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[dREAL] praise thread


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I would just like to state here, publicly, how very much I like the intention behind (and, for the most part, the execution of) _dREAL_, morgue's non-heroic OGL ruleset. I really like the possibilities inherent in non-adventure "mainstream literature"roleplaying; and while I'm sure it wouldn't be commercial enough to justify it, I'd love to see (and would buy) a published edition of the game.


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holy boy! praise! thank you, FredH!

i am very happy that you like the intention behind dREAL (which, for those reading this bumped thread, is basically 'a version of d20 suitable for games about ordinary people').

Playtesting and many readers have turned up some useful suggestions and edits and a new version will someday emerge.

Also, some kind souls, RPGnet's Gregor among them, have offered to help with the formatting/visual design so it isn't just a block of hundreds of pages of text.

A dREAL Lite is mostly ready too. I'm really happy with the whole dREAL thing so far.

I think what's needed to accompany is a guide to using it. Running games around 'ordinary people' can be quite tricky, and the rewards are less obvious. But it can be great fun. Read Providence Summer thread, also in my sig, for one example.


~`morgue (feeling all happy'n'stuff)

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Apols if this thread necromancy is inappropriate ... but I thought it was better than starting a new topic.

I've been conversing with Morgue the last few days and I have sent him back his dREAL lite text as a 12-page, fully formatted and typeset PDF.

Morgue's looking at it and going over it with his red pen. I don't know if he wants to make it available for comment now, or in the next few weeks. Morgue?

From reading through it I think it's a very nice ruleset. It has clearly defined boundaries and gives a class-less, level-less OGL ruleset.

I've made a few notes to morgue on things he could add (maybe making it a 16-page file), but it is perfectly ready to be used as is.

So if you want a non-heroic, "realistic" kind of simple OGL then this could be for you.

(Oh, and by OGL I mean the sort with a twenty-sider *wink*)


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I think I'll wait to put dREAL lite (the superlight version of dREAL max in my sig! ad text ad text! etc!) out there until it's "done" - which should be early next week. I've scrawled all over the first half already.

While you wait, you should go and check out Gregor's wonderful Elegant Role Playing system, on his roleplaying page. (Er, or the Sheryl Crowe roleplaying game on the same page, of course...)
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