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[Eclipse Phase] Let's Make Some Characters


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The idea: People suggest character concepts in Eclipse Phase. Other people (me, initially, though if anyone else wants to join in, they're welcome to) make those characters as starting level PCs (or, you know, as something other than starting level PCs, if appropriate).

Why: Inspiration for future PCs, pregen characters for those who need them, build system mastery, bank of NPCs for GM use.

I note that I won't be home with my books until this evening at the earliest, and possibly won't have any time for this until tomorrow evening. We'll see.

To kick things off, I've got a half-built character who's a social/leader/coordinator type. A re-instantiated Earthling who died during the fall, she was a pretty ordinary Chinese woman who probably worked as something like an industrial manager (maybe environmental mitigation?). She was reinstantiated as an infomorph in an Extropian hab, and unlike most reinstantiated, managed to build up some wealth and get a decent biomorph. That experience convinced her that Extropianism is the way out of the poverty hole that most infogees find themselves in, and solidified her role as someone who's social and leaderlike.

What are your concepts?


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One idea that has had me tickled is a L2 Async with an addiction to the psi suppressant drug, who tries to only go off it during jobs.

Seemed like a potentially interesting (if not very helpful) idea to me, based on how unpleasant psi usage is supposed to be.


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She's a digitial recreation of a 14th-century French saint, uploaded into the body of a corona-dwelling space whale, broadcasting her Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings cross-over slashfic into space via high-frequency brain-song.

It's an self-sufficient, artificial intelligence-operated L5 bio-station engaged in recreating extinct Terran fauna while moonlighting as a data bank and drawing history's greatest monsters as anthropomorphic animals.

He's fourteen copies of the same mind in fourteen different clone bodies of famous celebrities of the last 300 years, living as the Solar System's most popular Mesh-cast reality series.

Together, they fight existential threats!


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Bootstrap Bill, the microfinancier. He measures out his jobs in what amounts to a discount morph, or, rather, the supplies required for their production and distribution.

He takes work, finances projects, to free more infomorphs. Those raised by him wear a single bootlace, a leather thong tied or elsewhere, usually wrapped around a tiny piece of flint. Remember your heritage, that's the motto.

He's got a factory somewhere that churns out skeletal frames, approximately human sized, shaped, but light, indeed, they can be packed and folded into a smallish volume. They look like an AK-47 that stood up. A lot of them wear coolie hats, hand woven bamboo-analogues - it's one of the first things people do when they inhabit the shell, a calibration test. The hands and feet are the triumph. It's got the performance characteristics of a 24-year-old in moderate health, weighs about as much as an 8-year-old carrying a cat, can fold itself into a space about the size of pair of decent speakers. Binocular vision, binaural hearing.

Before you get bootstrapped, you're asked to tithe, one whole tenth of one percent of future income, to offer one hundred hours (paid at a decent wage) as you get used to your new body to building, well, new bodies. Some join the organisation, manage the investments. Others pay their way to freedom with a piece of knowledge, valued through the invisible vagaries of The Internal Market. There are complex struggles over the future, once everyone's been raised that wants it. Already they are thinking about the future. The long and skeletal now. That's it. Bill & TIM.


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The idea: People suggest character concepts in Eclipse Phase. Other people (me, initially, though if anyone else wants to join in, they're welcome to) make those characters as starting level PCs (or, you know, as something other than starting level PCs, if appropriate).
So, uh... bump.

That's twice now people have promised to make my Eclipse Phase characters and then the thread vanishes into the ether!


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So, uh... bump.

That's twice now people have promised to make my Eclipse Phase characters and then the thread vanishes into the ether!
Jeez, man:

My first post said:
I note that I won't be home with my books until this evening at the earliest, and possibly won't have any time for this until tomorrow evening. We'll see.


aka Mike Sullivan
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Concept: I want to make a character who functions in a group as a social/intellectual character. My concept is less of a hacker archetype and more someone who'd be coordinating communications, doing research, and organizing a group. I'm specifically looking at the ways that you can get additional mental/mesh actions so that the character could be doing something like providing covering fire in a firefight while simultaneously looking up known weaknesses for the enemies. Social skills synergise well with the notion of being something of a leader, and will provide a secondary niche in case that first concept is too narrow.

