[DL-Key of Destiny]Tearing up the tracks.


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Hi all,

I've recently been reading through the "Key of Destiny" adventure for Dragonlance Age of Mortals and a few things have been bugging me.

Firstly let me say that I'm really grooving on this adventure, it has some awesome locations, villians, encounters, and overall a really nice plot. I think it would be great fun to run except...

It seems a tad too railroady. Now, I can stand some railroading; I think SteveD said it best, (paraphrase) "Nobody minds railroading if the view from the car is nice and the destination is awesome town."

But the modual seems to be really weak in the motovation dept. Pretty the PCs have a magic thingie and there are some prophisies about said thingie and the PCs have to go do stuff... because...


You see where I am.

Does anyone have any ideas for how to make this a little more 'compelling'?

I was thinking the good old "YOUR BEING CHASED!!!!11!" but I would like something a little cooler.

Has anyone who has run this have any good advice?

Does anyone have any generic tricks to "de-rail" an adventure?

Thanks in advance!


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Well, I tend to rely pretty heavily on my players if I want to go somewhere and don't know how to get there. I actually go to them, give them SteveD's (in)famous quote and say "I'm pretty sure this module is awesome town. How come your characters are going there?"

Then I usually get a batch of heroic type PC's who just want to do the right thing, and some of whom 'just feel right' when they're following the guidelines of the plot. I even had one who's motivation was 'be a big damn hero'. It worked out, cause he was always on the lookout for a quest that would make his name as a hero.
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