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E3 2018


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Almost there...


Have to say I'm pretty hyped to find out more on Ghost of Tsushima .

Really hope they didn't have to infuse it with magic or the supernatural or something.

Also looking forward to Cyberpunk news. And amusement at the comparisons with the tabletop game.
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I'm pretty deep into camp Sony for this generation. Their exclusives have been amazing for the most part and I hope to see a continuation of that (and with TloU2, Spider-man and Ghost of Tsushima it seems they won't disappoint). There have been some rumors going around that a sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn might be announced. I'm not really expecting it myself just yet... probably next year.

I'm also looking forward to some Cyberpunk news. CD Projekt Red doing something other than the Witcher is something I've been waiting years for AND I'm a big fan of the cyberpunk genre in general, so win-win for me.

There's a pretty decent chance that the next Mortal Kombat will be announced as well and I love me some Mortal Kombat.

E3 always has some nice surprises up its sleeve so this should be a fun weekend.


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There are some sales going on too related to E3 for PlayStation.

The Skyrim VR bundle for $250... tempting.


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So, Sony has dropped two new announces:
Tetris Effect, a VR Tetris game from the guy behind REZ and Vib Ribbon:

Twin Mirror, an adventure/horror/mystery game where you return to your hometown for an event, and wake up with a major hangover, no memory of the previous night, and a shirt covered in blood:


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SNK is showing off their little retro thing, aren't they? I'm interested in that.

A new season of Killer Instinct would be nice.

I've... kind of fallen off of gaming this go 'round. I hope there's something for everyone though.


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I don't know if SNK is showing off anything at E3. They are doing an online presentation on the Neo Geo Mini this Saturday, though.


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I'm interested in seeing the Division 2, Fallout 76 and Battlefield V.

Xbox is having a sale for E3 and I picked up Bf4 (for 12 for everything) again and boy I forgot how great it was. Battlefield 1 just pales to it in every way (except graphics).
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