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Dresden Files (the game) without Dresden Files (the setting)


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Hm. As I said, it feels like standard high-fantasy wizardry to me
What counts as "standard" for you? Like I say, every single novel/series or RPG I can think of has a different magic system from all the others... some throw raw power around, others have predefined spell lists, and yet others provide some mix of both... and in all cases, you can find countless variations over how they work. In some systems, the price of using your power is simply fatigue - in others it corrupts your soul, drives you mad, or puts you in debt to gods or demons or other higher powers. Sometimes you can throw cataclysmic power around while engaged in hand-to-hand combat, sometimes that kind of thing needs complex and slow rituals, and sometimes you can't do it at all, limited to lower scales

Point is, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to magic systems. The Dresden Files one is good for emulating the kind of magic used in the novels, but it's not going to cover all of the ideas I describe above...
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