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Disney Cancels Original Films, Orders More Reboots from Fox


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His special effects work is the most immersive blend of real and digital that has made it to film. Things have weight and momentum, look as good as the real things going on around them and blend in with the already existing camera work as if they were there.

I get excited everytime it is mentioned and maybe it will work out post merger, although I hope someone else writes the screenplay.
Fingers crossed. Supposedly James Cameron has made comments that could be obliquely interpreted to mean that he's keen to give Blomkamp a shot, and if anyone is going to nail the look and mood of Alien's Used Future Truckers In Space aesthetic its going to be Blomkamp.

Worst case scenario, we get a very interesting failure of a film and I'll take an ambitious flop over a bland success any day if the week. Best case scenario we get another District 9 with a better budget.


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The movie industry will soon split in two. Big tent-pole blockbusters will go to theaters, and the little things will go to streaming. I’m not sure how it could go any other way at this point.
I’ve been wondering if we might see a big rise in arthouse and back-catalog theaters. Given you can get a 4K projector for a few grand, and a lot of the distributors already have pretty well established arms for dealing with small-time back-catalog showings...I mean, hell, I’ve been seeing a decent few news articles about straight-up video rental stores coming back in a lot of towns, just because people want the damn interaction involved in picking out an old movie off the shelf instead of just letting Netflix autoplay their latest Original.


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"Cancel everything approved by the guy I replaced" is unfortunately a pretty old tradition in the movie and television world.
Fox had a $170 million write-down and finished with the lowest U.S. market share of any of its rivals, right after Disney acquired it
I don't think there will ever be a time where I can read this and don't think "will you people ever grow up?", only laced with more profanity and references to either insecurity or a corporate culture that promotes internal dog eat dog. So much energy wasted.
In this case, it wasn't a case of Disney execs acting childish, they are making very hard-nosed and sensible moves to get an acquisition who's products failed so hard they forced the parent company to take a write-down, back on it's financial feet. "Cancel everything approved by the guy I replaced" is the smart move when the guy you replaced approved mega-bombs like DARK PHOENIX.
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