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Dwarf Fortress To Be Released On Steam and Itch.io


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Tarn did a reddit AMA:

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions:

Extended mouse support? There will definitely be some improvement here. We haven't promised to get down into the deepest menus yet as it might become overwhelming, but the top-level fort mode actions will be much improved. This includes clickable menus and also better abilities to select digging designations and other areas with the mouse etc.

Doing in-game labor management, a la therapist? This has always been tied up in future workshop and guilds etc. rewrites, so we'll likely not try to tackle this now. We will a chance to make some of the overall labor issues more solvable, and will look at stuff like finding out why your miners aren't working or fort happiness levels.

DFHack into main game? I'm not sure is encompassed by that -- DFHack is capable of many, many things.

UI Abstraction? Writing a full API is going to be beyond of the scope of what we can do here. That said, there's going to be some more control of how things work and are arranged, but I won't know how much until I'm well into the main screen rewrite.

Multitile creatures? The larger creatures will not be in multiple tiles this time in terms of game mechanics. They are just allowed to spread out a little beyond their tile visually since we have a chance to do that now. True multitile creatures is a much larger and harder problem.

Adventure mode more understandable? We'll have to be more specific in the questions. Just having graphics should really help, and even before the Steam release, there will be some changes here and there. Certainly just after the Steam release, when we are doing the pre-magic items left on dev, we have a lot to do there in terms of navigation etc., if that's what you mean.

Old music and movie? Dwarf Fortress Classic will have my music and the old movie and so forth. People with DF in their Steam library will also have access to these in Classic. For the main Steam/itch version, we really wanted to do a full conversion to something more accessible. I'm not actually sure what's going to happen to the opening movie! It might still be the same or not or somewhere in between.


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Well that's disappointing, since he's earned millions and possibly is poised to earn more millions a good UI being beyond the scope of the commercial version feels a bit meh.

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Toady has always seen DF as his hobby. I hope that the Kitfox people see the value of turning it into a sellable product.
Hopefully without Toady having to compromise too much.
DF's wierdness that comes from being a single-person Project with some ah... questionable priorities, as Always been part of its charm


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Honestly, I've always found Dwarf Fortress' UI to be perfectly usable, and it being replaced with a new, "streamlined" one is one of the few things that could make me give up on the game for good.


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I think a lot of what trips up new players isn't UI issues as in "clunky menus" and such, but odd quirks of how the game world is structured. Like if you have a dwarf dig away stone tiles, are those tiles then empty? No, they have floors. That ground you're seeing is part of the tile you dug out, not the tile below it. The tile+floor structure provides a lot of value, and actually makes things more intuitive in many situations - it prevents you from accidentally digging out the floor of a room above where you're working, for example - but it's easy to get confused about the nuances of how it works.

The difficult part is making the system understandable while also keeping the complexity and power that has made DF's existing fanbase love it. And to be clear, this is really difficult: Dwarf Fortress is forging through mostly uncharted territory rather than sticking close to what other games do, so it can't borrow solutions to its problems from other games. The solutions it needs don't exist yet.


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Well that's disappointing, since he's earned millions and possibly is poised to earn more millions a good UI being beyond the scope of the commercial version feels a bit meh.
Even assuming it's plural millions, that's not very much money when spread across a decade or more, especially when self-employed and having to cover both healthcare and retirement costs.


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Eh, split among two people? A few million is about what you'd expect to make over a lifetime of earnings. Over a decade, that's decent but not amazing. But I'd also like to see some cites for "plural millions", as I was under the impression DF's donation scheme was not nearly so successful as that.
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