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Dresden Files RPG GM help!

C.J Peters

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Hey all! I need some advice/suggestions! So I am running a Dresden Files RPG set in fairly standard Dresdenverse (with a few minor alterations) that extends up until Small Favor. It's set in Portland, Oregon which is currently dominated by the Red Court vamps. They rule from the Shanghai tunnels beneath the city and basically have full control of what goes on. There's also a group/cult of warlocks hiding from the White Council who have a sort of understanding with the reds. The Red Court stronghold keeps the white council out of Portland for the most part making it a relatively safe place for practitioners of black magic. There is also an extremely prominent drug lord who the reds also have their claws in. He deals Red Court saliva along with other drugs and pays tribute to the vamps with humans for livestock, money and pretty much whatever else they want.
One of my players is a psychomancer of a time or two who is trying to turn away from dark magic. Though he knows that the White Council won't care about his current intentions only about his previous actions, so he is hiding from them as well but he is not apart of the cult. One of my other characters is a pure mortal and the other is a focused practitioner from the middle east who illegally immigrated to the U.S and has only recently discovered her magic. The last character has made deals with a handmaiden of the Summer Lady, who we named Sanaura, and has chosen a high concept of emissary of the summer court. So in conclusion none of them really have any backing from the main players of the supernatural world except for the Emissary.
My players just got done with a huge conflict with the Red Court vamps. During the exchange my players had been granted safe passage but the Emissary cast down a burst of sunlight through the entire house and burned a bunch of the vamps (in self defense, but the vamps "technically didn't attack first") breaking the Unseelie accords. My group got away from the vamps by a miracle of lucky dice rolls but now they're enemies of the Red Court and Sanaura heard about the Emissary's stunt. (Oops!)
I was hoping to get some advice on how Sanaura could react. She wouldn't be happy with him for breaking the Accords and making her look bad. I want there to be some pretty hefty consequences to complicate the players lives and make things interesting, but I've never been good at playing the Fae. I need Sanaura to be sweet, manipulative, and subtle but incredibly dangerous (she's almost equal in power to Lea from the winter court) Any suggestions on what I should have her do to him?
(Also I only just started Changes and haven't read past that, so no spoilers please!)
Thank you!!

Commander Pulsar

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Welcome, and I hope you're having fun with DFRPG, my groups have always had a whole bunch of fun. For my money, the Summer Court, when it's mad, is all about "Too Much of a Good Thing." Need healing? Sure, those cells will grow back and grow back and... oh, that's cancer? Sorry. Our Bad. Helpful and Sweet is right on. Send brownies to clean their home, and rearrange everything, especially their alchemical lab. "Those reagents were very dangerous, so we disposed of them." Round the clock pixie surveillance.

Breaking the Accords means they get no protection. Vampires attacking the Summer Court stronghold? To arms--oh, wait. They're attacking those guys? Well, that's okay, try not to smash a lot of furniture. Hmm, Red Court Vamps setting an ambush, d'you think we should tell them? .... no.


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Well, I think the fae would be more disappointed by the sloppiness of it than actually angry about some vampires being burned or even necessarily the retribution. She expects her emissary to have wherewithal to force their enemies to violate the accords before they destroy the vampires so that their actions are covered. I would think Sansura would require that her emissary prove they're still worthy to hold that position. Probably by surviving something brutal, accomplishing some goal, or dealing with the vampires in question.

I might give some version of, "I am disappointed in you. My emissary needs to be competent enough not to embroil me in petty sqquables because they cannot defend themselves while adhering to the absolute letter of the law. You will need to resolve this matter on your own. Make amends or your destroy your enemies, I care not, but do not let them bother my affairs. To aid you in this matter, I am placing a mark upon you that will allow you sense any red court vampire within three leagues of you. It will pierce almost any veil or disguise. Of course, I can not be seen to be siding with a violator of the accords, so this mark will similarly allow them to detect you. That should bring the matter to a swift conclusion."

The player will now have to regularly engage or elude vampires, but will at least have warning that it's coming. They will need to take some initiative to resolve the dispute with the red court.
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