Background: I'm going to go with Re-Instantiated. That means that I was one of the people who died on Earth during the Fall, but a backup of my ego made it off the planet, and I was eventually brought back online. I probably spent some considerable time as an infomorph, which explains a bit about my now kind of mesh-oriented focus, but by the game's beginning, I'm going to have a body -- unlike most Re-Instantiated, I'm going to have a fairly nice body. Here's the mechanical stuff:
Advantages: +10 Pilot: Groundcraft skill (ie, you learned how to drive), +10 to a Networking: [Field] skill of your choice, +2 Moxie
Disadvantages: Edited Memories trait, 0 Starting Credit (can still buy credit with CP)
Common Morphs: Cases, Infomorphs, Synths (But I'm going to ignore this)

Faction: I'm going to be an Extropian, "an anarchistic supporter of the free market and private property." This is somewhat odd for a broke-ass Re-Instantiated, but my evolving sense for the character is that he/she was re-instantiated by an Extropian habitat and chanced into a good experience. His/her hab had social mobility, and hard work and a healthy dose of luck allowed my character to get a moderate amount of wealth quickly, and avoid the poverty trap that so many re-instantiated are stuck in. My character became a devotee of the philosophy, and part of his/her interest in social stuff/organization came from trying to champion this way of life to other re-instantiated. The mechanical stuff:
Advantages: +10 Persuasion skill, +20 Networking: Autonomists skill, +10 Networking: Hypercorps skill
Disadvantages: None
Common Morphs: All

Free Points: You basically start out with 15 in each of your Aptitudes and can adjust some up by moving others down, in a 1:1 ratio. Note that 10 in an Aptitude is considered average for a baseline human -- transhumanity is Just Superior in most ways.

My character's pre-fall life probably was pretty ordinary, in a pretty basic morph (slicer, most likely), and then he/she spent years as an infomorph, so I'm thinking that my physical aptitudes are going to be fairly lame. This will give me some points to put into mental and social traits.

Cognition: 20
Coordination: 10
Intuition: 15
Reflexes: 15
Savvy: 20
Somatics: 10
Willpower: 15

So, basically, I'm less coordinated, strong, and enduring than a typical PC, but more socially adept and better at pure intellectual tasks.

I get my native language at 70 + Int for free. I'll say that my native language in Mandarin, so apparently I was Chinese.

Most people would start off with Moxie at 1, but my Re-Instantiated background gives me +2, so I have Moxie 3. Basically, I'm lucky, or have a talent for surviving tough circumstances.

Most people would start off with 5,000 Credits, but I was Re-Instantiated penniless. I need to buy all my money with CP's.

I can put 50 rep points wherever I want them. Let's see, I haven't really checked on the reputation systems yet. Glancing over that section, I see that my faction, the Extropians, tends to use the @ List for reputation. Extropians, unlike pure anarchists also do deal with the hypercorps, so CivicNet may be relevant to me, and as a PC, the Eye (Firewall) would be nice. I decide to go with:

@-Rep: 30
c-Rep: 10
e-Rep: 0
f-Rep: 0
g-Rep: 0
i-Rep: 10
r-Rep: 0

I'll also note that my free Networking skill (that's networking like what you do at job fairs and alumni parties, not networking like what you do with ethernet cables) from my Background is towards Autonomists, which are the people who use the @-Rep. So that combines with my Extropian Networking, and I get +30 to Autonomists.


Okay, and now we're doing my customization, which is the biggest mechanical phase of character creation. I start out with 1,000 CP.

The first thing I want to do is get my body situation pinned down. Like I said before, I'd like a nice body. No flats or slicers for me! I was considering both the Menton and the Sylph, but ultimately each one was too specialized for me -- this character isn't all social or all mental, she's a mix. So I save a few CP and get the Exalt, which is a very versatile morph: +5 COG, and +5 to three other traits of my choice. I choose INT, SAV, and COO. I actually sold down COO earlier, but my feeling is that since my character died violently on Earth, she's going to want a fairly physically capable body now. Kind of hedging her bets. I've also decided that while my character was female by birth, she's kind of digging a male body right now, having come from a culture which values males. She figures that eventually, she'll go back to a female morph, but she doesn't need to rush into it -- backstory wise, she probably got a deal on this morph. I don't know why, yet, exactly.

