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[Dragon Quest] The role of monsters?


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I never really played much of the early Dragon Quest except for the first one and a bit of the second. In those, it seemed monsters were primarily there for fighting.

But has this stance on monsters changed over time? Some of the more recent ones I've played depict some monsters as being friendly and helpful to humans. About when in the series did that start?


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In DQ IV you met a friendly Heal Slime/Healer who joins you for a brief period. I *think* that's the first instance of a friendly monster.

DQ V makes random friendly monsters into more of a core part of the game experience.


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I'm only familiar with Dragon Quest Builders 1 and 2 and in the first there is usually a friendly monster you can add to your town and a few small monster societies who are neutral to friendly to humans and give tutorial help.

Spoilers for DQ2 all the way to the final 'chapter'
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While there are still a number of neutral/friendly monsters, you eventually unlock the ability to recruit monsters to your town a number of whom come with additional abilities for transport, town life, or terraforming.

Act 4 features you helping an entire town's worth of monsters from the apocalypse.
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