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Eclipse Phase - Strange Aeon


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Strange Aeon

Introduction – Strange Aeon is my take on adding the Mythos to Eclipse Phase. I’m going to be using a lot of the background of Eclipse Phase and melding it with my vision as I see fit. Hopefully this will appeal to a few people and comments are always welcome. If this is in the wrong spot could a Mod please move me to the right thread.

Premise – As Transhumanity begin to explore the Sol system they discover archaeological evidence that species have lived within the solar system before and unknown to the Human race the stars are right and the Strange Aeon has come again. The United Earth Council struggles with various factions of cults that arise and signs that an exosolar species has begun intruding on Human territory.

Factions – Transhumanity is led by a few different factions including the United Earth Council, the Outer System Federation and various corporate conglomerations that help fund politicians and their campaigns. Under these umbrella factions are a multitude of minor groups and factions that branch off from their parents. An example of this would be under the United Earth Council exists a multitude of government offices such as Homeworld Security, the UEC Navy and the Office of Research and Exploration.

Timeline – The timeline for Strange Aeon differs from the one presented in Eclipse Phase as follows. Also BSA stands for Before Strange Aeon, SA stands for Strange Aeon the first year of discovery of the Mythos and finally ASA stands for After Strange Aeon which covers the time since the Strange Aeon first occurred and continues to current day within the setting.

BSA 60+
- Crisis grips the globe in the form of drastic climate changes, energy shortages and geopolitical instability

- Initial space expansion creates stations at the Lagrange Points, Luna, and Mars, with robotic exploration of the entire system

- Construction begins on a space elevator

- Medical advances begin improving health and organ repair while the rich pursue gene-fixing and transgenic pets

- Computer intelligence capabilities equal and exceed that of the human brain, true AI however, is not yet developed

- Robotics become widespread and start to replace or invalidate many jobs

- Modern nations expand their high-speed wireless networks

BSA 60-40
- Efforts to undertake mega-scale geo-engineering on Earth causes as many problems as they fix

- Major colonies established on the Moon and Mars with outposts established near Mercury, Venus, the Belt and an exploration ship reaches Pluto

- First reports from research teams on different plants begin to indicate humanity may not be the first sentient race to leave footprints or ruins within Sol system

- First space elevator is finished on Earth and two others are begun causing a boom in space traffic

- Mass driver built on the Moon

- Terraforming of Mars begins

- Fusion power developed and working plants established

- Genetic enhancements, gene therapies, longevity techniques and cybernetic implants become available to the wealthy

- First non-autonomous AIs are secretly developed and are quickly put to use in research and netwar

- Experience playback technology developed and put into public use

BSA 40-20
- Violence and destabilization wrack the Earth with some of the conflicts spreading into space

- United Earth Council formed due to the ongoing violence and with support from hyper-corporate conglomerations is able to buy or threaten unwilling nations into becoming members

- Outer system colonies far enough to not fear reprisals break off from UEC seeing its Earth centric view as offering them nothing in return for taxes and form the Outer System
Federation agreeing to supply economic and military support if independence is challenged by the UEC

- Continuing expansion into space opens up legal and ethical loopholes for the development of previously illegal or restricted technologies

- Human cloning becomes possible and available in some areas

- Development of first transhuman species

- First dolphins and chimpanzees uplifted to sapience

- Fusion-drive spacecraft enter common usage

- Extended colonization and terraforming of Mars continues, the Belt and Titan are colonized while stations are established throughout the system

- The starving masses volunteer themselves for indentured servitude on hyper-corporate space venture projects

- Augmented reality is fully developed and becomes widely available

- Most wireless networks are changed over to the new self-repairing mesh network system

- Muse AIs become widespread and common

BSA 20-0
- Earth continues to suffer but the pace of technology allows for some interesting developments

- Expansion throughout the system, even into the Kuiper Belt

- Transhuman species are now fully accepted and widespread

- Nanotech assemblers become available, but are strictly controlled and jealously guarded by the elite and powerful

- Uploading and the digital emulation of memory and consciousness made possible

- Gorillas, Orang-utans, Octopi, ravens and parrots are uplifted to sapience

- Pods see common usage amid some controversy

The Strange Aeon
- A week of terrible dreams occurs and many people experience these dreams to a vary degree driving many sensitive minds to madness

