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That was some episode.

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I think I am getting really tired of the monster isn't really a monster storylines. I get why it wasn't for the new episode, but can't we have some slavering beast just be a monster?!?
Well, there have been a few episodes where we've had the genuine article.

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To wit,

- the luck vampire from "The House of the Lucky Gander!"
- Toth-Ra from "The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra!" (with extra irony points!)
- Briar and Bramble from "The Missing Links of Moorshire!" and
- the plant thing from "The Town Where Everyone Was Nice!"

all were genuine monsters.


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Goddamn DVR decided to quit recording five minutes early. Or Disney screwed up somehow.

Probably the latter, given everything else with this series.

Anyway, I caught references to 127 Hours and The Martian. What else was there?


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The episode was only 25 minutes long and then they had a Mickey short.

Were the natives of Planet Moon in the comics?

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Della is most certainly Donald's sister.

Edit: And did know Brewster has such a good singing voice.
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