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Dipping a toe in after a 30 year Hiatus!


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Hey All!

Greetings from the North Shore of Boston!
I was an avid RPGer in High School (in the early to middle 1980's) but tapered off and stopped playing. I read avidly for a few more years, then life stopped it pretty much Altogether.
Was a big fan of AD&D, Call of Cthulhu, Runequest, Ars Magica, Stormbringer, Traveller 2300, Traveller, and Fudge.

My son and brother in law turned me on to Numinera and FATE, and I picked up the latest CoC rules (Happy to see it alive and doing VERY well).

I always loved playing unusual characters - my favorite Fantasy character was a Half-Orc magic user, that specialized in creating artifacts that Dwarves would mistake for some of their own. The Half-Orc usually would roll poorly in strength and Constitution and unusually well in Intelligence and Charisma so would tend towards upside down. Kind of like an Obese Elf. Love playing unusual flawed.

Anyway "HI" to the group.


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Hello, and welcome!

Take a look at the new edition of RuneQuest from Chaosium. The rules are pretty similar but the art/production is incredible!

Ars Magica is at 5e, and the publisher has semi-retired it... No new edition planned, no new supplements anticipated; but many of them can still be bought in hardcopy & all (afaik) in PDF. Even if it's not "growing" it has a huge catalog if you're just getting back into the game. 4e can be had legit-for-free in PDF!

Traveller lives at Mongoose Games these days (more or less), and is out in a 2e. There's an interesting thread on "Tabletop Roleplaying Open" about alternate games when you have that Traveller hunger.

Stormbringer/Elric is no longer a licensed setting but the core ruleset is still available under the MagicWorld title.
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For older...er... gamers with more life experience, I recommend Savage Worlds. It is a great time saver for people who have lots of other stuff going on (job, family, etc.). It is not as crunchy as some of the games I played in my youth but has enough crunch to keep it interesting.


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Welcome back to the hobby bromo33333 bromo33333 ! I started in my early teens in the mid 1980s, and kicked around for a decade with rpgs, then took a good decade break before returning. The past few years have seen a minor rebirth in the hobby, although many of the old games are either still about in some shape or form, or are returning with rebooted editions. Lots of new names about as well.

I see you mentioned two BRP games in your list of previous rpgs you were involved with.
If considering BRP as an option, yet wanting a more simple version, then the indie game OpenQuest is pretty good in terms of mechanics.

OpenQuest is not considered rules-lite, but it's certainly not far off. Very trimmed and straight-forward version of the BRP system.
Great for classic fantasy dungeon-crawling about the same complexity as D&D 5E, perhaps a tad simplier in some ways, good for light-hearted adventure romps.
Only a small ammount of resources published for it, but it's easy to port any D&D module into it (lots of old school D&D adventures floating around on the 'net to pillage from)
It is not produced by Chaosium however, you need to go to the 'D101 Games' webpage to order a physical copy (digital copies available on Drivethru.RPG)

If wanting to go in for old school crunchy BRP, then I agree that RuneQuest: Adventures In Glorantha is a great option, considering it's been recently rebooted and lots of supplements are on the horizon. It's mechanically a cross between RQ2 and Pendragon, and it's very tied to the setting of Glorantha.
Crunchy mechanics, lots of fiddly dials, but still very intuitive, and in a very immersive game world setting. Glorantha is very addictive if you go down the rabbit hole!

For a more modern game, Fate Core is really great.
It's a generic system that can portray a wide range of settings, from Pulp Action thru to Horror to Gritty Fantasy. Don't let the child-like artwork put you off, it plays as gritty and mature as you want it to be. There is only a few resources for it on the shelves, although lots of small micro-settings available in digital form, often showing how the system can work so differently with a huge variety of settings and genres.
It does work a bit differently from more traditional games, the Fate Point economy and Aspects do take time to get your head around. However I have found its one of the best all round systems, and its an essiential part of my GM Kit these days.
It certainly has been a noteworthy game in recent years, although, like everything, it's not to everyone's tastes.
But definately a system I would recommend.
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