Anyhow, that takes care of 30 CP. Now I want to customize my morph. Here's what it comes with:

Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack
Aptitude Maximum: 30
Durability: 35
Wound Threshold: 7
Advantages: +5 COG, +5 to three other aptitudes of the player’s choice (again, for me, that's INT, SAV, COO)
CP Cost: 30
Credit Cost: Expensive (My interpretation is that you don't need to pay this cost if you buy it for points in chargen)

I want a Multi-Tasker. This is a cool piece of brain cyberware that basically lets me run multiple instances of my ego. They're short-term simulations, lasting a couple of hours at most and then reintegrating with my "main" mind. It lets me take two additional Complex Actions each turn that are mental or mesh actions. This is cool, and transhuman, and goes well with the idea that I spent some time as a infomorph and became pretty comfortable with digital living. The downside here is that the cost is High, which basically costs 5 CP.

I'm also going to get some sensory augmentation. This will help my role as leader/controller -- I want lots of information that I can farm off on my multitasker to process or look up, and then tell to other players so they can do things about them. So I'm going to buy Echolocation, Enhanced Vision (they aren't kidding when they say "enhancced," either -- this lets you see the spectrum from terahertz microwaves up to gamma waves), Enhanced Smell, Anti-Glare (seems prudent when there are so many additional sources of glare for my enhanced eyes), Electrical Sense, and T-Ray Emitter (so, basically, I have a terahertz microwave "flashlight" in my forehead). My eyes are going to be wholly cybernetic (oddly, I could get all of my eye enhancements except for anti-glare in bioware), and I'll have a little assembly under the skin of my forehead that emits T-Rays when I want it to and senses EM fields. My sonar and enhanced smell are just part of my bioware. That's 6 separate Low cost enhancements, costing a big, shiny 2 CP and giving me 500 credits left over.

Okay, that gives me basically what I want from my body for now, so let's pick some skills. You've got to spend at least 700 CP on skills -- 400 Active Skills and 300 Knowledge Skills.

I'm just going to run through the skill list and flag the skills that interest me:

Academics [Field] -- I don't see this as core to my role, but I imagine that I had a college degree prior to the fall.
Beam Weapons -- I don't want to be totally incompetent in combat
Deception -- No social character could ignore this
Fray -- this is an, in my opinion, somewhat cutesy term for "Dodge." I spent some resources on my nice body! I don't want to give it up without a fight.
Free Fall -- I was reinstantiated in a space habitat, I should probably know something about this
Infiltration -- All PC's should get some basic stealth skills. It's one of those things that can't be totally farmed off on whoever the "expert" is.
Infosec -- Hacking. I'll get a small amount
Interfacing -- Using complex or strange objects
Intimidation -- Not my core competence, but useful for any social character
Investigation -- A good PC skill, and relates to my ideas about getting lots of information and putting it together into something useful.
Kinesics -- Social perception, basically.
Language -- I probably want to speak English and Arabic, the two most common languages in EP besides my native Mandarin
Networking -- I've got a fair amount of this already, but I may need more.
Perception -- All PC's should get this skill
Persuasion -- Yes.
Profession -- related to my pre-Fall work.
Programming -- A little.
Protocol -- Core social skill
Research -- I'm probably going to max this out. Very core to my concept.
Unarmed Combat -- Probably a little.

Looking over things, I'll probably need to get some Interest skills to round out my Knowledge skill requirements. Let's do Knowledge skills first:

I've decided that before the Fall, I was an environmental mitigation engineer -- someone who was working to reverse various kinds of environmental damage on Earth. My job was kind of obviated when all humans left Earth. And I died.

Academics [Chemistry] 20 CP + 20 COG = 40 (+5 COG from Morph = 45)
Academics [Biology] 20 CP + 20 COG = 40 (+5 COG from Morph = 45)
Academics [Engineering] 20 CP + 20 COG = 40 (+5 COG from Morph = 45)
Academics [Environment] 10 CP + 20 COG = 30 (+5 COG from Morph = 35)

Basically, I was knowledgeable, but not expert, in a variety of fields that impact the environment. I wasn't an environmental scientist per se: I was dealing with local problems, not doing predictive theory. That's 70 CP spent on Academics

Language [English] 35 CP + 15 INT = 50 (+5 INT from Morph = 55)
Language [Arabic] 35 CP + 15 INT = 50 (+5 INT from Morph = 55)

50 points in a language is fluency. I want to be fluent even if I'm in a Morph without an INT bonus. Another 70 CP spent, for a total of 140 out of my 300 mandatory Knowledge skill points.

