IC Doctor Who: Doom of the TARDIS

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OOC: And I'm back! Sorry about that, everyone. Bad cold and mental health gubbins both hitting at the same time did not make for the ability to make coherent posts, or for remembering how opposed rolls actually work.

Bartek and Ace
Innes nods. "Keep low, no sudden movements. We don't want them to notice us leave." He nods at the soldiers, and at the official who is stumbling through the smoke. "Once we get to the crowd, run like the dickens."

OOC: Ok, so that's an Awareness (or Co-ordination, probably) + Subterfuge roll to sneak to the edge of the cloud, or Co-ordination + Athletics to just make a run for it. Either way, you get +5 because of the smoke and confusion.

If they spot you, the soldiers are going to try and shoot, so that'd be shooting through the smoke (Awareness 3 + Marksman 3): 2d6+3+3=12. Let's keep things simple and have them act as a unit for now.

If the official in the smoke with you spots you, he'll try and tackle you (which he is terrible at): tackling the runners (Awareness 2 + Fighting 0): 2d6+2+0=12. Huh.

Finally, if the officials in the crowd spot you, they'll order you to stop or make some sort of threat, which counts as a social attack: demanding that you halt (Awareness 2 + Convince 0): 2d6+2+0=10. Actually, they should have a -2 from Lysa's intervention, which puts them at 8. I don't think they'll be troubling you, somehow.

I'll hold off on rolling for Innes until you guys have rolled.


OOC: Excellent. I think you've convinced the people there that someone's done a runner from the scene, including the officials, but some of them are still paying some attention to the kraals (because it's a big exciting smoky exploding thing, and people love a show). The crowd's attention is sort of split, giving the others a chance to blend in. Is there anything else you want to do while the others are making their escape?

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Bartek nodded and then ran...there was no way a figure of his side wasn't going to seen....getting into the smoke and through was his best bet.

OOC: Co-ordination 4 ( -3 on land) : 1 + Athletics 2 + Roll 5 +5 because of the smoke and confusion. = 13


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Ace dashes through the smoke with haste, but looks back to make sure Barty, Innes and Jorge are OK, ready to help them if needed.

OOC: http://orokos.com/roll/727250 , 21, pretty good! Ace uses her 'Yes, and' to help out any of her friends that might be having problems getting away.


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Lysa tries to fade back into the crowd and slip away so she can rejoin the others.

OOC: coordination 6 subterfuge 4 sneaking 2: 2d6+12 22 Dunno if I also get the +5 but I think I'm in pretty good shape.

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OOC: First up, let's roll for Jorge and Innes.
Jorge: Running through the smoke: 2d6+3+3=14.
Innes: Sneaking through the smoke: 2d6+4+1=11.

Actually, those rolls aren't quite right, as Jorge and Innes should both have the +5 bonus from the smoke. So that's 19 and 16 respectively. Which is a shame, it would have been interesting to shoot Innes a bit.

I reckon Lysa's roll can be opposed against the officials in the crowd's absolutely woeful 8, which is a 'Yes, and'. Any ideas for it?

Ok, here's how I think this looks:

Bartek takes off running, and the soldiers' guns crack as they shoot at the suddenly moving shape in the smoke. Panicked, Jorge uncurls from the floor and barrels after Bartek. The shots don't connect, but Bartek stumbles a little as Jorge charges past him.

Moving more carefully, Ace and Innes make their way through the smoke cover. A dark shape looms out of the smoke - a man with a black satchel lunges at Innes, but Ace deftly trips him, and the man goes stumbling off in the wrong direction. As Ace moves, she realises that by waving her arms she can sort of waft the smoke around, making it billow away from her. The soldiers notice the movement of the smoke and fire wildly at it - distracting them from Bartek and hitting nothing but empty air.

Bartek gets back up and carries on running. Jorge has already reached the crowd and just kept on going, shoving past the onlookers and prompting cries of alarm and anger. So the crowd is a little distracted when Bartek arrives.

"He went that way," offers a man in the crowd helpfully, pointing down the street at Jorge's retreating form.

Ace and Innes move under cover of the smoke as the wind catches it and blows it towards the crowd. As the gust clears, they are both safely surrounded, looking for all the world as though they've been there the whole time. Without noticing, they're standing near Lysa, who is close enough to lean over and tap Ace on the shoulder.
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