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So lately I've been enjoying Eclipse Phase (a game where you try to stop everything going wrong) and Fiasco (a game where everything goes wrong, all the time, forever), and like everything else I enjoy from fruit juice to eskimos, I've decided to try and combine them! I figured I'd post this up to share it and maybe see what people who have played both and can offer suggestions think. I'm going to run this with my Eclipse Phase group in a couple days and I am kind of hoping they destroy the city but who knows!

Somewhere in Noctis-Qianjiao is basically about a Firewall mission that starts in the PCs' neck of the woods and the Sentinels and bystanders who make a complete mess of everything. The actual mission and who's actually in Firewall is going to be up to the players.

Spoiler: Show

"The strength of Firewall rests in its members, known as sentinels. Found in all factions and across all locales, sentinels are often diametrically opposed when it comes to social, economic, and political ideologies, to the point they might come to blows over their fervent beliefs. Yet when the survival of transhumanity is at stake, such extreme differences are set aside for the greater good."
- Eclipse Phase, super secret gamemastering chapter

Firewall has specialists for everything. There are security specialists who can kill anything, corporate bigshots feeding funds and information to their proxies, scientists studying things most transhumans can't comprehend... whether it's infosec, data smuggling or just someone who can play the cello really well, if Firewall could possibly need it, they have highly-trained Sentinels primed and ready to go at a moment's notice.

Unfortunately, none of those guys are available right now. Except maybe the cellist.

Something big is going down, and it all starts in your little neighbourhood of Noctis-Qianjiao. You might not be perfect for the job, but imperfect and nearby will have to do in a pinch. Not a good time? Tough shit, buddy - you knew the risks when you signed up, and if you don't fix it you're probably fucked anyway. So suck it up, join up with the other Sentinels you've probably never even met, and try not to turn this into a fiasco.

(Note: This playset was originally written up for a souk in Noctis-Qianjiao, but I left the neighbourhood's location vague so it can be dropped in anywhere.)

Spoiler: Show
1 Friends
1 Friendly rivals
2 Old buddies
3 Corporate drones
4 Faction buddies
5 Crime buddies
6 Fuck buddies

2 Romance
1 Former lovers
2 Current lovers
3 One-night stand
4 Intense crush
5 Enemies with benefits
6 Polyamorous relationship

3 Crime
1 Partners in petty crime
2 Electronic criminals
3 Crime lord and Martian toady
4 Criminal and pursuing official
5 Black market trader and powerful client
6 Drug dealer and supplier

4 The Past
1 Been on a mission together
2 Used to share the same memes
3 Had the same lover, at different times or not
4 One was indentured to the other
5 One murdered the other
6 Survived the Fall together

5 Special Cases
1 Hypercorp friend and autonomist saboteur
2 Veteran Sentinel and the new guy
3 Omnicor/Starware rivals
4 Morningstar spy and the guy trying to catch him
5 Tharsis League official and Barsoomian client
6 Mercurial activist and bioconservative

6 Forks
1 Original and alpha
2 Original and "temporary" beta
3 Betas of different people
4 Rogue fork and oblivious original
5 Beta and the guy who knew the original
6 One's a distant backup of the other

Spoiler: Show
1 To get out
1 ...of the inner system
2 ...of this fucking mission
3 ...of a crushing debt
4 ...of an indenture
5 ...of a relationship
6 ...of an obligation to a powerful group

2 To get rep
1 ...for the fame and status
2 ...from someone in particular
3 ...so you can call in a favour
4 ...from Firewall, because you deserve it
5 ...from the network that hates you
6 ...from the group you just defected to

3 To get rich
1 ...by amassing rep and favours
2 ...with this new idea you just had
3 ...off this mission
4 ...without having to work for it
5 ...through the soul trade
6 ...by selling Firewall out

4 To get laid
1 ...because hey, why not?
2 ...by your crush
3 ...because someone called in a favour
4 ...by indentures
5 ...by a fork of yourself
6 ...by something most transhumans would balk at

5 To discover the truth
1 ...about your missing memories
2 ...about your last mission
3 ...about that secret project
4 ...about that hypercorp
5 ...about Firewall
6 ...about the TITANs