Profession [Local Environmental Engineering] 40 CP + 20 COG = 60 (+5 COG from Morph = 65)
Profession [Chemical Cleanup] 40 CP + 20 COG = 60 (+5 COG from Morph = 65)

So while I'm a little bit scrubby at the theory, I'm good at the practice. 60 is the break point for skills -- beyond that, it costs 2 CP per point of skill instead of 1 CP. Somewhat oddly, your Aptitudes factor into that. So whether you have a 20 COG or a 5 COG, you can get to exactly 60 in total COG + Skill before your skill starts costing more. That's another 80 CP spent, bringing me to 220. I need to find 80 more CP to spend on Knowledge Skills. I'm going to get some Interests to round myself out as a character.

Interest [Extropian Politics] 20 CP + 20 COG = 40 (+5 COG from Morph = 45)
Interest [Biomorph Brands] 10 CP + 20 COG = 30 (+5 COG from Morph = 35)
Interest [Firewall Trivia] 20 CP + 20 COG = 40 (+5 COG from Morph = 45)
Interest [Outer System Habs] 20 CP + 20 COG = 40 (+5 COG from Morph = 45)
Interest [Gender Issues] 10 CP + 20 COGS = 30 (+5 COG from Morph = 35)

Okay, now my active skills. I need to spend at least 400 points here.

Beam Weapons 20 CP
Deception 30 CP
Fray 30 CP
Free Fall 10 CP
Infiltration 20 CP
Infosec 10 CP
Interfacing 10 CP
Intimidation 10 CP
Investigation 40 CP
Kinesics 40 CP
Networking [Firewall] 10 CP
Perception 20 CP
Persuasion 30 CP (I already have +10 from my Extropian affiliation, which counts towards the 60 cutoff)
Programming 10 CP
Protocol 30 CP
Research 60 CP (Only +50 skill, I hit the double point thingie)
Unarmed Combat 20 CP

And that's 400!

So I've now spent 737 CP. I've still got more than 1/4 of my points left. I also have 500 credits to my name, which seems like it's probably a problem. I'll just go ahead and spend 13 more CP on credits, bringing my wealth up to 13,500 credits. I'm not going to go shopping in detail right now, since this character is divorced from the context of a campaign.

So I'm at 750 CP.

Let me run through the Traits and see if there's anything I particularly want. Fast Learner seems to fit the character. 10 CP. Situational Awareness brings us back to what we were talking about earlier about processing lots of information and using it. 10 CP.

I think I'm going to get 2 more points of Moxie. That's 30 CP. We're up to 800 spent.

I'm going to want some more Rep, too, since this is a basically likeable character. I'll spend 10 CP and get another 100 Rep. So, I already had:

@-Rep: 30
c-Rep: 10
e-Rep: 0
f-Rep: 0
g-Rep: 0
i-Rep: 10
r-Rep: 0

I'm going to get some e-Rep (EcoWave, my former envisci cred), increase my existing rep in all three categories, and get just a littl ebit of r-Rep. So:

@-Rep: 50
c-Rep: 25
e-Rep: 30
f-Rep: 0
g-Rep: 0
i-Rep: 30
r-Rep: 15

Okay, 810 CP spent. Now I'm pretty much just going to sit down and buy up some more active skills with my remaining 190.

I'll get:

+10 to Beam Weapons
+10 to Fray
+20 CP (ie, +10 Skill Points) to Investigate
+20 CP (ie, +10 Skill Points) to Persuasion
+20 CP to Kinetic Weapons (just in case)
+20 CP to Freerunning (it never hurts to be able to run like hell)
+20 CP to Infosec
+20 CP to Networking [Ecologists]
+10 CP to Networking [Scientists]
+20 CP to Pilot [Spacecraft] (it never hurts to be able to fly a spaceship)
+20 CP to Medicine [Paramedic] (the other PC's will thank me)

And that's it! I'll post the character as a whole in the next post.

