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Discord - Yoon Suin/OSR - GM - Seeking Players

Alice Teniel

New member
Play Location/Method: Discord Voice
Game System: Any reasonably simple OSR system (they're all similar enough) using Yoon Suin sourcebook
: Preferably every weekend but that will depend on player schedules. Weekdays are available as well if that is more convenient for some.
Genre: OSR Sword & Sorcery Asia (think Clark Ashton Smith's Asian-influenced stories
Current Needs: Players. Preferably 4-6, as that is the traditional party size for D&D, and because OSR systems are lethal enough to make higher player counts desirable for the sake of avoiding TPKs, but I'm not married to that number.
Accept Drop-In Players Yes,. The game will be structured like an old pulp short story series, whch means time gaps and a changing character roster are fully genre appropriate.
Accept Spectators: Sure I suppose, but it's not going to be on a public server or anything so I don't suspect many want to go to the toruble of contacting me just to be spectators. If you do though, you're welcome.
Campaign/Setting: Weird sword and sorcery Asia.. PCs are a band of adventurers (native or foreigner or both) newly arrived in the Yellow City (think Braavos if it was run by the Hutts). Sandbox style so could go anywhere from there. The only major wrinkle is that arcane magic is generally going to be based on either summoning and enslaving magical entities, or crafting magical items. PC arcanists may be allowed , but only with appropriate concepts that fit the sword and sorcery tone. Divine magic mechanically unchanged. If you have the Yoon Suin book, feel free to roll up a native, otherwise play a foreigner.

PM if interested and I'll give you my Discord info.
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