6 To get revenge
1 ...on the corp that screwed you over
2 ...on the one who indentured you
3 ...on an entire faction
4 ...on another Sentinel
5 ...on a Martian ranger
6 ...on Firewall, for what they did to you

Spoiler: Show
1 Our Little Neighbourhood
1 Somebody's crappy apartment
2 Somebody's amazingly lavish apartment
3 That apartment everyone knows is a fabber gang hideout
4 Noodle shop that hides a drug den
5 Clanker's Cavern, the uplift nightclub
6 That Firewall cache you heard about last mission

2 Noctis City
1 Centrum Park
2 Abandoned office in Tito
3 Starware/Omnicor front businesses across the street from each other
4 Miso Honi Strip Club and Sushi Bar, Gastown
5 Illegal fighting pit, Pembroke Gardens
6 Forgotten corner of the maglev railyards

3 Qianjiao
1 Noctis Tram at night
2 Brothel in Wizard Alley
3 The parkour course over Osiris Medical Center
4 Planetology and Terraforming Research Building, MIT
5 NQPD Station Evidence Locker, Kuypers-Lalley
6 Terminal 4, Qianjiao Skyport

4 The Bridges
1 Shady Extropian street vendor, Kledingsbrug
2 Paige's Lunar Haute Couture, Kledingsbrug
3 LaRouche's Old-School Relics, Renrakubrug
4 Mai Waifu Maid Cafe, Renrakubrug
5 Bioclub workshop, Biobrug
6 New Iteration Augmentation Parlour, Biobrug

5 Nearby, On Mars
1 The first maglev train out of here
2 Olympus Space Elevator
3 Trucking depot on the edge of Pilsener City
4 Mostly abandoned Barsoomian settlement in the middle of nowhere
5 Ma'adim Research Park
6 Titan Quarantine Zone

6 Seriously?
1 Flux car that keeps following me
2 In low orbit on a broken shuttle
3 A delivery ship leaving Viriditas
4 The Stars Our Destination, leaving Mars in four days
5 That one simulspace game with the vampires
6 Quantum data cache Firewall buried on Progress

Spoiler: Show
1 Technology
1 Cornucopia machine
2 Healing vat
3 Ghostrider module
4 Invisibility cloak
5 General hive
6 QE Comm with 10 minutes of video time left

2 Weapon
1 Flex cutter
2 Pistol with some very special ammo
3 Microwave agonizer
4 Sniper rifle, railgun
5 Plasma rifle
6 WMD almost ready to go

3 TITAN Threats
1 Dormant nanoswarm
3 Stash of TITAN technology
4 Infected pre-Fall computer
5 Strange exoplanet relic
6 Sample of an Exsurgent virus

4 Data
1 Encryption key for a forgotten mesh node
2 Details of a forgotten pre-Fall bank account
3 Blackmail material on a gerontocrat
4 Infomorph in cold storage
5 DNA of a sought-after Earth animal
6 Verifiable evidence of a hypercorp's crimes

5 Expensive
1 One heavily customised morph
2 Pass for a trip through a Pandora Gate
3 Certified credit chip worth a fortune
4 Key to a forgotten Monolith Industries safety deposit box
5 Factor technology
6 Earth relic

6 Illegal
1 Uplift genome crack
2 Gray box
3 Software stolen from Cognite
4 Suitcase full of drugs
5 Stolen egos
6 Seed AI


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I don't know anything about Eclipse Phase but this seems really solid to me. The relationships, which are usually the most problematic part of a playset, look great.


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Agreed - very well done!

I'm running Fiasco in Space with more of an Outland/Alien feel at an upcoming con.

Please let us know how it turns out.


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^^^ Thanks, everybody in this thread! I feel a lot better now. Have an internet high-five on me.

Please let us know how it turns out.
We gave it a try! One guy dropped because he didn't like Fiasco and a guy who loved Fiasco was ill and dropped out, so we only did a three-person game, but it went pretty well considering we ended up having nobody in Firewall. What happened (spoilered for potentially boring lump of text):

Spoiler: Show
The group thought picking "Forks" for relationships twice was hilarious, so we all ended up being clones of each other. The original was Cliffy Blaggort, a nanotech guy working in an Omnicor office building whose Need became "To Get Laid, because why not?". He'd also somehow created a temporary beta fork of himself, Clifford Dose, to do his work for him and help him get laid. What they didn't know was that rival company Starware had accidentally picked up a copy of Cliffy's ego before he ended up at Omnicor, and while he worked off his indenture his alpha fork Bart Clifford was trained as an experienced corporate spy and assassin.