- Contact lost with the five research outposts on Pluto

- Some of the people who shared the terrible dreams band together forming cults dedicated to the images they dreamt

- On Mars and Europa uprisings are led by these cults who reports indicated and supported by entities of exosolar origin

- The UEC attempts to bring a seed AI online to combat netwar being used by the cultists on Mars and after a minute of coming online it writes a virus that destroys itself apparently due to ennui

- Mars and Europa completely fall to the armies of the cultists and become known as Leng and R’lyeh respectively but continue attacking all that approach their new sovereign territories

- Mars suffers under an orbital bombardment of nuclear weapons until the fleet performing the bombardment are attacked by exosolar entities that are later identified as Byakhee which deliver riders to the hulls of the ships where they in return detonate their own nuclear weapons

ASA 0-10
- Ancient ruins are discovered on Earth, Saturn’s moon Pandora, within the Vulcanoids, on Uranus and within the Kuiper Belt which are collectively known as Ritual Gates, its suspected but unknown whether either of the cultist factions control one or more Ritual gates.

- Expeditions are sent via the Ritual Gates and Transhumanity visits extra-solar systems and planets for the first time, many expeditions find truly ancient ruins, some expeditions return mad and other don’t return at all

- Beings calling themselves Migou are discovered on Pluto when an expedition is sent to discover the fate of the outposts on said planetoid

- Migou are hostile and attack rescue ship destroying it and have since attacked all that travel within a certain distance of Pluto

- Attempt to use ancient text discovered on earth drives researchers mad and they found deviant sex cult dedicated to what appears to be a female pan
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I'll be adding to this as I write up more but this will take a while since my own computer isn't the computer I access the internet through. Also, yes I have read CthulhuTech, but I'm not aiming to make a CT/EP combo even though I actually like CT quite a bit and elements from it will no doubt seep in. I'm also likely to add to the content/change things like names or setting detail if I think up something better.
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Okay, I'm writing this while tired waiting for some items to finish downloading so I'm sleepy and don't have access to writing programs to tell me when I'm spelling like an idiot so please forgive the roughness of the following. I'll no doubt copy this later and clean it up so forgive it for being badly written.

The United Earth Council (UEC)

Frank Premise - The UEC is a massive, slow to respond, archaic corrupt entity that means well and knows whats best for its citizens, at least in its opinion.

Okay since I'm writing this not for the game but for reading by peers I'm going to give my reasonings behind the UEC as well as a description of it. I guess the first thing I have to say it that like a lot of writers nowadays I'm going to cave in and make these the good-bad guys, so sue me I'm a product of the times. By this I mean they're the biggest single government in the setting, they have the happiest citizens but a price is paid in the giving up of personal freedoms. Dreamers who became psychic after the Strange Aeon are forced to liscence or face heavy criminal penalties, information is censored and their military standing is expansionist, if it wasn't for the coming of the Strange Aeon they'd already be at war with the Outer System Federation.

The UEC is based on Earth and as such is focused most on the interests of the people residing on Earth in much the same way the Roman Empire was focused on Rome (my willingness to back this statement up is however, lacking my knowledge of the Roman Empire is only accurate enough to call it the Roman Empire and to not focus on any particular phase or the leadership of one person or dynasty). As such its colonies are mainly seen as ways to gather further resources and funnel them back to the "Home" planet. If it hadn't fallen to cult flamed war, Mars would have attempt susseceion within the last decade and perhaps following the lead of the Mars colony the UEC would have fractured apart.

It has numerous sub-branches within it that handle different governmental aspects. Law enforcement is handled by various Police Departments that break down to old country lines, the German Police Department, the Australian Police department and many others. Another branch the Office of Homeworld Security (OHS) serves a similar functions to the various federal branches of law enforcement on offer around the globe in current times. The OHS is able to pursue criminals who cross old national borders, colonial borders and are also charged with pursuing illegal activity that occurs on UEC operated vessels within the Inner System. The final level of law enforcement is the Office of Censorship and Freedom that handle all cases that involve the corrupting forces of the Mythos from the capture and detention or rogue Psychics through to the destruction of cults when discovered within the spheres of influence covered by the UEC.
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