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I was listening to Leonard Cohen's Joan of Arc, and while a lot of interesting things can be discussed about the song, I won't get into them. What inspired this post was a couple of lines: and then she clearly understood, if he was fire then oh, she must be wood, along with the fact I'd been reading Exalted books.

In Exalted, Dragon Blooded are broken up into five aspects, Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Wood. I figure that their fiction has conventions for how relationships go. Like the Realm's Shakespeare analogue probably made Romeo and Juliet Fire and Air aspects, because their filled with hot passion (from the fire part), wild (airy) ideas, and are destined to burn bright and then flare out. Not that there's got to be any truth in it, but someone picking up a romance novel would want to see the aspects involved on the back cover to know if it's their style or not.

I haven't read all the Exalted books, and maybe this is discussed in The Manual of Exalted Fictitious Authors or something, but here's some possible conventions:

Fire-Wood pairings are tragedies; the Wood is expected to burn out in a gesture to make the Fire stronger.

Earth-Wood couples are ones where the Earth is expected to provide support as the Wood flourishes like a tree in the soil.

Water-Air relations are considered stormy when they go bad. When they're good, the couple still becomes hard to understand, like a fog.

Fire and Air are considered explosive, raising each other to new heights and burning themselves out.

Fire and Earth relations are like ceramics, sometimes strong and beautiful, always fragile.

Wood-Water romances are sprawling things, like a well watered plant. Healthy relations involve bringing in a lot of others; unhealthy ones are smothering.
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