and she willingly signs on.

Scene 7: The Storm Gathers

L: I shall, in fact, Feed it my older classmate as an appetizer
F: Are you _trying to end your character rapidly
L: It's not like I have a lot of other options
F: You could, y'know, always make a _better_ choice.​

Your Dictionarist really just cant capture the doomedness of the conversation. Short form, with the -8 binding strength, L feels she can't say no to the demon, who wants to do very bad things, and with her Humanity of 1, that's a recipe for disaster. We're starting to suspect that L may be playing her prologue.

Kar pleads that his wounds make him weak, and give himself a few moments. he leaves the demon (now bound to the dagger) and comes upon his senior apprentice, Zarxal, in an inappropriate position with one of the Witch king's brides. They separate hastily, but their covering is interrupted by Kar's explanation of what has transpired. The debate is disdainful, but Zar is willing to deal. Kar offers Zar cover and secrecy in his, erm, current endeavor, which seems sufficient. Vash'trun, lost in his game, is much more amenable to Kar's demands, and the three apprentices.

Scene 8: A meeting of the minds
Throsh: "That is extremely disturbing."
Kai: "Indeed. And while you are a strapping specimen of a man, my interests do not lie that way."​

Throsh demand Kai lead him to the Damsel, as there's a knock on the door. Kai remarks that that might be taken care of, and they step outside to find the Damsel and all the masses at their door.

Damsel: "Kai, it seems you have left my bed to already find yourself in another's, and in a false god's at that."
Kai: "It *is* a pleasure to see you again."​

Kai: "Merkure-"
Throsh: "YES"
Kai: ".-has just arrived from the stars, skilled in their navigation."
Damsel: "A flaming vessel fell from the sky, nothing more."
Throsh: "It bore greatness and hope for this land."
Damsel: "It bore nothing more than lies."
Kai: "Look - okay - okay, look, both of you. Look - I totally know how this should play out, but you understand spaceships, right? You have a trip to make, right? Look, I'm just saying, you two could sit down and talk rather than posture in front of the army."
Damsel: "He must kneel before me!"
Throsh: "HA! I have found my voice!"
Kai: "That's right, put on a show - "
(Merkure to Throsh:" Put on no show at all!")
Throsh: "I HAVE found my voice, and she will be my prize! Merkure's greatness will be seen before all!"
R: "Okay, so much for that plan..."​

Throsh, for the record, can turn GIANT and ON FIRE. And does so.

R: "That is true, you are kinda doing what the god wants at this point."
M: "He and I have a kindred spirit; it's kind of nice..."​

Kai, Internal narration: "He paused a moment, as the moment flashed before his eyes, perhaps thinking that the affairs of gods and monsters were not the place for a simple storyteller."
Kai's Demon "You think?"​

M: "I am going to assert my greatness and insist that SHE bow as I grow into a burning pillar of awesomeness."
F: "... she is gong to resist your burning... thing..."​

M (Singing): My god is an awesome god (singing)

R: Oh! No. No, I know exactly what I'm doing.
D: What are you doing, honey?
R: I have a plan.
M: Is it A Cunning?
R: It is.
D: Is it more specific than cunning?
R: It is, ah, -
R: I am totally stepping in in response to the giant pillar of flame, in that I (Kai) announce to the crowd a middle course: "BEHOLD, EVEN GODS MUST SHOW THEIR TRUE FORM TO THE MESSIAH." Sotto voice: "Get inside." I am offering them both a chance to save face.​

The Damsel does not kneel, but doesn't get Merkure to kneel either.

All 3 of the party succeeds - the Damsel does not turn her back on her faith, Merkure impresses the crowd strongly, and Rob's middle ground came off.

F: "It's a smashing success for all three of you, with the Impregnator -"
R: "Man, I gotta do something about that name -"
F: "Managing to calm everyone down."​

... and Kai, who has 6 humanity, GAINS, a point of humanity.
F: "You have created a new faith, which is a thing of home, and saved an old faith from destruction, which is hope... not a bad thing."
D turns to L, who both have 2 humanity, "We need to do something like that."​

Kai's demon: "At that point, he knew that he would not be leaving Battlehym anytime soon."
Kai's Narration: "If only there were not a man, eighteen feet tall and on fire, this would be an excellent time to speak to the crowd."

M: "you can't blame me for trying."
D, suspicious: "Is that going to be your catch phrase for this game?"
Morgan, deadpan, "Absolutely not."

F: Unfortunately, the people who have hope are getting more hope; the people who don't are kinda plummeting."
D: I'm not plummeting! I resisted!
F: That is true.
L: I don't plummet so much as meander.
D: Or, you know... *drive*.​

Kai pushes for a negotiated settlement. The damsel insists this is not a place to meet, and calls for Merkure to come to the Palace. Kai suggests a neutral ground,a great theater in town with two entrances. They negotiate both gods coming out side by side, separately, each getting what they want.

Some struggling ensues to get the keybord away from D, who is much more interested in other people's pain than her own forthcoming badness.

Scene 9: This is Going Too Well
Breziel helps Fayze fid a way to the exit, slipping pas the guards. All seems in the clear, and they are heading for the gate, when an arrow protrudes from Breziel's chest, and pursuers appear

Breziel: "Don't leave me"​

Fayze picks her up and tries to run, but Breziel is slowing her down. Fayze attempts to smash the wall (+2), knocks a big enough hole to get them both through and flees into the woods, taking Breziel to a cave she knows.
(Mechanical issue: We realize we have _no_ idea to determine how strong a gate is, and how much it needs to be damaged)
A rumble can be heard from the direction she came from, but it fades in time. She attempts to treat the wound.

Fayze: "Only the truly faithful shall be healed. Do you believe?"
Breziel: *Reaches up and touches her face* "I believe in you"

The roll fails, Fayze looks to summon a demon, Breziel's last words before passing out are "I Don't blame you"

Fayze looks through the past and digs up the acorn of a long dead tree(+1), calling forth it spirit, it asks where she will make fertile, and she responds with "Her" (+1). Fayze places the Acorn in her mouth and binds it (+1). She swallows, her eyes fly open and her wound closes, and she looks at Fayze with newfound clarity and says "I believe"

Scene 10: Three Wise Men?
Three apprentices enter the room with an angry electric knife. The other apprentices prove to be somewhat more able than expected, and all three and their demons dogpile Thundregall, though it seem (supplemented by it's egregious binding strength) it may be too powerful for them. Many dice are rolled, Kar is knocked very nearly unconscious but Thundergall is defeated.

As Kar rolls on the floor, the other apprentices look over at him and remark "That worked out better than we expected" Brandishing his game, a demon, he asks "Should I put him in my game?"

*Curtain draws*


M: "If I don't leave the game with the damsel as my silver idol, I will be very sad"
R: "That might go badly."

-Rob D.
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