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Domain level play experiences and advice?

Matt Sheridan

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I'm all about 1. It reinforces the subject matter, and doesn't try to just look like a fantasy RPG cover. Obviously, 2 does the same thing, but 1 works better for me.


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For anyone who is interested I've uploaded the Beta version of the domain rules to my Patreon. It's a free download and open to the public. I've used the Rules Cyclopedia as a starting point. Some of what I have done includes:

*Clarified rules for retainers, and explained how they become useful once domain level play begins.
*Tied land values to terrain type, rather than having the values randomly determined, but also allowed for additional resources to be discovered during play than can add to a hex's land value.
*Included some differing complexity options for determining income.
*Included rules for urban settlements.

The rules are very much tied to B/X but should be applicable to pretty much all OSR systems with similar economic assumptions.
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