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[DMsGuild] Curse of the Gumdrop Ooze - Revised & Expanded Out Now!


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Curse of the Gumdrop Ooze was originally released on Feb 15th, National Gumdrop Day! It has just been re-released in Revised & Expanded form at the Dungeon Masters Guild!

This adventure features three new monsters -- the Candy Hag, and two of its candy-coated minions, the vile Gumdrop Ooze and the savage Crul, all created by Matt Butler -- and seven encounter locations that are fully developed with tactics, obstacles, terrain features, and even a few customized NPCs! New plot hooks and terrifying curses have been added, scaling options now allow this adventure to work for all levels 1 through 4, and there's even family-friendly conversions so you can run this adventure with kids and grown-ups of nearly any age!

Curse of the Gumdrop Ooze is just one of many releases updated by Tim Bannock to include cleaner layout, more options, expanded design, and more. Check out all of Tim's releases on DMsGuild today!
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