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Wow, thanks Epoch. That's a nifty character concept and a very readable write-up of how things break down.

So I know this can't be quick, and you've already got a few requests, but if you don't mind I'd like to throw in another concept for you to explore down the line...as boring or power-gamerish as it sounds, I'd like to see what making a combat-focused character in Eclipse Phase looks like. What sorts of shells are of interest, what upgrades or augmentations look like they'd be fun, what kinds of horrific, treaty-defying weapons they have on hand. Go for something that really screams "I'm here to commit violence"...if they have some kind of horrifically obvious combat shell, so long as it could conceivably accompany the rest of the PCs without obvious difficulty (so, like, no orbital kill vehicle bodies here), go with that one. Later, if you have the interest in doing so, maybe you could then do a followup with a more subtle sort of combat-oriented character for contrast.


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Wan Xi
Extropian Re-Instantiated

Morph: Exalt (male)
Gender Identity: Female but flexible
Actual Age: 43
Current Moxie Points: 5
Motivations: Campaign-specific, but probably something like +Extropianism +Re-Instantiating Infogees +Reclaiming Earth

Aptitudes (base)
COG: 20 COO: 10 INT: 15 REF: 15 SAV: 20 SOM: 10 WIL: 15
Aptitudes (including Morph)
COG: 25 COO: 15 INT: 20 REF: 15 SAV: 25 SOM: 10 WIL: 15


Beam Weapons (COO) 35 skill = 50
Deception (SAV) 30 skill = 55
Fray (REF) 40 skill = 55
Free Running (COO) 20 skill = 35
Infiltration (COO) 20 skill = 35
Infosec (COG) 30 skill = 55
Interfacing (COG) 10 skill = 35
Investigation (INT) 50 skill = 70
Kinesics (SAV) 40 skill = 65
Kinetic Weapons (COO) 20 skill = 35
Medicine [Paramedic] (COG) 20 skill = 45
Networking [Autonomists] (SAV) 30 skill = 55
Networking [Ecologists] (SAV) 20 skill = 45
Networking [Firewall] (SAV) 10 skill = 35
Networking [Hypercorps] (SAV) 10 skill = 35
Networking [Scientists] (SAV) 10 skill = 35
Perception (INT) 20 skill = 40
Persuasion (SAV) 50 skill = 75
Pilot [Ground Vehicles] (REF) 10 skill = 25
Pilot [Spacecraft] (REF) 20 skill = 35
Programming (COG) 10 skill = 35
Protocol (SAV) 30 skill = 55
Research (COG) 50 skill = 75
Unarmed Combat (COO) 20 skill = 35


Academics [Chemistry] (COG) 20 skill = 45
Academics [Biology] (COG) 20 skill = 45
Academics [Engineering] (COG) 20 skill = 45
Academics [Environmental Science] (COG) 10 skill = 35
Language [Mandarin] (INT) 70 skill = 90
Language [English] (INT) 35 skill = 55
Language [Arabic] (INT) 35 skill = 55
Profession [Local Environmental Engineering] (COG) 40 skill = 65
Profession [Chemical Cleanup] (COG) 40 skill = 65
Interest [Extropian Politics] (COG) 20 skill = 45
Interest [Biomorph Brands] (COG) 10 skill = 35
Interest [Firewall Trivia] (COG) 20 skill = 45
Interest [Outer System Habs] (COG) 20 skill = 45
Interest [Gender Issues] (COG) 10 skill = 35

Ego Traits:

Fast Learning
Situational Awareness
Edited Memories

Morph Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Multi-Processor, Enhanced Vision (cybernetic), Enhanced Smell, Echolocation, T-Ray Emitter, Electrical Sense

Credits: 13,500


@-Rep: 50
c-Rep: 25
e-Rep: 30
f-Rep: 0
g-Rep: 0
i-Rep: 30
r-Rep: 15
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Actually, I just had another idea if the combat guy doesn't seem fun...how much trouble is it to make a viable character that begins with a couple-few different shells to play with? One of the things the game's creators really played up was the "plug and play" nature of shells, and I'd like to see a character that takes advantage of that, having a shell for, say, high-impact athletics but another shell in reserve for hypercorporate negotiations. Or something. If it turns out to be prohibitively expensive to do that at character generation, I confess I'll be a little disappointed.
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