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[Dungeon Crawl Classics] Aereth? Aereth. Aereth!!!


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I have never played the DCC RPG, although I bought a copy recently. However, I have both played and run TONS of the 3.X adventures they published and found them excellent.

I also own and make heavy, weird use of #35 Gazeteer of the Known Realms. It describes their campaign setting of Aereth.

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It is literally 979 pages in PDF.

As a person that hates 95% of RPG content ever made (which is even more than Sturgeon's law dictates), I personally think that Aereth is hot buttery awesome on golden fucking toast. It is so, so, so, so, so good. It is my favorite D&D/generic fantasy setting ever in the history of ever.

Pardon my enthusiasm.

Has anyone else ever seen or used this product or am I the only weirdo crying himself to sleep at night thinking about how great it is?
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I saw this box set in a bookstore once and thought about picking it up... I was kicking myself for not doing so within minutes of driving away from the store. It did indeed look cool.

There's not a lot about it online... Could you give us 10 bulletpoints about what makes the setting unique and interesting?


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There's a not terribly enthusiastic review of it here, and I believe that it was touched on in the "Let's Read All the Dungeon Crawl Classics" thread. Here, and here.
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I own the original boxed set, and yes, I can attest, it's hot buttery awesome on golden fucking toast......laced with cocaine.


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No, but really, it's that good, eh? Do tell us more about this buttered toast of a setting.
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