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Dune board game - is it worth it?


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It is considered one of the classics and there is a reason FFG reskinned it.

It held up remarkably well in the 40 years since it came out.

It is not my favorite game but if it gets pulled out I am not saying no to playing it. I would say it is easily worth the $50 for it.


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I have only played the tweaked and reskinned Rex, which is a good game IMO. But it's not for everyone. It was not a big of a hit in our group as it was with us, and if some of the players don't really get it, then the game can get kind of wrecked because the balance between factions is ruined. One player in particular became more of a tool for other people to use and then discard, which is funny once as a cautionary event, but kind of sad when they still don't get how to advance their board position or win versus sacrifice all their stuff so someone else can clean up later.

Also, the game length is pretty unpredictable, which is a detriment when slotting it in for an evening. It can grind out slowly or end in turn 1 with more time spent on set up than play.

There's a reason why its a classic game that people want to release again. But it is a very unfriendly game.
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