Omnicor handed Cliffy a mission to find a piece of Factor technology his department had lost, but he was a huge dork more interested in trying to woo his manager Sami. Starware told Bart to retrieve the mysterious tech by any means necessary, so he tried to snipe Sami from a nearby rooftop and steal the intel from her corpse. He fucked that up, an alert went up and Cliffy rushed to save her, but was beaten by asshole NPC Bill from Accounting, who her ecto to find out what she likes and bed her before Cliffy. Meanwhile, Dose ran off to try to secure the tech and impress everyone. was almost caught trying to sneak into the building, but somehow bumped into Bill from Accounting in the bathroom as he bragged to a coworker. Bart shot Bill, snatched the ecto and ran; Cliffy ran into and tried to stop him but was socked in the jaw for his trouble and arrested by Omnicor guards who thought he'd stolen the intel as his Starware clone ran away.

It turned out the tech had been confiscated in a police raid on an Omnicor office and ended up in a station evidence locker, so Dose tried to sweet-talk the policewoman on duty (Rocha) into letting him in (and eventually realised she intended to steal and sell it and threatened her instead.) Cliffy was taken to the station as Bart broke into the back, and the Tilt came up. We picked "Wrong guy gets busted" (so Cliffy would continue taking the blame for everything) and "Betrayed by friends" (Bill from Accounting was totally in Firewall the entire time, and they want that tech!)

As Dose got a mysterious box from Rocha (and tried to convince her to run away with him and make a fortune with it), Bart burst in and held them up at gunpoint. Cliffy was brought in and a misunderstanding got him double arrested for sending a fork to steal the tech. Fortunately Firewall chose that time to raid the station, and in the confusion Dose knocked Bart's teeth out with the box and ran. Cliffy escaped just in time to see Dose and Rocha escape in her car. Dose looked inside the box, found Factor blueprints and decided to swap them for his own ecto. Bart gave chase with his bike and an assault rifle, Firewall agents chased in a disguised police vehicle, and an Omnicor special ops team stopped long enough to kneecap Cliffy and throw him in the car before giving chase too.

Everything ended in a massive car crash, and the Aftermath came up! we ended up with:

Cliffy B: Black 11. Cliffy convinces Omnicor he is blameless, and after some medical treatment, he is given a please-don't-sue raise and lauded as a hero for stopping Starware. Somehow, he and Sami hit it off and start dating, which soon becomes a serious relationship. Despite doing nothing but getting punched, arrested and kneecapped, Cliffy wins the day.
Clifford Dose: White 7. Dose makes it out of the crash with the stolen blueprints and helps Rocha to her apartment, but when he tries to convince her to run away with him again, she rejects him and takes the blueprints back. Dose leaves and is abducted by Firewall, who got the box with his ecto in it and mean to interrogate him. He's been forcibly recruited into a dangerous group for his efforts and never did get laid, but maybe he can ask a Sentinel out.
Bart Clifford: White 11. Somehow, despite being hit by a semi and arrested in the final scene and having even die, Bart is spirited away from the hospital by Starware. They decide Sami's ecto is worth paying him for and send him on a paid vacation to lay low. He is being (unknowingly) tracked by Firewall, but Bart has profited in the end and learned absolutely nothing.

I was kind of surprised how things went - no PCs were actually in Firewall and we didn't even try to destroy Noctis-Qianjiao. On the bright side, everything that happened is potentially canon with my EP game! My group liked the playset and want more, too, so I think it was a success. We'll see if we can't blow a hole in a major Martian settlement next time.


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I love the idea of occasional Fiasco one-shots informing your longer-term EP game, that's a cool idea.


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I love the idea of occasional Fiasco one-shots informing your longer-term EP game, that's a cool idea.
I actually had exactly this idea but was daunted at the thought of making the playset... so consider this yoinked! :D



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I love the EP setting but I'm not a big fan of the rules. This is a great idea. Consider it stolen. :)


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Oh man. Hello, past me!

I'm happy people are having fun with this like I did. If you get around to running it I'd like to hear how it goes.
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